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May 2003

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April 29

InnoTek GCC for OS/2

"InnoTek GCC for OS/2 is a commercial distribution of the GNU C/C++ compiler suite and associated utilities for the IBM OS/2 platform. InnoTek maintains an OS/2 platform port of the GNU C/C++ compiler suite and provides comprehensive support for the compiler environment to enterprise customers.

The InnoTek GCC for OS/2 distribution provides the following benefits:

* availability of a modern C/C++ compiler environment on OS/2, supporting the latest C++ language standards

* a complete, easy to use and well tested compiler suite from the leading OS/2 ISV

* enterprise level defect support for mission critical use of the compiler suite

* custom enhancements and modifications available as part of a support agreement

The GCC compiler suite is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) and can be used free of charge. All OS/2 specific changes and enhancements performed by InnoTek are released under the GPL as well. InnoTek GCC for OS/2 can be downloaded at no charge.

As part of the InnoTek GCC for OS/2 distribution, a C/C++ runtime library is provided by InnoTek for download. When distributing applications built with GCC for OS/2, you can either:

* link the C/C++ runtime statically with your applications (which is possible due to the LGPL license)
* ship the C/C++ runtime as a separate DLL with your applications
* point your end users to the InnoTek website for downloading the C/C++ runtime DLL

InnoTek GCC for OS/2 with 12 months of defect support is available directly from InnoTek at USD $2500 per developer seat. The minimum number of seats per customer required to get defect support is 10."

Currently only the runtime library for GCC 3.2.1 is available for download at:

There are now also forums for Innotek GCC for OS/2 on their support forum site:

April 29

OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader 4.05 RC3 available!

InnoTek has made the Release Candidate 3 (RC3) of its OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader 4.05 product available. It can be downloaded for evaluation use at

InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader 4.05 allows OS/2 customers to deploy the original Adobe Systems Acrobat Reader 4.05 for Windows on their OS/2 platform and benefit from current PDF technology. OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader provides the complete functionality of the popular Acrobat Reader 4.05 product on the OS/2 platform including streaming PDF support for Netscape and Mozilla browsers and is optimized for excellent performance even on low end systems.

For more information on InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader 4.05, please contact InnoTek at

April 29

Update: HP Scanjet 6300cse SCSI/USB - refurbished units available on CompGeeks

I have had a 6350 scanner--same as above except with a document feeder--for several years, and can testify that it is an excellent machine when used with Warp 4.x or eCS. I am using it with a 2940W SCSI Adaptec adapter and the TWAIN 5.2 drivers. I have nothing but success with that combination. One tip however: if you plan on scanning a lot of large or complex documents, get as much RAM as possible for your computer to avoid overusing the swapper file.

April 29

HP Scanjet 6300cse SCSI/USB - refurbished units available on CompGeeks

Looking for a scanner that should work well with OS/2? Computer Geeks has refurbished HP Scanjet 1200dpi USB/SCSI Flatbed Scanner w/Slide for $49.95. This unit does not include a SCSI card or cable. It is listed as supported by the CFM TWAIN driver
It should also be supported by the OS/2 port of the SANE driver
and if you are lucky to have a copy of CopyShop/2, it should work with that as well since it supports all SCSI Scanjet models like my HP 5P and the HP 6200/6250 (reviewed in the March 2000 VOICE Newsletter

The Scanjet 3600 has the following features:

1200x1200 dpi optical resolution
36-bit color
USB interface
SCSI interface (High Density DB50 connector)
Maximum Document Size, using flatbed: 8.5" x 11.7"
With OPTIONAL Document Feeder: 8.5" x 14" (NOT INCLUDED)
Includes Scanjet Slide Adapter for 35mm slides


This item is refurbished and only has a 90 day warranty. All support and warranties for this product are through Hewlett-Packard. Read the web page for details.

I have no affiliation with Computer Geeks or Hewlett-Packard. Just passing on information that might be of interest to OS/2 users.

April 29

WarpVision CLI updated

wvision-cli 0.0.14r ( Mon Apr 28 06:33:52 2003 UTC
- libavcodec build 4666
- minor ui fixes
- configure.cmd checking fail (gcc/gpp) fixed

wvision-cli 0.0.14r ( Wed Apr 16 06:32:15 2003 UTC )
- libavcodec build 4663
- cosmetic fixes

wvision-cli 0.0.14r ( Tue Mar 18 07:18:14 2003 UTC )
- audio decoding in the independed thread
dart callback not used lot of stack now

wvision-cli 0.0.14r ( Sun Mar 16 20:24:17 2003 UTC )
- libavcodec build 4662
- all sources/Makefile's changed for gcc usage
- configure.cmd script for build environment configuration
(run configure before compiling)

wvision-cli 0.0.14q ( Sun Mar 2 16:25:02 2003 UTC )
- libavcodec build 4659 (avcodec.dll)
- use lavc postprocessing code

April 29

Update: Tim Sipple's XJ1560 modem update

For those of you who don't have a convenient Dell machine to grab the product code from, the XJ1560 update file is also available here: Systems/NEC/Versa.6030/Modem/V9156.EXE

I couldn't get past the "service tag" or system ID info Dell wanted to register but this is the 3COM update program without jumping through Dell's hoops about creating the diskette. TIP: If you're like me, the PCMCIA card was COM3 and on a specified IRQ other than the "standard 3/4", so set up the port for the modem location before you try and run this - it's works MUCH better.

April 28

Tim's Warped Bargains: Follow-Up to XJ1560 Modem at Livewarehouse

Dear Bargain Hunters:

Many people are taking advantage of the great price on the Dell-branded XJ1560 V.90 modem available from Livewarehouse. (It's the one with the XJack.) I mentioned this modem in one of my last updates.

It has come to my attention that these modems may be arriving without the V.90 firmware upgrade installed.

That's no problem, really. You can download and install the firmware update with eComStation or OS/2 Warp. (The firmware update program is a 16-bit Windows application.)

Here's where you'll find the firmware update:

Worked for me, and I hear it works for others. Note that you may have to register with Dell to get access to that download.

Dell's packaging is a bit funny, since you have to unzip the downloaded EXE file then run the EXE file inside there (from a DOS session). That creates a diskette which contains the firmware update program (V9156.EXE). Copy V9156.EXE to your hard disk, run it from the Win-OS/2 Program Manager, and you should be in business. Follow the instructions and warnings very carefully.

This firmware update is revision TB201. The modem may come with older firmware TB01R or something else. TB201 seems to be the latest available, and it includes the V.90 capability.

If you're looking for a modem initialization string for your favorite dialer software, try something like this:


- - - - -
Timothy F. Sipples

April 28

Tim's Warped Bargains: Another PC Card Modem (External, Too)

Dear Bargain Hunters:

I mentioned the inexpensive XJack V.90 PC Card (PCMCIA) modem in one of my last updates. (It's still available from Livewarehouse, as far as I know.) Now, for those of you who don't like the XJack design (because it might interfere with another card installed), there's an equivalent eComStation-compatible modem with a "dongle" cable for almost exactly the same price:

The price is $18.20 plus shipping per modem, but you can do a bit better since you read Tim's Warped Bargains. First go to this web site:

and use their link to get to Compgeeks. That'll get you a 1.5% rebate. (Don't type in the web address above. Otherwise you might destroy the "link" from the rebate site.) At checkout, try using the coupon code "MC Exclusives" or "JUMPONDEALS." That might get you another 10% off. (Maybe not -- that one I haven't confirmed.) Worst case, though, the modem nets out to $17.93 plus shipping.

Now if an external modem is more your fancy, I have just the thing:

Navigate to this product via and you could end up with a V.90 external modem for a paultry $14.58 plus shipping, perhaps even lower with the coupon code. That's pizza money, really. And you can still buy beer.

Some home cable/DSL routers have a serial port for a backup Internet connection, so this inexpensive external serial modem would be just the item to add to your kit.

As always, I have no affiliation with any of the merchants I mention. Unless I mention I have affiliation, which I'm not mentioning this mention.

- - - - -
Timothy F. Sipples

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