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June 2002

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User Group News

May 24

Meeting Sunday May 26, 2002 at 3:00pm EDT (19:00 GMT)

As a reminder the WarpDoctor group meets every Sunday at 3:00pm ET (19:00 GMT) visit for timezone help.

WarpDoctor IRC Discussions take place in the #WarpDoctor channel on the webbnet irc network.

If you are unfamiliar with the procedure of visiting a chatroom, there is a set of detailed instructions at

Please read the agenda at so you will be ready for the meeting.

Walter Metcalf
WarpDoctor Co-ordinator

May 20

VOICE IRC meeting tonight, Monday May 20, 8:00pm EDT

There will be a VOICE IRC meeting tonight, Monday May 20, 8:00pm EDT (11:59 GMT), in the #voice channel on the WEBBnet IRC network.

VOICE IRC meetings are held on the first and third Monday of the month and as always, everyone is welcome.

For more on VOICE meetings see where there is information on IRC clients and their use, as well as a link to a time conversion page.

There is more information on Webbnet servers and how to connect at

Among other topics to be discussed are the Norman Virus Control at HUGE discounts, an update on VOICE e-Business page, and nomination/election of new officers.

Walter F. Metcalf
VOICE President

May 19

BayWarp monthly meeting

BayWarp (OS/2 Bay Area User Group) Meeting Announcement

Date: May 21, 2002
Time: 7:00 - 10:00 PM
Place: Help Desk Computers (WTW Group), 1456 Pollard Road, Los Gatos, CA
Hint: It's between the Mexican Restaurant and the Chinese Restaurant in the corner (Safeway is on the far right).

$5.00 per person to be collected for help with the munchies.

Topics: User Question and Answer
VPN Demonstration using Injoy from F/X Communications

Web Page

Contact Info
Paul Lazaga
Neil Waldhauer

May 17

Philadelphia OS/2 UG Mtg: Wed, May 22nd


The Philadelphia OS/2 User Group invites all interested computer users to attend the May monthly meeting:

. *** MAY 22nd MEETING AGENDA ***

A very special treat, which many folks have asked for, has been scheduled for the May meeting: Everything you want to know about connecting OS/2 to broadband cable or DSL internet service.

If you surf the Web, you have two ways to do it -- fast or slow! Fast requires a cable or DSL modem and a network-ready computer. This month, Vadim and David will take all the mystery out of it and show you exactly how to do it, step by step. They will take you on a tour of OS/2 Networking, including everything you need to know to install, setup and surf the Internet at the highest possible speed. Yes, it's technical, but do it once and you're done. Step by step instructions, hardware recommendations, and the answers to your questions.

Want the technical details? This is just a partial list:
1. The layered architecture of MPTS (multi-protocol transport services), and an overview of INI files that control MPTS.
2. NDIS/2 network adapter driver and transport encapsulation (Ethernet, TokenRing, ATM); loading config.sys adapter drivers.
3. Protocol drivers for TCP/IP, NETBEUI, other protocols; loading protocol drivers in protocol.ini and binding to NDIS drivers.
4. Basic TCP/IP configuration; SETUP.CMD versus TCPCFG2.CMD.
5. Basic NETBIOS configuration: machine name, starting services; ibmlan.ini file.
6. Networking and installable file systems.
7. What does it cost (including hardware, and high speed recommendations).

As time permits, we will cover some hardware recommendations for folks who don't have a network ready computer. We'll also cover hubs and switches and a brief intro to firewalls.

Other agenda items include U/G business items, OS/2 news, new releases, Q&A session and raffles. The usual free refreshments will also be available.

Mark the date and time: Wednesday, May 22nd at 7:00pm. OS/2 meetings are open and free for OS/2 users, their guests and others interested in learning about OS/2 and associated technologies. We have a very full agenda, so also please try to be on time promptly by 7:00pm.


Further information, directions to Episcopal Academy, and other useful information about the OS/2 U/G activities may be found on our web site at, or contact U/G Leader Larry Lavins:, or phone (215) 878-9609. - -

May 15

SCOUG meeting May 18: Create HTML with REXX

The next meeting of the Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG) will be this Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 9:15 AM PDT, at Regal Lanes in Orange, 1485 N. Tustin Ave.

Creating HTML Tables with REXX

Tables are a great layout tool in HTML documents. They give you control over alignment and space that can't be beat. But creating tables can be tedious and frustrating, especially as they get larger and more complicated. Sheridan George has a way to avoid the pitfalls of HTML table creation -- he uses REXX!

Sheridan has found that taking the time to write a REXX program is easier in the long run than hand-composing a HTML table, or even using a tool such as Netscape Composer. At our May meeting he is going to share with us some real-world examples he uses in his teaching. First, a quick overview of Netscape Composer and basic HTML will get us all up to speed. We'll see several examples, from simple to quite complex tables, and the REXX scripts that Sheridan wrote to create them.

To top it all off, Sheridan will also demonstrate how he used REXX to translate the names and addresses of his students from the fixed field export format of a label-printing program to an XML vocabulary. (For those of us who might not know, he'll even give a short lesson on what constitutes a XML vocabulary.)

Sheridan's presentations are always appreciated, and this one should be no exception.

In addition, we'll have Q&A, free coffee and donuts, and lots of comradery. And of course our raffle.

Help Desk chats are on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM PDT. If you've got a problem with hardware or software, join the chat and ask for help. Info is at

OS/2 Help Desk and Networking SIG, June 2nd, 2002, 2 PM PDT, Chapman University in Orange:

SCOUG's in-person OS/2 Help Desk is held once a month at Chapman University, in room 203 of the Hashinger Hall Science building. SCOUG volunteers are there to help you work through your hardware and software problems.

While you're at the in-person Help Desk, take a look at what the Networking SIG is doing. It meets at the same time and place, so it's convenient to do both. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon each month!

How to get to Regal Lanes:

From the 55 freeway, exit Katella Ave. heading west. Turn right (north) at the first major intersection onto Tustin Ave. At the next signal you'll find Regal Lanes on your right. It's across from the Toyota of Orange dealership.

There's lots of parking on the south side of the building. Enter from the east entrance of the building (farthest from Tustin Ave.), not the main (front) entrance to the facility. Take the stairs to the 2nd floor; meeting rooms (and restrooms) will be on your left.

Handicapped access is via an elevator by the front door.

OR: Go to; there is a map to Regal Lanes, plus a more detailed map & driving directions from Yahoo!

How to get to Chapman University:

There are two ways to get directions:
1) Go to
2) Go to and enter the address 400 N. Center Street, Orange, CA.

You can park in any of the University lots for free on Sundays, but if you part on the street, watch the signs carefully or else risk getting a parking ticket.

Come to Hashinger Hall Science Building, room 203. It's on the second floor and there's an elevator for you to bring up your equipment.

Come and join us!

May 10

WarpDoctor Meeting Sunday April 7, 2002 at 3:00pm EDT (19:00 GMT)

As a reminder the WarpDoctor group meets every Sunday at 3:00pm ET (19:00 GMT), and visitors are always welcome. See for timezone help.

WarpDoctor IRC Discussions take place in the #WarpDoctor channel on the webbnet irc network.

If you are unfamiliar with the procedure of visiting a chatroom, there is a set of detailed instructions at

Please read the agenda at so you will be ready for the meeting.

Walter Metcalf
WarpDoctor Co-ordinator

May 03

Kitchener-Waterloo OS/2 Users Group May 2002 Meeting

K-W OS/2 Users Group

Serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and area OS/2 Users

May 2002 Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, May 14, 2002

TIME: From 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Room DC1316, Davis Centre, University of Waterloo

Meeting facilities provided courtesy of Institute for Computer Research.

Everyone is Welcome to Attend!

Virtual PC for OS/2, Part 2
Continuation and more intensive demo of Previous Demonstration of VPC/2:
1) Installation of Windows NT including discussion of virtual switch feature;
2) Virtual networking between guest and host;
3) Demostration of substantive (Windoze) application running under VPC/2.

Also, pending availability of software, demo of additional features including:
1) Shared folders
2) Enhanced mouse/pointer switching.


A comparison "Ftree", written for OS/2 with "PAF" written for DOS.

Comparison will show the value of these programs in storing data and their ease of use.

There is no such thing as a perfect database for genealogy. All programs are written by people who have individual needs in recording their research and each of has a different idea of what is important and what is not. The difference is in the genealogist's desire for accuracy and proof. Some "genealogists" insist on level one proof for each bit of data, others take a more cavalier approach and enter data without proof, only conjecture.

OS/2 User Forum
(Sharing OS/2 Ideas)(Bring Your Questions)
(What's New with OS/2)(Announcements)

As a courtesy to our presenter, please plan to arrive by 7:00 p.m.

For up-to-date information check our homepage at:

For directions to get to the meeting check:

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