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May 2003

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April 12

Mozilla GCC Build of 1.4a available

The build is here:

you must also download the C runtime from here:

or here

Do NOT share a profile between VACPP and GCC. If you do, you will not be able to access secure sites.

No plugins will work at all with this release.


Mike Kaply

April 12

RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 5.1

There is nothing listed in the web site Change History log as to how this version is different then 5.0.

New to version 5.01

* Problem in cache mechanism corrected. This problem was only part of version 5.00

* Suppressed an error message thatoccured when attaching an unformatted DVD+RW disk

April 09

Tim's Warped Bargains: Portable Printer

April 8, 2003

I got lots of questions about all those inexpensive eComStation- and OS/2 Warp-compatible printers in my previous reports. For example, road warriors wonder about whether there's a good deal on a portable printer.

The Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 350C looks like a great choice at just $99.99
-- half the usual price. Here's the web site for this deal:

IBM's OMNI driver supports this printer well, and it's probably the best compromise between portability, quality, speed, and flexibility. A parallel port interface is standard, and so is a 30-sheet feeder. This model is still current in HP's lineup.

I believe this printer comes with two inkjet cartridges, worth about $60 all by themselves. But check the cost of supplies. (Inkjet printing is often expensive.) You may wish to investigate ink refill kits to save money.

As always, I have no affiliation with these companies.

- - - - -
Timothy F. Sipples

April 09

Tim's Warped Bargains: Presentation Projector

April 8, 2003

eComStation comes standard with Lotus Freelance Graphics. If you need to make presentations, you might want to invest in your own computer projector.

Take a look at this projector:

This bright (1200 ANSI lumens) 800x600 resolution BenQ projector costs only $999.99 after rebate and weighs just 5 pounds. While 800x600 resolution is not state-of-the-art, look at the price! This projector works anywhere in the world, thanks to 110/220 volt power capability. You can also hook up a DVD player, VCR, or other video device thanks to this projector's S-video and composite connectors. (Nice for the occasional football party!) NTSC, PAL, and SECAM formats all work. There's even a zoom lens, so you can adjust the image for a wide variety of room sizes.

As always, I have no affiliation with these companies.

- - - - -
Timothy F. Sipples

April 09

WarpVision GUI - wvgui20030408


 Added Snapshot to PPM file (simple and fast). Just press Z and wait for beep (only in registered versions)
 Fixed start wvgui freeze at startup
 Fixed OGG audio play
 Fixed sync
 Added SSaver ON/OFF (Thanks to Samm


 Fixed start from saved pos
 Fixed 3175 when start media from command line
 Added subtitles support

April 08

Top 11 ways the world would be diffrent if OS/2 had won the desktop

Edited By Bradley F. Shimmin and David Joachim
This edition: Top 11 ways the world would be different if OS/2 had won the operating systems race; get your hack on; and alternative fuel.

April 07

ASPIROUT V1.1 Beta 8 release

There have been a few more bugfixes:
- Improved the command decode in ASPIDBUG.
- Fixed a race condition between ASPIROUT and ASPIDBUG under certain circumstances.

April 07

Everblue: GIMP for OS/2 PM beta release! is proud to anounce the first PM version of GIMP for OS/2! Gimp is the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, often called the free "Photoshop".

It is available for a long time already for XFree86/OS2, now you can finaly run it without XFree86/OS2 installed! This is done with Everblue, the XLib implementation on OS/2 PM which is included in the WarpIN package we now provide.

Check for information and download of this Gimp package!

Thanks a lot to Sebastian Wittmeier, Brian Smith and the former GIMP porters for their support!

Please *read the readme carefully*, you will find important information in there.


Adrian Gschwend
webmaster of

April 07

Warpstock 2003 - San Francisco, California

The Warpstock Inc. board of directors is very pleased to announce that Warpstock 2003 will be held this year in the beautiful state of California. The BayWarp OS/2 User group has assembled an excellent package. There are still a few details to be determined, but so far I can tell you the date for the event will be the weekend of October 18-19, 2003.

Hopefully by the end of this week the actual hosting facility will be announced. All three under consideration are in the general San Francisco/San Jose area and are convenient to either San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland airports. No prices are as yet available, but it appears that room rates will be more favourable then last years event in Austin, Texas.

The BayWarp event team is still looking for a publicity coordinator. This position can be handled by someone not local to the SF area. This person will be responsible for drafting/sending announcements to keep the OS/2-eCS community informed of the Warpstock event news. If you want to help, please contact Warpstock 2003 Event Chair - Samuel Little

April 07

Tim's Warped Bargains: More Printers

Deal #1: HP LaserJet 1200SE for $199.99

USA: OfficeMax will start selling the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 1200SE for $199.99 in their stores only. The sale begins Sunday, April 6, 2003, and it is limited to stock on hand. No rainchecks. Get there right at opening Sunday! Other stores, such as Staples and OfficeDepot, may match that price if you bring a copy of the advertisement. You can find the advertisement on the OfficeMax web site under "weekly specials."

This LaserJet works great with eComStation and OS/2 Warp. It is not a duplex printer. It uses horizontal (rather than vertical) paper feed for reliability. Speed is rated at 15 pages per minute. The printer has 8 MB of memory for capable graphics handling, and memory is expandable. Both USB and parallel ports are included. The printer supports both PCL and Postscript.

Do NOT purchase the LaserJet 1000. That one's a bad deal.

That $199.99 price is excellent, but you might do even better if you saved an OfficeMax coupon, use a cash-back credit card, etc. A few people report success printing out OfficeMax's web coupons and trying to use them in the store. Or using competitors' coupons.

Here's one way to get the price down. Staples has the same printer for $349.99. Order through Staples, which offers a 110% price match guarantee. Then use Staples coupon code 99815 ($50 off $200) and buy another $15.01 worth of stuff. Your net (printer) cost is $150 plus tax. (You'll have to phone that one in, and you can point the service agent to OfficeMax's web site for the advertisement.)

This is one of the best laser printer deals I've seen in a while.

Deal #2: Minolta Rebate

USA: In my last note I recommended the Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2200 color laser printer (NOT the 2200DL a.k.a. 2200 DeskLaser). Turns out there's a $200 mail-in rebate on the 2200DL model until June 30, 2003. Probably wouldn't hurt to send in the rebate if you get the 2200, although no guarantees. Here's the rebate form:

There are some specific rules to this rebate, so read the fine print carefully. Like I said, no promises.

Deal #3: PDA Printer

USA: CompGeeks has the SiPix Pocket Printer A6 for only $40 if you use 10% off coupon code "MC Exclusives" when you place your order.

This printer really isn't for eComStation or OS/2 Warp per se. You can print to it via infrared directly from your Palm PDA. This page has more information:

As always, I have no affiliation with these companies.

- - - - -
Timothy F. Sipples

April 07

Astrolog 1.0.1

Astrolog 1.0.1 has been released

Astrolog is a free calculation and charting software based on the famous program by Walter D. Pullen.


*** Version 1.01 ***

1. Input limits for name and location have been extended to 63 characters each.

2. Ctrl-Insert is now working (copies selected text or currently viewed bitmap to the clipboard).

3. Changes of defaults.

a) Defaults for planet rulerships (primary, secondary) have been changed as follows:

Mercury <-> Virgo, Gemini (Gemini and Virgo)
Venus <-> Libra, Taurus (Taurus and Libra)
Mars <-> Scorpio, Aries (Aries or Scorpio, Aries and Scorpio)
Pluto <-> Aries, Scorpio (Scorpio or Aries)

b) Defaults for planet and angle exaltations have been changed as follows:

The Sun -> Libra (Aries)
The Moon -> Taurus (Taurus)
Jupiter -> Gemini (Cancer)
Saturn -> Scorpio (Libra)
Uranus -> Aries
Neptune -> Virgo
Asc -> Aqu
MC -> Sco

All changes of rulership and exaltation maintain or increase symmetry. Popular assignments are noted in paranthesis where known and defined in western astrology.

Choose Help\List Objects to access a complete listing. The debilitation column indicates the sign negating the one wherein it is exalted. This is not the worst or weakest placement of the planet. The weakest placement (when the rule and not the co-rule position is considered the strongest) is currently indicated by the co-fall column.

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