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Februar 2002

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January 12

ppwizard - Free generic preprocessor (html/rexx/ipf/inf/ipfc)

Generic preprocessor with specific support for HTML and rexx. Includes external files and supplies usual #define, #include, #if, #ifdef etc as well as many others such as #import to import data from databases. Can import SQL. Text to HTML. Its syntax is very simple yet the tool is very powerful. It is extendable using rexx, for example "#if GetEnv("FRED") == substr(Var, 2)". Macros support parameters and conditional logic. Create FTP like pages from dir trees (or WPS URL objects), validate generated HTML or rexx, automatically create thumbnails, photo albums. Spell check. HTML example inclusion from file with automatic tagging. There is a "SSI" add-available which simplifies migration from SSI. "OL_DOC.DH" header for creation of IPF/HTML from common source. Looks to be handy as a XML, XSL and DTD preprocessor. Also runs in Windows, DOS and Unix.

Program URL:

January 12

jjscdrom 20020109

This is a modified version of OS/2 CD-ROM / CD-RW / DVDs device manager driver (OS2CDROM.DMD), based on the latest OS/2 DDK on-line source code.

This driver supports:
- Per-unit-basis "feature enforcing" features. They enforce:
= to turn on "CD-DA readable", "CD-XA readable" and "multisessioning-aware" flags
= vendor-specific SCSI CD-DA digital reading / CD-XA reading / multisessioning methods
- "WORM-devices as CD-ROM" treatment.
- Per-unit-basis "ignoring drive" feature.
- Enriched /V option output.
- "CD-Extra" (data-multisessioned audio-CD) mounting.

Program URL

January 12


Just wanted to tell you, that 0.26b of AiR-BOOT just got released.

It has many new features, like Hiding Partitions and the actual Partition Setup is now working finally.

0.26b is finally able to boot Windows 2000. Some Windows NT versions were getting berserk as well. Of course, the problem was Mickeysoft.

Anyway, here are the fixes:
- Partition Setup now 100% functional
- Configuration area enlarged
- Hiding Partitions-Support
- Partition Name changing possible
- Partition X-Ref routine rewritten
- Made my MBR compliant to the pseudo standard that Mickeysoft invented (more information in Q/A part)
- Some minor changes

Have a nice day...
- Martin Kiewitz

From: Martin Kiewitz

January 07

BACK AGAIN II Version 3.0 now shipping

CDS Update - January 2002

CDS is extending a special invitation to upgrade to our latest release of our Back Again II family of backup and disaster recovery products at a special pre-discounted upgrade price. In addition, the first 200 people who order the upgrade on our web site will be entered into a special drawing to receive one of two free high-capacity tape drives.

Visit or call 800-284-4156, or 651-730-4156 (mention offer code 4500) to place your order today!

Version 3.0 delivers the following:

- New backup support for CD-R/W, DVD-R/RAM discs. Includes the ability to span multiple discs in a single backup. (Requires an IFS driver like Adaptec/Roxio Direct-CD or RSJ).

- Support for the newest tape drives on the market, such as LTO, SDLT and Mammoth 2 tape drives.

- New command line backup and restore options. Makes automating your backup from another application or batch file a breeze.

- Support for backing up to a large network attached hard drive or local hard drive, with backup files greater then 4 GB. (Windows Workstation and Server products only).

- One year of upgrade protection at no charge. Buy the upgrade now and receive ALL product updates free for a year, including any major releases.

- Additional performance enhancements and fixes.

OS/2 customers can order a special Back Again/2000 bundle that includes the latest release of RSJ CD-Writer software for an additional $49.00.

Order before January 31, 2002 and we will discount the normal upgrade price to the following:

Back Again II Personal Upgrade (formally named Back Again II for Windows 98) $34.00 US
- Supports Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me.

Back Again II Workstation Upgrade $49.00 US
- Supports Windows NT 4.X Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional.

Back Again II Server Upgrade $149.00 US
- Supports Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Server and Windows XP.

Back Again/2000 Workstation Upgrade $69.00 US
- Supports OS/2 Warp 3.x, 4.x and e-Com Station

Back Again/2000 Server Upgrade $129.00 US
- Supports OS/2 LAN Server, OS/2 Warp Server, OS/2 Warp for e-Business and e-Com Station

CDS will draw two names randomly from the first 200 orders on January 31, 2002. The two winners will receive a Travan 20GB ATAPI/IDE tape drive kit free of charge.

Order today at:


CDS is proud to announce that PowerFile, Inc. has chosen CDS to provide backup and disaster recovery software for their new 200-disc DVD-RAM jukebox. The hardware and software combination delivers over 1.6 TB of compressed storage for backup and data recovery. This new solution incorporates the latest in storage technology, providing over 100,000 re-writes on a single DVD-RAM disk, incredible seek times, and has none of the problems associated with backing up to tape (such as tape cleaning, limited shelf and use life, etc.).

If you are looking for a rock solid solution for your backup woes, check out the totally automated DVD-RAM solution from PowerFile at: You will be amazed how cost effective backing up to a PowerFile changer is when compared to traditional tape libraries.


CDS, Inc.
6043 Hudson Road, Suite 190
Woodbury, MN 55125

Our new office is just minutes east of downtown St. Paul. If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by for a visit.

Our mailing address will remain the same:

CDS, Inc.
P.O. Box 25123
Woodbury, MN 55125

January 06

IRC Bouncers ported to eCS-OS/2

Vincenzo Venuto ported some irc bouncers (like the famous PSY BNC) to the eCS / OS2 platform.

January 06

New release of Pronews/2 1.51 ib110 on hobbes

Trevor Hemsley has released an updated version of ProNews/2 1.51 internal beta 110 on hobbes

Pronews/2 is multithreaded newsreader for OS/2. It was abandoned by Panacea Software, the original developer and is now maintained by a team of volunteers. See the following site for more information -


January 06


eGAMER Beta 2 can now be downloaded, this will be the last beta before final release.

Improvments have been made to the Install and Main program.

From: Enrique Britto

January 06

Updated Matrox Bios for G450/550

Matrox has updated the Bios for their G450/550 Graphic adapters

Matrox G450 935-20 2.0 36

Matrox G450 970-14 1.4 4

Matrox G450 EMC 972-13 1.3 5

Matrox G550 964-14 1.4 14

Main Fixes


- Fixes bug where our graphics BIOS was using DVI timings even though the hardware has no DVI connector.

- Fixes bug on the G550 where in some cases, any monitor conneceted to the HD15 connector would be blank either during post or blank during post and also in Windows.

An advice how to do the upgrade without Windows can be found here:

January 06

Survey 'What is the age of OS/2 users?'

Let's collect statistics about os/2 population!

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