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May 2003

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April 25

z! alpha version

Hi everyone, theres a new z! alpha version @

scrolling in the file lister (with AMouse) and more :)

I also updated the z! faq and screenshots @
regards, - dink

April 25

Announcing Pine 4.55

Hi all.

Pine 4.55 has been released and I've uploaded the OS/2 version to Hobbes. It should appear in the usual places soon.

As for the other Pine 4.5x versions, I've also compiled an experimental new port that contains the Uni of Washington mail servers, terminfo support, SSL support (untested), etc. It is available from my web site at

The new port seems to be fairly stable now but nonetheless it's still only a beta quality release.

Nicholas S.

April 25

"OS/2 Server Transition" Redbook Residency

I noticed this on OS/2World's site. Its attributed to VOICE News but I had never seen it before and certainly didn't send it out until now.

Which points to an IBM URL:

"This redbook would provide guidance on how to plan for and implement a successful transition to either a Linux or Microsoft platform."

"Residents will gain hands-on experience with technologies and tools that will be used in migrating OS/2 servers to Linux and Microsoft platforms. They will have direct contact with other experts and development personnel during this residency. At the completion of this project, residents will be positioned to offer their unique skills and provide services and/or support to customers, partners and other IBMers requiring assistance in migrating their OS/2 environments."

April 25

Tim's Warped Bargains: Dell Computer/Video Projector

Dell Small Business Software & Peripherals ( offers the Dell 2100MP Projector for $999. Apply coupon code 4491A592C8BB at checkout and you'll drop the price to $899.10. That's $100 less than the last projector I mentioned.

This Dell projector has 1000 ANSI lumens and weighs just 4 pounds. It does not have a zoom lens like the last projector I mentioned, but it does accept HDTV input (for the occasional weekend football party), among other choices. Resolution is SVGA (800x600). Great with WarpVision!

You can get a 3% Dell rebate if you visit then link to Dell's web site from there. That's $872.13 after the cash back. (Dell coupon code 3831D42F2E56 may also work for another 15% off, but it looks like you have to buy a Dell PC to qualify for that.)

Be sure to check replacement bulb prices. Is the lack of zoom lens worth the approximately $127 in savings (compared to my previously mentioned bargain projector)? That's up to you.

Offer ends April 27, 2003. Obviously I have no affiliation with Dell.

- - - - -
Timothy F. Sipples

April 23

New WarpVision GUI 20030423

Warpvision web site:

"The goal of the WarpVision project is to create an OS/2 multimedia player that supports the latest formats, as well as the latest hardware features."

PLEASE! Remove VIDEO2.INI first!


 Added Deinterlacer filter (see Postprocess page)
 Some fixes of some bugs :-)

April 23

New kernels on IBM Testcase 20030415


SMP kernel -
SMP debug kernel -
Uni-processor (WSeB/ACP) kernel - Uni-processor (WSeB/ACP) debug kernel - uni20030415d.zi
Warp4/MCP/eCS kernel -
Warp4/MCP/eCS debug kernel -

Note: As always these are not officially supported by IBM unless they tell you to use them. Please send any followup to comp.os.os2.bugs on Usenet. Also note that files are only on IBM's testcase for 2-3 days, so if you want to try these get them now. Make certain you back up any files replaced and don't try these on a production system. Read any readme file before applying any changes. If your system is working well, and you have no problems addressed by these updates, do yourself a favour and don't mess with this. You have been warned.

From the readme.txt acompanying these kernel files, changes since the last testcase kernels(20030306 ):

20030415 14.093h
- LDRSTACKOPT back out. It caused too much confusion and I'm not 100% sure about its stability. Sigh.
- Some enhancements to the ".pb" command in the dump formatter

April 22

eComStation 1.1 - Gold Baby!

There are some differences between what the author of the article saw (the Gold track) and what went to manufacturing. The improved multi-media installer arrived just in-time, and some additional NIC drivers and auto-detection stuff got in too. But over-all, this article reflects what you should be seeing when you get your copies of eComStation 1.1. In addition, the author didn't get to see CD #2 - that's where you will find the sound driver stuff.


April 22

Zoc v. 4.11

" ZOC  A Powerful Terminal Emulator and Telnet/SSH Client for Power Users! Our telnet client and terminal emulator ZOC will connect you to hosts and mainframes via telnet, secure shell (ssh/ssh2), modem, serial cable or isdn.

Key features:
 VT220, Linux, 3270, 5250
 Multi session support
 Scripting and automation
 High configurability"

ZOC V4.11 English for OS/2
ZOC V4.11 German for OS/2

[25.03.03] OS2-REL: VERSION 4.11
[16.03.03] NEW: better error messages for failed telnet connections
[04.03.03] FIX: vt100 didn't process {esc}[P sequences
[24.02.03] NEW: wyse now supports page swapping
[24.02.03] FIX: 5250 negative signed-num fields sent trash to the server
[20.02.03] FIX: SSH device had cut keyfile names longer than 64 characters
[03.02.03] CHG: linux emulation now defaults to Latin charset
[03.02.03] NEW: linux option to select 8 bit characterset (ibm/latin)
[03.02.03] NEW: telnet option to let host control local echo
[28.01.03] FIX: 5250 minor bugs in processing MDT stuff fixed
[20.01.03] NEW: SSH device now reports version 2.3.1 and shows server banners
[10.01.03] FIX: 5250 terminal errors will now be reported to the server
[09.01.03] FIX: telnet/ssh now ignores leading zeros in ip addresses
[09.01.03] FIX: 5250 some minor glitches fixed
[08.01.03] NEW: 5250 column separator attribute supported
[04.01.03] FIX: 'Corrupted MAC on input' bug fixed in Secure Shell device

April 22

NewView v2.3.19

"NewView is a program for viewing OS/2 or eComStation help files, which replaces IBM's original View program. NewView offers improvements such as a nicer user interface and more options."

"22 April 2003: Once again, a stupid mistake. Obviously getting careless. Some of that hypothetical regression testing would not have gone amiss. Try v2.3.19"

Home page:


April 21


PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA (April 21, 2003) - M. Bryce & Associates (MBA) today announced the release of the May issue of OS/2 CONNECT, a freeware newsletter distributed through the various computer networks and bulletin boards.

The newsletter is implemented as a web page at: Its HTML files are also available for downloading and viewing locally. The file is named CON0503.ZIP. The newsletter includes the following sections:

Title & Publisher
What's New in this Issue?
Sound Off!
Editorial Page ("Where Can I Buy OS/2?")
World Reports (Scandinavia)
News & Press Releases
Graphic of the Month
Calendar of Events
Bulletin Boards
Internet Addresses & Locations
Telephone & Fax Numbers
Team OS/2
OS/2 User Groups
Who's Who of OS/2
- Books
- Periodicals
- Videos
OS/2 Tips, Tricks & Keys
Products & Services

A 1README.TXT file is attached to the .ZIP file explaining how to install and view the newsletter using standard web browsers, such as the Netscape Navigator.

OS/2 CONNECT is distributed electronically to the following:

1. On the Internet:

World Wide Web:

OS/2 CONNECT home page (HTML)

- the zipped HTML files for downloading can be found at:

OS/2 WORLD (Mirror site in Europe)

Yahoo! OS/2 CONNECT Discussion Group in the "Files" section (for members only):

FTP Site:
(/pub/os2/info/newsltr/connect) or (/pub/incoming)

2. Commercial Networks:

America Online

In the OS/2 Forum (Ctrl+K, "os2"), under "OS/2 News Magazines."

NOTE: You can also access our Web site through AOL's "OS/2 on the 'Net" section in the OS/2 Forum; select "OS/2 Publications Websites."

The OS/2 CONNECT HTML files may be distributed free of charge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Tim Bryce
Editor, OS/2 CONNECT
M. Bryce & Associates (MBA)
a division of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB)
3310 U.S. Alt. 19
P.O. Box 1637
Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1637
United States
Tel: 727/786-4567
Fax: 727/786-4765
MBA: Developers of the "PRIDE" Information Factory(R) & Batch Manager
Since 1971: "Software for the finest computer - the Mind"

April 21

New BT32.SYS

I've just uploaded a new version of BT32.SYS to

BT32.SYS is a TV card driver for Bt8x8 based TV cards. It is based on linux bttv project.

Included in the package is a small application for TV, Radio and TeleText.

News in this release:
- Fixed a problem with more than 64K colors
- Mute implemented
- Fixed a hung in Bt32CFG when loading modules
- Fixed deadlock while changing norm
- All driver functions are using their own R0 stack now

Now BT32.SYS should also run with then newest CoolFM Release.

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