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December 1999

OS/2 Warp, the operating system for 2000 and beyond?

An editorial view from Mark Dodel, editor of the VOICE Newsletter editor@os2voice.org

Last month in my paragraph on Lynn Maxson's Warpicity project, I gave a link to Compuserve's OS/2 Central Forum for more information on Warpicity. Unbeknownst to me, Compuserves OS/2 forums were folded into IBM's forum on the 16th of November, so that link no longer worked the day after the newsletter went public. Here is the new link to the Warpicity message forum: http://forumsa.compuserve.com/ContentLink.asp?SRV=IBMForum&Area=Msgs&SEC=18

Besides the Warpicity Project there is a new project to recreate OS/2 - FREEOS. Daniel Caetano lays out his plan on http://www.quasarbbs.com/daniel/freeos.html. He states "Maybe we can have something in the OS/2 1.0 Kernel funcionality working in 4 or 5 years, or maybe never. We will try...". I wish he would join VOICE in promoting Warp Doctor instead. Irregardless if either Lynn's or Daniel's projects ever actually create a useable version of an operating system, Warp Doctor is what will continue to provide support for OS/2 users in the years to come.

As Lynn says frequently in his ramblings, "Support WarpDoctor. Join VOICE.". To make any such undertaking as Warpicity or FREEOS a viable reality will take ongoing support. As Lynn has also said "we need collaboration and an organization for its ongoing ability to meet the changing dynamics of its users." Linux has it's pervasive user community of code jockeys to keep it's momentum fueled, but that platform seems to lack a center. It's not what the user needs that is paramount, but what the coding community needs. If you are not a fluent in GCC and CLI, you can easily be lost. Warp Doctor will focus on the OS/2 user.

What VOICE is attempting with Warp Doctor <http://www.warpdoctor.org/>is to make the end-user the focus. Maybe this is impossible, but the lines have been drawn, and we think it will work.

I want to see VOICE's membership grow over the next couple of years into the thousands so we can support these private initiatives. We need to take IBM's whims out of the equation and make OS/2 into a user guided platform. If you honestly want to see OS/2 continue on into the year 2000 and beyond, then support Warp Doctor by joining VOICE. Together we still have a future with OS/2.

This past month VOICE hosted two Speakup events. On November 22, a Speakup with the new Warpstock Board was held. The log can be read at http://www.os2voice.org/logs/V112299.LOG.html. Then on December 6th, we welcomed back Sundial Systems with a Speakup focused on Relish. There was a lot of discussion on the changes for the next release. A copy of Junk Spy was given away as a trivia prize. Thanks to Rollin and Randell for an entertaining and enjoyable event. The transcript for which is at http://www.os2voice.org/logs/V120699.LOG.html

Coming up in December, we have a General VOICE meeting on Monday, December 20th, 8PM EST(01:00GMT). As always, please be sure to check out the updated VOICE Future events Calendar in this newsletter or on the VOICE website at <http://www.os2voice.org/calendar.html> for more details on future VOICE events.

To start with this month we have an article on VOICE's newest project: WarpDoctor: An OS/2 Watershed Event by Abel McLendon and Lynn Maxson. If you read nothing else, be sure to read this one. I can't stress enough that this is "the" project of the year for VOICE. Let's make Warp Doctor a success and make OS/2 support second to none, with or without IBM's assistance. Next Abel Mclendon writes his letter to Santa in his ViewAbel column.

Looking for some great computer-related gifts for Christmas for an OS/2 user? Check out Brad Kell's review of Crystal Clear: A PCI Sound Card for OS/2. And if you have small children, check out my review of Kidstuff for OS/2. Then we have Don Eitner with a review of some Classic Video Games for OS/2.

Finally Don Eitner returns with a new End(User) column. This month Don reveals some top secret info from his deep blue contacts in IBM Quietly Readies "Merced" OS. If only it were true.

Just a reminder that we now have a full Newsletter Master Index page. All the feature sections of the current and previous issues can now be found on this one page. Additionally, we have added a Java based search function to this master index page. It will allow you to search all past issues for a specific word or phrase. So try it out and let us know what you think. If you have any ideas for improvements let me know at editor@os2voice.org.

We are always interested in your thoughts and views on subjects related to OS/2, and would like to see opinion/editorial pieces as well as hardware/software reviews. To that end, and because of several recent requests, we have added a Guidelines for Article Submissions to the VOICE Newsletter.

Mark Dodel
Editor, VOICE Newsletter

If you want to express your feelings on the way IBM has abandoned OS/2 users in it's quest to appease bill gates, please write a letter to the US DOJ and tell them how you feel.

Joel I. Klein
Assistant Attorney General
Antitrust Division
U.S. Department of Justice
601 D Street, NW
Washington, DC 20530

The email address is antitrust@justice.usdoj.gov, however I believe a written communication has more effect then electronic.

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