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July 2002

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OS/2's Dysfunctional Development Environment

An editorial view from Jason R Stefanovich.

If you've heard the conversation once, you've heard it a hundred times. In one of the many OS/2 forums across the Internet and around the world, a conversation takes place about the lack of some essential piece of software. It usually starts out with a user saying something like "I really wish we had a widget for OS/2, all the other major OS's have it". Then follows a long, and often heated, battle between different parties on whether there is actually a need for a widget beyond a singular user. At some point during all this, a developer usually chimes in with "OK, who's going to pay for widget development"?

Several years ago, a developer may have been greeted with silence when throwing this question into the fray. Today though, the case is different. Often dozens of would-be users bark out sums anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars. In some instances, web campaigns have been started with hundreds of users signing on to support a project. Remembering that the most vocal users are often only a small percentage of the base, it's obvious that users today have learned their lesson from the mistakes of the past. All the commotion is usually for naught though. The developers have already made up their minds. Whether for financial reasons or lack of personal interest in widgets, would-be users never get the chance to put their money where there mouth is. Opportunity lost.

After years of disappointment, OS/2 developers have become so risk adverse that they won't even consider writing a widget unless the financial gains are guaranteed. Thus denying users of their much clamored for widgets and developers of the money that's quite nearly being thrown at them. It's high time to change this dysfunctional development environment and try anew. In the coming months I'll write about why things are so screwed up and hopefully put forth some educated ideas on how we can turn things around.

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This month Walter Metcalf starts with BackAgain/2000 Server Edition version 3.0 - A Review, Part 3. Walter continues with his multipart series on CDS's latest version of their backup/restore program for OS/2.

Don Eitner is excited about the latest video player software being developed for OS/2. He takes a look at WarpVisionGUI in Keeping Up With the Gates Part 3 - WarpVision and WVGUI -- OS/2 Video for a New Generation.

We've been promising more wireless networking reviews for a while and Darrell Spice delivers with a review of the ARtem ComCard wireless network card. This gives OS/2 users yet another choice in 802.11b compatible wireless network hardware.

Remember when Warp was billed as the onramp to the Information Superhighway? Lately OS/2 has been a bit long in the tooth in regard to a web browser that meets the latest internet standards. Mark Dodel brings us some information on the latest web browser for OS/2 which meets the current standards and provides an open source avenue to meeting future standards as well, in Mozilla for OS/2 1.0.

Finally Eric Baerwaldt is back with Tools in the harddisk sector - Part 3. Eric looks at alternatives to PowerQuest's Partition Magic which has dropped HPFS support in its latest version.

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That's it for this month. Upcoming is also an article about using the Internet Movie Database with OS/2 by Christian Hennecke and a review of GPhoto/2 by Dominik Chmaj.

Mark Dodel, Christian Hennecke and Jason R Stefanovich
VOICE Newsletter editors

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