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August 2000

July 22

The Philadelphia Area Computer Society OS/2 SIG web site at:


has just been updated with information on the July 26 meeting of the group and with a report from the June meeting.

July 15

Oh no! They say he's got to go! Let's go, Warpzilla!

Golden Code's Michael Lavender will grab the fearsome dragon-thingy by the tail, and show us:

- What is Warpzilla?
- Where is Warpzilla?
- Why is Warpzilla?
- When is Warpzilla?

Directions are located on our web page. If you are interested in learning about this new browser technology, you should plan on attending!

Roger Borrello
Atlanta OS/2 User's Group Secretary
Eddress: rfb@GoldenCode.com

July 09

The 2nd of two scheduled IRC Chat Session with Bob St. John of Serenity Systems will be Tomorrow (Monday, July 10th) at 8:00PM EDT (0:00 GMT).

Topic of this Speakup will be:

eComStation ... the new Managed OS/2 Client from Serenity that is to be based on the Convenience Pak update to Warp 4 Client.

Join us in WEBBnet IRC, #voice channel, for some great discussion, and get all your questions answered on this promising new product.

For more information on VOICE Speakups, a link to a list of WEBBnet IRC Servers, and IRC in general, please visit the VOICE website, and click on the link to Meetings.

NOTE: The VOICE Website is currently hosted at BMT Micro, and they seem to be experiencing some problems this weekend. Please use the MIRROR site at:


Thanks, and I hope to see a lot of you in the chat session Monday evening.

Dan Casey
President, VOICE http://www.os2voice.org

July 05

The next meeting of the Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG) will be this coming Saturday, July 15, 2000 at 9:00 AM PDT, at Eastside Christian Schools (Heritage Campus) in Anaheim.

DSL Extravaganza! (postponed from an earlier date)

If you don't have it now, you'll want it soon! That is, fast, cost-effective Internet access. End the World Wide Wait! Verizon (formerly known as GTE) is one of the big xDSL providers locally, and they'll have one of their specialists, Lisa Moreo, at our meeting to tell us everything we always wanted to know about xDSL, what DSL services Verizon provides, and answer SCOUG questions.

As you may know, former SCOUG Vice-President Paul Wirtz assisted GTE in its pioneering DSL development efforts. And while Verizon doesn't offically support OS/2, DSL configuration under OS/2 will be the target of Saturday's presentation.

This presentation, by popular demand, is not to be missed!

After that, we'll have Q&A, a raffle, and two of our SIGs will meet after a short break:

General Interest Group: We will continue where we left off last month and re-install both GhostView and GhostScript using the new version 3 of GhostView, and demonstrate some cool PostScript printing with these fine free tools. Depending on availability, we will also see about doing some fun Internet searching under DSL, and/or some tips on using Clearlook.

Programming SIG: Will continue with our "Adopt-an-App" project. We have 2 candidates available for adoption, so come and give an App a good home.

Help Desk chats now happen on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM PDT. If you've got a problem with hardware or software, join the chat and ask for help.For further info, go to:


Monday, July 17, 7 PM PDT meeting:

The OS/2 Help Desk meets live and in-person at Eastside Christian High School (Heritage Campus). At the Help Desk, volunteers will give you hands-on assistance solving your hardware and software problems. Bring your system and all related hardware and software, along with a detailed description of your problem.

The Networking SIG and Sundial SIG are both on vacation in July.

Mark your calendars! SCOUG Picnic/Barbecue in the works for August 19! At our August meeting, instead of our usual SIG meetings, we are planning to have a SCOUG Picnic/Barbecue. More details later.

How to get to Eastside Christian Schools (Heritage Campus):

The Eastside Christian School (Heritage Campus) in Anaheim is at 2528 W. La Palma Ave. It is on the south side of the street (about 200 ft. E of Magnolia) on the Grace Baptist Church property. It's a 2-story office building close to La Palma Ave. with the address of 2528 up near the roof. (It's between 2 large apartment complexes and can be easily missed). Look for the SCOUG banner (if you are driving eastbound on La Palma Ave.) and/or a sign with the words "New Hope Christian Center". Turn in (south) there. Park in the front lot. For the general meeting, go up the stairs in the middle of the building along the parking-lot side. For the Help Desk, go in at the middle on the ground floor and down the hall to your right.

Freeway exits: (subject to change due to freeway construction on I-5 and the 91 freeways):
1) North I-5 (from central/south Orange County): the Brookhurst/La Palma exit has re-opened. Get off at Brookhurst/La Palma and turn left (going west over I-5). The school/church will be on your left side.
2) South I-5 (from Los Angeles): take the Magnolia exit and turn right going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the school/church will be on your right side.
3) West 91 freeway (from the Inland Empire, etc): take the Magnolia exit and turn left going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the school/church will be on your right side.
4) East 91 freeway: take the transition to I-5 south. Stay to your right and take the Magnolia exit. Turn right going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the school/church will be on your right side.

Or go to:


there is a map to the school, plus a more detailed map ~driving directions from Yahoo! Come and join us!

July 03

The Toronto OS/2 User's Group general meetings for July 13, 2000 and August 10, 2000 are cancelled. The next general meeting will be held September 14, 2000.

We are sorry for any inconvience caused for the relatively short notice. We hope to see you in September.

George Sikou -- chairman@to2.org
Chairman ~Shareware Editor
Toronto OS/2 User's Group

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