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Februar 2002

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January 19

Mixer for Sound Galaxy Pro16 Extra

A mixer application for SGP16 sound card with full pascal sources. To compile the sources, Virtual Pascal and the OS/2 Developer's Toolkit is needed.

January 19

WebMail/2 1.0

Web to Email interface for your existing email service. It uses your existing POP3/SMTP to give your users access from the web. Supports OS/2 email servers and any POP3/SMTP service of any platform. Runs under any OS/2 or Linux web server along with an OS/2 management daemon. Supported under OS/2: Weasel, IPS, InetMailPro, InetMail, OS2PopS and any generic pop3 and smtp server.

Program URL:

January 19

LyX 1.1.6 fix 4 released

Shigeru Miyata has released LyX 1.1.6 fix 4. LyX is an open source WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) GUI document processor.

Unlike standard word processors, LyX encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents, not their appearance. LyX lets you concentrate on writing, leaving details of visual layout to the software.

LyX produces high quality, professional output -- using LaTeX, an industrial strength typesetting engine, in the background; LyX is far more than a front-end to LaTeX, however. No knowledge of LaTeX is necessary to use LyX, although it will give a user more power.

For more information please see the LyX home page at

The new version fixes several bugs, e.g. possible crashes when a selection is started when the cursor is over a blank, and slow loading of large files, and adds support for more encodings and the "kluwer" class.

To run LyX, an X server (e.g. XFree86/OS2 or Hoblink X11), the Xforms library and LaTeX are required. If you want to take full advantage of LyX's feature, you also need the Perl scripting language, DVIPS, GV and Ghostscript. The package contains a setup guide.

The LyX distribution is available at or (this archive is a lot smaller, but you need GNU tar and the ppmd archiver to unpack it)

Later, the files will be moved to

January 19

SciTech Display Doctor V 7.0.9 Beta45

SciTech display Doctor V 7,0,9 Beta45 is available as of January 19, 2002 at Updated NLV (national LANGUAGE) support is also available at

[Moderator's note: For more information see problem.txt - and readme.txt]

January 19

Jakesplace... back from the dead?


Ok, here's the current status at the Jakesplace OS/2 News Feed.

Right now, posting privileges are back on for the comp.*, ecomstation.*, and ibm.* news hierarchies. I've also added some of the language specific OS/2 newsgroups: cz.comp.os2, de.comp.os.os2.*, fr.comp.os.os2, and it.comp.os.os2. These groups are also hooked up and functioning, so if you want to talk OS/2 in your language of choice, Jake's is the place. I'm going to be monitoring my ISP's news server for signs of life in some of the other language specific groups as well.

I still need to connect to,,, Sundial System's server, and the Hursley IBM news server. However... that's going to happen tomorrow, as it's getting kind of late here.

Actually, recreating the jakesplace server has been an interesting exercise... I've taken the opportunity to make some improvements in how the feeds are handled. All in all, all I can say is... ain't REXX great?

One other note. Most everybody is going to have to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the newsgroups on the server. All the article numbers will have changed, and you'll probably find that your news readers are going to have a hard time of figuring out what's going on.

So, drop on by and check it out!

Jake's news server -

Via web browser - news://


Jack Troughton

January 18

Correction: New Matrox driver does not support G550

According to a post from Klaus Staedtler on comp.os.os2.multimedia the recently released new 2.58.144 driver was briefly listed on Matrox's site as supporting the G550, but was changed back to G550 "not planned" under OS/2.

January 18

Book: "The Software Compendium for eComStation and OS/2 Warp"

Starting now, Eric Baerwaldt is taking pre-orders for his new book "The Software Compendium for eComStation and OS/2 Warp". The book is about 350 pages in size and includes a CD. The price is 34 Euros for Germany and 40 Euros for any other country. The German issue will be available in the second half of March 2002 with the English issue following approximately

January 18

Again new kernels 0118
There are again new kernels on with date 0118


[Moderator's note: As always these are not officially supported by IBM unless they tell you to use them. Please send any followup to comp.os.os2.bugs on usenet. Also note that files are only on IBM's testcase for 2-3 days, so if you want to try these get them now. Make certain you back up any files replaced and don't try these on a production system. Read any readme file before applying any changes. You have been warned. ]

January 18 file archive

I've just found and corrected a severe problem in the W3F file archive package. The file archives at are fully available again. Sorry for the inconvienence.


January 18

Lotus Domino Server 5.0.9a update available

Lotus has released a new update for Domino Server for OS/2.

You can check it directly at

or go to the download area of

January 17

New Matrox OS/2 Display Driver - 2.58.144

Matrox has released a new OS/2 Display Driver

Release Date: Jan 17, 2002
Version: 2.58.144
Size: 1.25 MB

Supports G550. I don't have a Matrox, so I didn't download and test it.

[Moderator note: Also saw the following on comp.os.os2.multimedia in regard to this driver:

"Klaus Staedtler-Przyborski schrieb:

> After several tries (reverting to VGA, Installing over the old MGA....) > and always ending with a black screen just before the wps starts I've > found out that this driver doesn't update the config.sys.

My previous description naturally only works when you have the MGA Drivers installed.

If you make a new installation with these drivers, make shure the following lines are in the config.sys


Adapt them to your drives etc.

Klaus Staedtler"]

January 17

Warning on SMP0117 testcase kernel

Just to let everyone know since I just sent an announcement out that there are new kernels on IBM's testcase. The UNI0117 kernel worked fine on my laptop with eCS 1.0 FP1, but my dual Pentium Pro system gave a TRAP 000D in HPFSMINI with the SMP0117 kernel, running eCS Pro 1.0 FP1. So please be careful and make sure you have a way to boot the system replace the changed files.

January 17

New kernels & theseus/4 on IBM's testcase site

New smp, uni & w4 kernels (regular and debug versions) have been updated, dated as of 0117 are available on the IBM testcase site.

Readme includes the following change for this version:

" 01/17 (happy new year) revision 14.086c PJ28355 SYS3175 (or other problems?) when booting a Pentium 4 machine when initializing testcfg.sys or apm.sys"

In addition there is a new version of theseus/4 there as well.

[Moderator's note: As always these are not officially supported by IBM unless they tell you to use them. Please send any followup to comp.os.os2.bugs on usenet. Also note that files are only on IBM's testcase for 2-3 days, so if you want to try these get them now. Make certain you back up any files replaced and don't try these on a production system. Read any readme file before applying any changes. You have been warned. ]


January 17

Normalize 0.7, a textmode program to adjust the volume of wav and mp3

Normalize 0.7, a textmode program to adjust the volume of several wav or mp3 files to the same level.

Normalize is an overly complicated tool for adjusting the volume of wave files to a standard level. This is useful for things like creating mixed CD's and mp3 collections, where different recording levels on different albums can cause the volume to vary greatly from song to song. This new version can also normalize mp3 files.

Program URL:

January 17

Analog Devices AD1881/AD1881A/AD1885/AD1887 (SoundMax) OS/2 Audio Driver works great

Just like to report that the new Analog Devices AD1881/AD1881A/AD1885/AD1887 (SoundMax) OS/2 Audio Driver ver.3.0.7 (11/07/2001) now works great on a Dell OptiPlex GX110 and possibly other systems with the SoundMax chip set. WAV and CD Sound is available on OS/2 and in Win-OS2.

The new drivers can be found at

[Moderator note: This is the same driver reported in a post on this list on 1/13/2002. This is not to announce a new version, but to pass on a success story with the driver.]

January 17

ELinks 0.3 pre 2 is a text-mode web browser

ELinks 0.3 pre 2 is a text-mode web browser, capable of correctly formatting tables and frames, unlike lynx. Great for quick navigation without ads. ELinks is a branch of the main Links develpment. This release is more advanced than Links 0.9.6. Re-released (again) because of some missing files.

Program URL:

January 16

REXX Function package for REXX based CGI scripts

Provides additional REXX functions for CGI scripts. Handles form processing (GET and POST methods) with data validation, supports file uploads, sending e-mail and attachments via smtp, getting documents via http and a range of useful date and file functions.

January 16

BT32.SYS for eCS and Warp 4 FP#13 or higher

A new version of the driver BT32.SYS is available at

You need eCS or Warp 4, fixpack #13 or higher.

This driver set contains LXAPI32.SYS, a common linux service api driver and BT32.SYS, the bttv driver port from linux.

Included is a small radio application.

Note: This does not fix the trap 0e problem or unreadable fonts problem with matrox cards. I'll try to fix this in the nearest future.

January 16

GUIFFY 3.7 Compare/Merge avail.

Guiffy is a visual source file/folder, compare/merge, utility/component. Guiffy features 2-way interactive and 3-way smart, "SureMerge", interfaces. Merge interfaces support Editing during the merge and Undo. Comes with builtin UNICODE support plus, a command line interface for CM/SCM integrations. Works with AccuRev, CVS, Perforce, and Starbase. Available for all Java-enabled platforms including: Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS 8/9 & MacOS X, and OS/2.

Guiffy 3.7 enhancements include:
* Style enhancement - separate background color for changes
* FAST FolderCompare Refresh
* MouseWheel Support
* NEW French and Italian UI translations

Guiffy 3.5 enhancements included:
* Style enhancements - New options for background and highlighting colors.
* Inline difference Hi-Lites
* MacOS X - MacOS X (with Aqua) support
* Folder Synchronization - Folder Compare split Tree Views now support synchronization functions. RightClick PopUp Menu for Compare, Merge, SureMerge, Copy, Delete, Rename, and SaveAS. Copy and Delete do folders too!


License: 30-day evaluation.
Single User registration is $79.

Thank you for your support,

January 16

The January OS/2 eZine is out!

The January 16, 2002 issue of the OS/2 eZine is now online at


From The Editor
Robert Basler


Why Not Linux?
Douglas Clark wonders if IBM really does have a clue.


Citrix Metaframe and OS/2
Dan Eicher examines another way to bring Windows apps to OS/2.

ViPowER Mobile Rack
James Cannon looks at an inexpensive portable storage option.

Logitech Cordless Mouseman & AMouse 2.0 Beta
Robert Basler takes a new mouse and driver for a spin - goodbye wires.


Moving OS/2 to a New Drive
Robert Basler tells us how in this tale of a four day, knock-em-down, drag-em-out slugfest.

EMX - It's more than a Runtime
James Cannon looks at the runtime library used by many of your favourite apps.

KVM verses VPC
Douglas Clark looks at a solution to the problem of too many monitors.

An Introduction to Security
Andrei A. Porodko talks about concepts and implementation on OS/2.

ODBC on OS/2 Part 10
Douglas Clark ends the section on drivers and databases with a look at MySQL, miniSQL, Ingres and Informix.

The Art Department
Cool desktops for you. The start of a new monthly feature.


Ask Bas and John
Bas Heijermans and John Bijnens answer your OS/2 questions in this ongoing forum.

January Forums
Questions for the authors? Disagree with us? Take it to the forums.

January 15

Patched IBM usbmsd.add, support Olympus C-1 digital camera

Patched IBM usbmsd.add, support Olympus C-1 digital camera

January 15


Modified OS/2 CD-ROM / CD-RW / DVDs device manager driver, build JJ20020113

This is a modified version of OS/2 CD-ROM / CD-RW / DVDs device manager driver (OS2CDROM.DMD), based on the latest OS/2 DDK on-line source code.

This driver supports:
- Per-unit-basis "feature enforcing" features. They enforce:
= to turn on "CD-DA readable", "CD-XA readable" and "multisessioning-aware" flags
= vendor-specific SCSI CD-DA digital reading / CD-XA reading / multisessioning methods
- "WORM-devices as CD-ROM" treatment.
- Per-unit-basis "ignoring drive" feature.
- Enriched /V option output.
- "CD-Extra" (data-multisessioned audio-CD) mounting.
- SCSI-3/MMC-complient CD Capabilities / Mechanical Status Page recognition in default. Salvation for some modern SCSI drives.
- Of course functionally equivalent to official OS2CDROM.DMD, including CD-RW / DVD writing and formatting, and USB connection support

Program URL:

January 14

Utility for fast plotting graphs to png or jpg files on basis of gD l

gDiagramm v0.03 - utility for fast plotting graphs to png or jpg files from text data files such as CSV or log. It can be useful for fast data analysis of experimental data without too slow and too hands-used process of analysis with the StarOffice's StarCalc or M$ Exel. Also can be used for www-based applications. Early alpha version.

Program URL:

January 14

Icon converter version 0.92

Icon converter to transform icons from the Windows format (win32 16x16,32x32) into the OS/2 icon format (v 1.2)

January 14

PGPKeys for OS/2

PGPKeys for OS/2, Shell for PGP 5.0 key management requires VROBJ.DLL

Program URL:

January 14

StHWMon 0.18 beta (Build 699) available

Stefan Milcke today (14-jan-2002) released a new version of his system health monitoring tool (temperature, voltage and fan rpm monitor). I'm not sure about fixes/new features... anyway: It can be downloaded from his home page:

January 14

UpdCD 2.0 beta with eCS support

Members of the UpdCD discussion group can download from the File section the beta version of UpdCD 2.0. This is a fully functional release of UpdCD which supports the refresh of Warp 3, 4, WSeB, CP1 and eCS.

January 13

Marvin's Retriever 0.2 released

Marvin's Retriever 0.2 is a small graphical downloader like Netscape SmartDownload and can read the Urls from the clipboard or a file or just have one typed in. It uses GNU wGet and has buttons to pause/resume, retry and retransfer downloads. It is GNU GPL2 opensource and is an attempt to replace Netscape Navigator's 'save file' Dialog, which seemed to be unreliable.

This is alpha Software so expect to find bugs.

From: Diarmuid Albers

January 13

OS2World Forums are Back !!!

All the OS2World forums are back in business !!!


There are OS/2 forums about:
Beta code
OS/2 Setup

Also vist for news and free web hosting for OS/2 related sites.

From: Martin Iturbide

January 13

Analog Devices AD1881/AD1881A/AD1885/AD1887 (SoundMax) OS/2 Audio Driv

January 13

Pine 4.44

OS/2 port of the popular text-based e-mail and news client. Supports POP3, IMAP, NNTP, SMTP servers; MIME, HTML, multiple accounts, more.

Program URL:

January 13

S-lang 1.4.4 multi-platform programmers library

Program URL:

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