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May 2003

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April 05

GSView 4.4 released

Forwarded message from Klaus Staedtler posted on comp.os.os2.apps:100539

Version 4.4 of the PM ghostscript frontend GSView has been released

"Changes in version 4.4:

* Assorted bug fixes.
* Fixes to work with security changes in Ghostscript 8.00.
* Catalan, Russian and Slovak translations."

April 05

Apache 2.0.45 for OS/2

"Apache 2.0.45 Released

The Apache HTTP Server Project is proud to announce the eighth public release of Apache 2.0.

Since the new effort began with release 2.0.42 to retain configuration and module-interface stability in the Apache 2.0 series, there should be no required changes in configuration or third-party module binaries to upgrade from 2.0.42 or later. We continue to make every effort to maintain this easy upgrade path in future 2.0 releases."

There is an extensive list of changes at

OS/2 binaries -

April 04

IBM Licences Snap Graphics SE

There's a story on that IBM have licenced Snap Graphics SE for OS/2 available on SWC. 21fcce3fafd687256cbf006aaece?OpenDocument

"Product Information

General Availability Release GM13

SciTech Version 2.1.3 Build 367

IBM Build Level a.096"

April 04 updates

After a long absence in public forums/mailinglists I would like to restart the habit to send mails about projects on a regular base. During the last years of my studies I was busy with a lot of other stuff so was not really the first thing I thought about when I got some spare time. There is still plenty of stuff to do so please be patient with all of us :-)


You probably found out that this was an April-fool, there were several hints for that, you should check:

- the date of the news
- the timestamp of the file on the ftp
- the revision of the "kernel"
- the binary in a hex editor (the original binary was about 70kbytes)

We had the idea for this joke in a Wintercamp with some of our developers, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks to all of you who participated in the joke and took it even further (you might check some newsgroups for some very funny followups - greetings to Holger)! The binary was mainly done by Chris Wohlgemuth and the text basicaly by Christian Langanke. Later Ulrich Möller couldn't ressist to add a lot of other jokes too. Thanks to all of you!

The website will most probably stay like this for "historic" reasons :-)

I get quite a lot of emails of people who ask what happened to the daily/weekly Odin builds. They first stopped because one of the developers who made them moved to Germany. Now the problem is some big changes in Odin which lead to compilation issues that are not yet resolved completely. Because of this it does not yet make sense to restart the daily/weekly Odin builds. However, as soon as this issue is resolved there are plans to bring them back online! Also the rumours about Odin beeing dead are completely nonsense, CVS is still updated on a regular base, check yourself if you don't believe it. There is still a tremendous development and you can imagine from which side I guess.

URL: (btw the application database is back, you can add reports again in case you didn't notice yet).

After some hot discussions Bart sat down and released an updated version of PMPDF. This time as a WPI package which makes it *really* easy to install (however, still RTFM). It's recommended for everyone out there who would like to create PDF's in OS/2 on the fly!


You probably won't believe it but there *is* progress in Everblue, and very good one too! Sebastian Wittmeier worked on Everblue the past weeks to continue the work done by Brian Smith. The result is a GIMP running on OS/2 PM without the need of XFree86/OS2! In the next days we will release a first public *beta* version (which does have problems for sure). We hope to nail down some bugs afterwards (and also to find some more supporters to finish that project :-)

I will announce the beta soon, please don't bug me with questions before that :) For the impatient people we have some screenshots on the homepage.


I already regret that I've announced Lookout/2 to the public month ago because there is still nothing available as download ;-) Today I was in contact with Fonz, the main developer of Lookout. He still does work on it and the product gets better and better. But for sure this does not help anyone of you out there as long as there is nothing to download. We know that and we try to change that, I know Fonz and Lookout good enough that I will never make any public statements about a release anymore in the future ;) Simply wait. The day will come. Probably...


That's it so far, there is still plenty of stuff left to announce. Simply browse our projects, there is a tremendous ammount of new stuff in there, some big and some small things but they could be useful :-). We try to automate the news messages in the future but I have to code that first. Also there are some other important things we would like to announce/discuss but as usual we all don't have the time needed. More later.

Thanks for the ongoing support

Adrian Gschwend & the developers

April 03

Mozilla 1.4a for OS/2 is available


Installer is here:

Zipfile is here:

Spellchecker is included, and this version should work with the Innotek Java plugin (I haven't tested it)

We will hopefully be releasing a GCC version of this milestone as well so people can compare the two, since this will probably be the last milestone compile with VACPP.

Michael Kaply

April 03

RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 5.0

RSJ CD-Writer 5.0 has been released.

Change list from 4.0x to 5.0 shows:

* DVD+R/RW support
* DVD-R/RW support
* Recorder detection enhanced
* German version: "CD Writer Steuerung" changed to "CD Writer Kontrollfeld" to match the program object title
* OEM version of Ricoh 7060S added to cddrv.inf
* Fixed license problem in CopyWizard and CD Cover Print

There is an online order page

RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 Internet Only 111.21 Euro (Excl VAT) 119.01 US$ (Excl VAT)
RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 plus shipping Full Version 128.45 Euro (Excl VAT) 137.47 US$ (Excl VAT)
Upgrade RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 (Versions 2.50-4.x) to RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 5.00
Keyfile of previous version is required for installation
Internet Only 33.62 Euro (Excl VAT) 35.98 US$ (Excl VAT)

A demo version is available for download -

April 02

DFSee version 5.17 released

Better HPFS-superblock fixing and display of Linux devicenames

DFSee is the SWISS-ARMY-KNIFE for disk and filesystem problems. With FDISK-like displays, analysis and recovery, FIX commands, UNDELETE for HPFS/NTFS, imaging and cloning. More details at:

Direct download links:

Most important functional changes:

- MAP Added Linux-device names and disk numbers to displays
- MAP Fixed freespace name display for small free area's
- AUTOBASE Set better max limit when no valid superblock found
- FIXSUPER Create/recalculate HPFS superblock (see -r option)
- DIRMAP HPFS allocation percentage fixed in all displays
- PART Added Linux /dev/hda1 style device names and disk number
- PSAVE Fixed clipped registration text in binary file headers
- LOG Add '-7-' for 8-bit ASCII logfile (default is now 7-bit)

Check DFS*.TXT files for details, all changes listed in DFSHIST.TXT

Registering DFSee will give you the right to use all 5.xx versions and get support plus a reasonable amount of assistance by email. Existing 4.xx registrations can be upgraded to 5.xx as well.

But even more important, it enables further development of DFSee!

Regards, Jan van Wijk

March 31

java 1.4.1 refreshed - beta 6
Innotek's Java 1.4.1 port has been refreshed @

Heres the changelog:
2003-03-31: Beta 6

- updated to the latest 1.4.1_02 level (including Java Web Start 1.2.0_02)

- included timezone setup utility to specify the exact timezone of the system in case the TZ environment variable in OS/2 is not accurate/correct

- added first drop of the Mozilla Java Plug-In

- numerous bugfixes

- dink

March 30

PostgreSQL 7.3.2 is up

I don't know if anyone else noticed this but the OS/2 version of PostgreSQL has been updated to 7.3.2

The URL is

See the Download link

"PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source database available anywhere."

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