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Februar 2002

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January 05

PCI+AGP bus sniffer

PCI+AGP bus sniffer shows PCI,AGP and CardBus device informations, has huge database of known vendors and devices, can tell what IRQ are supported by which slot.

Program URL:

January 05

Patch TI1225CB driver to use other bus number

Patch to Texas Instruments 1225 CardBus chip driver from IBM PlayAtWill for Dell Latitude. Use PCI bus 2/3 instead of 1/2 since 1 is used for AGP.

January 05

jOggPlayer 1.1 released

Webarts has released jOggPlayer 1.1

jOggPlayer is an open source platform independant Graphical Vorbis Ogg Player! Developed using Java, so if your system has a Java VM you can use this app.

January 05

Java/Download Machine 0.14

Download Machine 0.14 is simple non-graphical, non-interactive tool for batch file downloads with resume support. It is controlled via ASCII formated queue file. DM runs in background and periodically checks queue file for changes. Supports custom Cookie

Program URL:

January 05

PMPDF updated

Netlabs has an updated release of PMPDF dated 22.Dec.2001

PMPDF, Poor Mans PDF is a utility which brings the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Distiller to the OS/2 platform, with the use of GhostScript you are now able to create PDF's from every OS/2 application which supports the standard OS/2 PM Printer interface.

January 04

Shisen/2 version 1.2 released

Juergen and Uwe aus dem Moore have released version 1.2 of their nice and beautiful game Shisen/2. Shisen is a Japanese board game that is played with Chinese Mahjongg tiles. Shisen/2 is freeware and comes with many tile sets for different screen resolutions.

January 04

JBuilder 5

JBuilder5 personal edition

Additional requirements:

o JDK 1.3 version tested is J2RE 1.3.0 IBM build co130-20010925 o JDK runtime + toolkit
o copy java.exe from \java13\jre\bin to \java13\bin because jb5 expect to have the exec in this directory to launch start run.cmd in \jbuilder\bin

January 04

IBM Networks Primary Logon Client 4.4 for Windows NT 4.0 and Win 2000

The IBM Networks Primary Logon Client for Windows NT and Windows 2000 Professional is an add-on to the Microsoft(R) Windows Network function. With the IBM Networks Client, you can access the resources provided by an IBM OS/2(R) Warp Server domain, including the following:

o Connecting to home directories
o Setting up and connecting to logon assignments
o Running shared applications
o Connecting to aliases
o Checking DASD limits

A user's home directory and logon assignments are automatically connected after the user successfully logs on to and is authenticated on an OS/2 Warp Server domain or DCE cell.

January 03

Home Automation & Security for OS/2 ver 2.1

HOUSE/2 is designed for the X10 home automation controllers CM11x/CM11/CM12U allowing timer and macro event programming to control lights or appliances.

Product URL:

January 03

Multithreaded recursive file comparison tool

XComp/2 is a multithreaded recursive file comparison tool (as a counterpart to XCOPY) that is especially useful to compare CDs burned with the original data. Support for CRC32 and MD5 Checksums is included. Source (and WIN32 port) is included (req. IBM VisualAge C++ V3.6.5, Warp Toolkit or compatible).

Also part of that package is IsoComp/2, a utility to compare with or convert to CD-ROMs into ISO image or RSJ track image files, also supporting CRC32 and MD5 checksums. Source (and WIN32 port) is included.

Program URL:

January 02

Ogg Vorbis 1.0rc3 released

Brian Havard has released Ogg Vorbis 1.0rc3

Ogg Vorbis s an audio compression format similar to MP3 but free of patented algorithms and fully open source.

January 02

Command line calculator for C expressions

CCALC provides convenient way for performing calculations. You can use standard infix notation for expressions and store results in variables.

January 01


ConfigMaint/2 is a CONFIG.SYS analyzer / optimizer / information tool for OS/2 PM with searchable database, sort and checking routines, editor for boot / recovery options etc. Freeware.

Program URL:

January 01

QuakeWorld 2.40 client for OS/2 (fix 3)



January 01

InnoTek Online Support Forums


InnoTek has established web based online support forums for questions and discussions related to the following products:

- Virtual PC for OS/2

- Virtual PC for Windows with OS/2 Guest Support

- Macromedia Flash Player for OS/2

- InnoTek Co-StandbyServer for e-business

The forums can be accessed at

In order to access, you have to register first. Instructions can be found on the web page. All forums will be monitored by InnoTek staff but the primary intention is to establish a community where users help eachother. Note that this is also the right place to provide suggestions for product improvements!

Happy new year!

Kind regards / mit freundlichen Gruessen, Achim Hasenmueller

InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH
phone: +49 7151 9965-30

December 31

Warpstock 2002 Survey

Warpstock would like your feedback on our plans for Warpstock 2002 and beyond. We have created a short survey concerning the location for Warpstock 2002 at

One of the issues being addressed is the 2002 event site. We are currently considering Austin Texas and want to know what you think. No registration is required to make your feelings known so please help us in determining the future of Warpstock.

Also we invite everyone interested in the future of Warpstock to join us in open and hopefully productive discourse on the Warpstock Public Discussion list - In addition, all the session presentation files from Warpstock 2001 have been placed in the file download section here for member download.

Warpstock, Inc., is a North Carolina non-profit corporation. The Warpstock annual conference is a gathering of OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More information is available at the Warpstock website, or its mirror site:

December 31

January edition of 'The Warped Perspective'

Tom Nadeau's monthly essay is online already.

December 31

AiR-BOOT - v0.25b Released

Finally, I got it released. As a so-called

Please have a look at the fixes *first*. This version has hidden partitions pre-support. Download it from:

Have fun with it.
And like everytime: Please do not upload this beta to any public FTP/HTTP/whatever servers. Thanx.

If you got 0.23b/0.24b installed on your system, just make a new AiR-BOOT INSTALL disc and boot from it. You should get prompted, that you may update your copy of AiR-BOOT. Configuration will remain intact.

Fixes this time:
- Second Open-Public Beta Version (BUGFIXED!)
- EZ-SETUP Detection (will not install on such systems)
- Scrolling in Bootmenu now possible (more than 14 bootable partitions)
- Floppy: Get VolumeLabel and the Every-2-Seconds-Get Option are now functional.
- AIRBSET may be executed from the floppy, where it will write to. previously this resulted into an error-message and a damaged disc
- Delay for entering Setup got expanded

Fixes in this 0.24b bugfix-release:
- Booting, when "Include Floppy" was deactivated resulted in booting the FOLLOWING partition, not the one that was selected. I didn't check this option to be working, after I redid the boot-menu.
- Systems >15 partitions do not get save error anymore
- Installer accepts upper-case input
- Hiding Partitions Pre-Support. Will unhide *ANY* hidden partition on every boot


Release-Version: 0.25b

btw. 0.26b will have Partition Setup and Hide Partitions-Feature implemented. Hopefully 0.27b will have "FDISK"-like util.

From: Martin Kiewitz

December 31

Smart Cache 0.61. HTTP proxy server

Smart Cache 0.61. is full-featured proxy caching server with some (now 20) SPECIAL features for faster, increasing privacy and offline web browsing. Good replacement for badly designed browser's cache. This version supports SSL and HTTP/1.1.

Main features:
URL filter (no adv. banners),
download files in background for later browsing,
cookies filter,
caching of 'noncachable' pages,
multiple logs,
can fake Referer, User-Agent and Cookie headers,
fast operation,
very configurable garbage collection,
data can be compressed for diskspace saving,
regexp support,
download machine support,
marking pages offline for refresh or download,
cached data can be shared between OS/2, Linux, MacOs and Windows.
Can be also used for web forwarding or transparent proxy.
If you have Java 1.1 installed, try it.

Program URL:

December 31

Enhanced E(freeware) and the Enhanced EE Editor

Enhanced E - "FREE" clone of the OS/2 "E" System Editor

Looks and acts the same as the "E" but gives you some things the "E" doesn't.

Enhanced EE - SHAREWARE clone of the "Enhanced E" Editor with many more features that make it a valuable addition to your desktop. This is a "Productivity" editor that makes the mundane more palatable.

Program homepage:

December 31

Java/Loader 0.20. Very configurable web grabber

Smart Cache Loader 0.20 Very configurable web grabber with special Smart Cache support. Little documentation, but source code and sample configuration is included.

Program URL:

December 31

Warpzip - Zip and OS/2 "Packed" file management

The latest in archive mangement for OS/2.

WarpZip takes the work out of downloading software. It will handle the details from the first click in your browser to the archives' final resting place. Beneath WarpZip's pleasant interface lie plenty of revolutionary and powerful functions that will save both time and effort and boost your productivity.

Program URL:

[Moderator's note: WarpZip was last reviewed in the VOICE Newsletter in May 1999 ]

December 30

WarpLog ver. 0.99 released

I've just uploaded a new version of my journal/diary program, WarpLog. There have been a few bugs squashed in this release along with the addition of a few minor features:

+ Fixed a problem with loading the RexxUtil libraries
+ Fixed a bug in searches that span more than one year.
+ fixed several minor date handling routines (days of week should be correct now). This only affected the interface and not the storage of data.
+ fixed a leap year bug in the date selection display routine. Again, this did no harm to the data storage.
+ Added a few double-click shortcuts to functions (eg. add/edit from the date selection list).
+ Added limited font selection support (found under "settings").
+ Added window settings to automatically store the position of the program and it's various windows .

WarpLog is free software licensed under the GPL.

For more information and to download see the WarpLog homepage:

December 30

New/updated drivers on IBM's DDPackOnline

I see that IBM has released a number of driver updates on the Device Driver web site.


- IBM Streaming LPR Port Driver [IBM Software Choice]
- Creative Labs Ensoniq PCI Audio Controller w/ CT5880 [IBM Software Choice] - DVD/UDF Support CD-RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM File System Support, Version 1.5 [IBM Software Choice]
- ThinkPad Infrared Stack (IrDA) Support for OS/2 [IBM Software Choice]
- YMF754 (DS-1E)
- PC Card Standard 5.0 (Cardbus) Support [IBM Software Choice]

Tim Erickson

December 30

Rexx script for write circle text, with TrueSpectra.


Rexx script for write circle text, with TrueSpectra.

December 30

Python 2.2 extensions

Check for 2 more Python 2.2 extensions. Python is an interpreted, object oriented, scripting language.

mx-base collection of extensions:

Python Imaging Library, from Pythonware:

December 30

RexxUni 1.1 - UniCode API for Rexx

RexxUni provides translation functions for Rexx programs. Sources included.

December 30

Lynx 2.8.5 dev.7 with SSL and NLS support

Lynx 2-8-5 web browser with SSL and NLS support, now packaged as a self installing exe file.

Program URL:

December 30

danis506 version 1.40

IBM1S506 replacement, supports Intel, VIA, Ali, SiS, CMD, Promise, Cyrix, HPT, AMD, Artop, SMSC, ServerWorks, Opti, and Nvidia support, disk capacity up to 2TiB, V1.4.0

December 30

LVM updated

IBM has updated the Logical Volume Manager for Warp Server for e-business and the Warp Server for e-business and Warp 4 Convenience Pak 1 releases to the same level as that shipped in Convenience Pak 2.

December 30

Simple OS/2 APRS IGate

Simple OS/2 APRS Amateur Radio IGATE program by Dale Heatherington, WA4DSY, who has ended development on the code. Includes source code.

Program URL:

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