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September 1999

September 11 Source: DBExpert Support (dbexpert@sundialsystems.com)

Sundial Systems has released Version 2.0.8 of DBExpert. This maintenance release update is free to owners of DBExpert 2.0 and above. It includes about twenty bug fixes plus a few new features.

Most significant among the new features is the ability to "pack" a DBExpert application file. This can result in substantially smaller files that enable the application to load much faster as well.

Of particular note among the bug fixes is one that is Y2K related. The problem involves the display of two-digit dates once the PC clock rolls over to the year 2000. Thus, all current owners of DBExpert are urged to obtain and install the update before the end of this year.

Details can be found at:


The update can be downloaded from there as well.

September 11 Source: sehh (sehh@altered.com)

I'd like to announce the release of ServerConfig/2 version 1.4.

ServerConfig/2 is a PM configuration util for Apache webserver, the InetPowerServer/2 and the IBM TCP/IP Firewall!

It has an easy to use PM interface and allows you to do things by simple mouse clicks.

It also allows you to remote configure any OS/2 and unix/linux Apache. It includes a daemon that can be compiled under any gcc and thus allows ServerConfig/2 to receive and save configurations remotely, all from OS/2 :)

Full support for the InetPowerServer, for all the services, with full GUI support for user management.

Full support for the TCP/IP Firewall, GUI interface for all the rules, log file, error log and Tunneling (VPN) support!



btw, in case you are wondering where i found the firewall, its included in tcpip 4.1/4.2/4.21.

September 11 Source: Henry Ferlauto (ferlauto@mindspring.com)

Source: http://www2.ibmlink.ibm.com/cgi-bin/master?xh=3DfquQJUJBf$7CGt0USenGnN9332&request=3Dannouncements&parms=3DU%5f299%2d248&xfr=3DN

At a Glance
FaxPlus/Open provides the following features:

Available as both CLIENT & SERVER for OS/2

September 11 Source: kevin keyes (kevinkeyes@phoenixsoftware.com)

(E)JES/2(tm) for JES2 via SDSF, a Superior Approach to JES2 Spool Management

(E)JES/2 brings the power of SDSF to your workstation!

Through the creative efforts of Phoenix Software's (E)JES/2 development team, with development assistance from IBM, you now have the opportunity to manage the JES2 spool directly from your workstation.

(E)JES/2 fully exploits the SDSF (System Display and Search Facility) spool management solution and harnesses the multitasking capabilities of today's OS/390 servers and multitasking workstations. This approach provides users the ability to execute multiple simultaneous transactions from a single workstation.

Some important features of (E)JES/2 for JES2 via SDSF:

Users can access any number of OS/390 systems simultaneously. Users can perform similar concurrent functions or multiple functions on S/390 computers throughout their entire enterprise. The traditional communications requirement of TSO is removed by means of a proprietary design that provides users the opportunity to enjoy true full-duplex, multiple-asynchronous communications with the server.

(E)JES/2 is Workplace Shell compliant and provides heavy use of icon views, and drag-and-drop and point-and-shoot interfaces. This implementation provides existing workstation users a software solution requiring very little new user training and no significant learning curve. (E)JES seamlessly integrates the functions of IBM's ISPF Client/Server product to provide a complete workstation development environment. All of the power of ISPF is available without the traditional need for a TSO address space.

(E)JES/2 displays your SDSF-JES2 data via Object folders and Browser windows. Object folders contain tabular data and may be custom-tailored by users with respect to font and color customization, column arrangement, sorting, and filtering. Using cascading, pop-up menus, resources represented by Object folder views are easily accessed or modified by authorized users with the click of a mouse. The following are supported through object folders:

Activity, Job Status, Output Queue, Download, Job Submit, Printers, Hold Queue, Lines, Punches, Initiators, MAS, Readers, Input Queue, Nodes, Spool Offload

Browser windows are used to display line-oriented information such as SYSIN or SYSOUT data sets, console messages, and log information. Browser windows utilize the "Multiple Document Interface" paradigm to organize multiple related windows under a common frame. Browser windows may be custom tailored by users with respect to font and color customization, filtering, MDI positioning, and more. The following are viewed through Browser windows:

Job SYSIN/SYSOUT, TSO Messages, Operations Log, User Log

(E)JES/2 may be purchased or leased. Phoenix Software offers a thirty-day free evaluation. Please contact us by e-mail, or via the phone or fax number listed below for details.

(E)JES/2 is presently available for OS/2 workstations. A version for Windows 98 and Windows NT will be available by the end of the year

If you run JES3, not JES2, see our web page about (E)JES/2 for JES3.

To request detailed product information or talk to a Phoenix Software representative, call 1-800-622-9292 ext: 310 in the USA or 1-310-338-0400 Ext: internationally

September 11 Source: Esther Schindler (esther@bitranch.com)

E-commerce is the new buzzword, and if you believe what it says in the magazines, every business with an an ounce of sense is creating an online store. But "enterprise level" tools are overkill for most small businesses, and they cost an arm and a leg. Plus, there don't seem to be as many e-commerce site builder options for us OS/2 users.

Until now.

At the general meeting on Tuesday, September 14, a representative from iTool will show us how easy it is to create an online store. If you've been thinking about selling something online -- or simply curious about the procedure -- this is a meeting you can't miss.

What is iTOOL?

iTool, which is a local Scottsdale company, hosts the e-commerce store at its site. You build and maintain the site through a Web browser... so the OS you choose is irrelevant. It also means that you have no extra software to purchase or install.

iTOOL combines high performance Web site hosting with its development tools, giving you everything you need to run your organization online in a single package. You can sign up for Web hosting alone -- they include email accounts, interactive graphical statistics reports, multiple domain name hosting, a ColdFusion Web Application Server, a RealMedia Server, and so on. They also include site development tools like a site creation wizard and specialty templates for business types (such as photographers and real estate agents).

But what's bound to attract you is its turnkey electronic commerce features. iTool uses browser based, database driven store construction, has key word searching, and supports secure credit card transactions with real time authorization. The cost for the basic e-commerce site is $49.96 per month.

When and where

This meeting will be the first one held at POSSI's new meeting site, at Camelsquare. Give yourself a few extra minutes to find the place. Camelsquare is on the northwest corner of 44th Street and Camelback, which sounds simple enough. However, the room itself may take you a few minutes to find. The Camelsquare offices are in lettered buildings. Ours is in Building G, room G250.

The meeting day and time doesn't change. We're still meeting on Tuesday, September 14th, at 7:00pm. The general Q&A session will begin at 6:30. We're sure to have an after-meeting meeting, too, where we quaff a few ales... but will that be back at our old Coyote Springs haunts, or will we try a new site for food and drink? You'll have to show up and find out.

September 10 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

Video Editing On OS/2 Lecture At Warp Expo West

You'll learn how to set up your own OS/2-based video editing system, so you can splice together movies, tv shows and anything else, when you're a part of Warp Expo West.

Multimedia expert Jerry Rash will have his own video editing system on-site for you to inspect. And in an extended multi-period session of lectures and interactive demonstrations, you will learn how to easily and inexpensively add video editing capabilities to your own OS/2 machine.

Jerry will show movies and other video clips, and will explain the proper techniques for video capture using OS/2's native VideoIN and the alternate program Main Actor. You'll watch as he goes through the editing process, connecting different video scenes together using Main Actor's splicing functions. You'll learn how to do this on your own business and home OS/2 machines.

Jerry's lecture will cover the video cards you can use for capturing from camera or vcr including the extensive testing he's done on many cards, the chipsets that VideoIN supports and the one video capture chipset that seems to work best, the tricks for avoiding dropped frames, and the methods of successfully converting between the many various video formats including AVI, Indio, Ultimotion and the proprietary Microsoft ASF format. You'll watch Jerry as he does video editing on-screen, connecting scenes together in true Hollywood fashion. You'll find out which Fixpaks to apply for best performance and which new Fixpaks to avoid.

And during the additional interactive time period you'll get a chance to actually try Jerry's video editing system yourself.

Video editing on your own machine is now possible and it's inexpensive. You'll learn how to do this when you attend Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West is free. The show will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

September 9 Source: Carsten Arnold (C.Arnold@transnet.de)

Today I have uploded a new version of CopyWave on my homepage.


The program copies parts from an existing PCM-Wave file starting from an indicated place in an indicated length into a new Wave file. The files can be very big.

Now is the buffer size configurable.
Additional can CopyWave now copying asynchron, one thread readed, another thread write. This is useful if copy from one physical HD to another physical HD. This can increase the speed of copying.

The program ist Freeware. Direct URL is:


September 9 Source: Adrian Gschwend (ktk@netlabs.org)

As you may know OS/2 Netlabs is working on the OS/2 port of the well known Opera webbrowser (http://www.operasoftware.com). Currently we have two people in the team but we need a third one. We will do the port with support of Odin32, the new Win32-API implementation for OS/2 (http://www.netlabs.org/odin/).

You should have know how in:

We get a percent ammount of money per sold OS/2 license, so you will get money, but don't expect thousands of dollars :-)

If you think you are the right person for this job, please send an email with a short description of your know how to me (Adrian Gschwend ktk@netlabs.org).

September 9 Source: Webfoot, The Duck (TheDuck@scoug.com)

The September "Webfoot, The Duck" OS/2 column is now online at:


This month, Webfoot covers:

Each monthly "Webfoot, The Duck" column includes:

September 9 Source: Mark Dodel (madodel@ptdprolog.net)

The Trials of Battle Server is Back up, There is also a Flashing Info Tag on BAOS/2 (The Bay Area OS/2 Page) regarding the TOB Server, this will also state the Status.


Server @

[Editors note: Trials of Battle is an OS/2 action game that can be played among multiple-players on the internet. For more on TOB - http://www.stardock.com/products/tob/tob.html]

September 8 Source: Andreas Sanbach (andy@schiller.big.ac.at)

The has been a driver update on the Realtek based 8029 (10MBit-Network)-Chip. You can download it here.


September 8 Source: Louis Muollo (Redoaks@worldnet.att.net)

I have just been informed by E-mail that Novastor is currently working to add CD-R/W support to the OS/2 operating system. Novastor said the latest news of this will be posted in their newsletter.


September 8 Source: Jean-Bernard Clerin (Clerin@CompuServe.Com)

Matrox are going to release their video driver 2.31.100 for OS/2. This driver seems to fix the problems which occured with HPP (HomePage Publisher product).

September 8 Source: Rene Pawlitzek (rpawlitzek@hotmail.com)

Tim Bryce, editor of OS/2 Connect, is featured in a PC World article about IBM and OS/2:


September 7 Source: Jason Malstrom (malstrom@lessing.oit.umass.edu)

While this is directed towards linux users, it's useful information for people interested in working with the source code of Sun's StarOffice.


September 7 Source: MKH (MKH@os2.org)

there is an update of PMCDrec. You can found it at:


PMCDRec is a frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord.

You need:

this freeware programs are available on www.leo.org or hobbes.nmsu.edu.

Beta 0.02

last details

To do list:

September 7 Source: Chuck McKinnis (mckinnis@ibm.net)

Some of you may have experienced some strange folder behavior after applying FP11 to your OS/2 Warp 4 system. If so, you may want to visit my home page at http://www.os2ss.com/users/mckinnis for a little more discussion and a possible temporary fix.

September 7 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

The OS/2 Topics At Warp Expo West

No matter what your interests, no matter what your needs, you'll miss important information if you miss Warp Expo West.

Take a look at some of what you'll get on show day, September 18:

MULTIMEDIA AND GRAPHICS: An entire OS/2-based home entertainment center -- video capture and playback, audio, editing, CD audio transfers to your hard drive and back again, format conversions -- on stage with multimedia expert Jerry Rash, and he'll show you the utilities to use (including the free ones), the drivers you'll need, and how to set up the OS/2-based multimedia system of your dreams! And Don Baker, the expert on inkjet printing, will show you how to get images that look like photographs (we've seen him do it!) from your inkjet printer.

ROUNDTABLE: The roundtable discussion titled "IBM: The New Strategy To Control The Worldwide Desktop" with Peter Coffee of PC Week, Esther Schindler of Sm@rt Reseller and Alan Zeichick of Camden Associates (and OS/2 Magazine's former Editor-In-Chief) is guaranteed to give you an eye-opening insight into the good things and bad that lie ahead for OS/2. These three careers filled with experience and insight will fill the auditorium with crucial information you'll need for planning your OS/2 future.

NETWORKING: Networking guru Steve Schiffman will present "Designing Your Home Network", including connecting your machines together, installing the drivers, the available software (some of it free), and using just one internet connection to service all of your networked machines. Then Hugh Dashbach and Michael Elliott will showcase Linux And OS/2, a demonstration of how to make these two very different operating systems work seamlessly together.

WEB SITES: Two XML sessions by Bill Schindler, Editor of OS/2 Extended Attributes, will bring you quickly up to speed on this new language of the internet and get you started on writing your own XML pages. Plus Web Site Management and Netscape Composer Development seminars from Dr. Virginia Hetrick cover the problems that web site administrators face, the solutions, management of growth, and the fast-track approach to creating great looking web pages using the free Netscape Composer.

DATABASES: Relational databases from the basics to the exotic are thoroughly covered by Randell Flint, President of Sundial Systems. Use the knowledge you gain at this seminar to design your own relational database systems and expand the ones you work with now.

IBM: Flying in from Austin, Texas is Steven King, IBM's Development Manager for Network Computing, plus other IBMers including Dennis Sposato of the Rapid Deployment Team. Steven will show IBM's new Warp Server for e-Business, TCP/IP enhancements, Domino and Java server improvements, WorkSpace On-Demand server-managed clients plus the Windows32 feature for WorkSpace On-Demand, and Warp Server features like the Journaling File System, the Logical Volume Manager, WebSphere, NT Server management, and products from IBM's Network Computing Software Division covering XML, Java, SecureWay, Year2000 and a wide variety of other important subjects. Dennis will present the new Pre-Execution Services features including dynamic MAC addressing, remotely controlled boot manager, and booting to the LAN without a boot chip on the network card.

BIG GAMES: Warped Jeopardy! Matching wits with the OS/2 elite on a stage of dreams, this real-life show will be hosted by the talented President of a major OS/2 software house. Reserved seating is free, and it's first-come first-served.

SERVERS: Web Server Performance and Scalability by Robert Chapman of the Institute of Advanced Development Strategies covers what you need to know about response times, file I/O and communication bottlenecks, the constraints of the operating system, platform issues, the effect on performance of various programs including Active Server Pages and Dynamic HTML, and the new Application Server architectures.

JAVA: Ron Lamb, a Software Developer for Cisco Systems, teaches two Java classes covering the JDK, language concepts, the tools and resources you can use, the differences between the Java versions, new Java2 features, performance, design decisions, development of server-based Java applications, and this year's JavaOne Conference.

ADVOCACY: Come listen to Lynn Maxson, whose Warpicity project (complete with specialized smart tools like his Developer's Assistant) replaces the current development cycle and drives ideas straight to machine code. Kernels, drivers and application programs all flow from his methodolgy, and you'll learn the current project status at this most important lecture.

COMMUNICATIONS: Dave Watson covers visual internet-based communications like CUSeeMe down through instant messaging, chat, newsgroups and mail lists, all OS/2 based and all used today in business, government, education and home office.

MATHEMATICS AND ENGINEERING: Researchers like Ben Archer and Michael "Rocky" Rakijas need powerful tools when they work, and they use Octave for signal analysis, curve fitting and the rest of their daily number crunching. Fast solutions and tricks of the trade are covered in this vital seminar.

PROGRAMMING: Plenty of programming topics await you, including Melanie Chernoy's REXX Programming Potpourri covering everything from REXX basics through stem variables, parsing, and using VREXX2 to add windows, dialogs and menus to your REXX programs. Developer Stan Shantar then shows you how to push the limit with his two sessions on Using REXX And C Together, carefully explaining the exact methods (many undocumented) you can use to allow each language to do what it does best. And international consultant Steven Levine presents "How To Write a Workplace Shell Class" including how to subclass existing desktop objects so you can leverage the Workplace Shell's functionality into your own programs, how to build your own Workplace Shell objects, and a full plate of development and debugging techniques.

Every one of these seminars is free, and you don't want to miss this all-inclusive day. We have the presentations you want - at Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West admission is free. The show will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

September 6 Source: George Veeder (mjman@spamcop.net)

Dungeon of Doom has been upgraded to v1.59, which fixes a number of bugs, and has numerous enhancements. For more information or to upgrade, visit http://members.tripod.com/~mjman/dod.html for a complete description and a link to download. [Editor's Note: Dungeon of Doom is a QBasic game which runs in DOS and therefore also under OS/2.]

September 6 Source: Tom Stevic (stevic@ibm.net)

I am working on a project for Warpstock '99 to have more vendors and shareware authors represented, even if they can not come to the show in person.

The vendor response to my project is much better than I expected, and I need help. I need a few good men and women who are coming to Warpstock ( and who isn't? ) and are willing to spend a couple hours each day at one of our demonstration booths showing the products from four vendors.

In exchange for their time, the demonstrators will receive, direct from the vendors themselves, full licenses for the applications they demonstrate. Some of the vendors and applications we are representing and demonstrating are The Graham Utilities, PMFax, Priority Master II, PMview (V2.0!) and a host of others.

No experience is necessary, only a willingness to meet a lot of great friends and play with some cool software.

You need not apply in person, simply send an email to: Tom Stevic stevic@ibm.net and indicate your desire to be part of this project.

The project is not officially connected with Warpstock, Inc., or the Warpstock Event team. It is simply an effort by a regular guy (me) to have a lot more applications I can drool over next October.

September 6 Source: Dan Casey (dcasey@iquest.net)

* * * Special Pricing for RPF Zip Control * * *

As part of the SCOUG Warp Expo West event, RPF Software is offering, for a limited time, a special price of $30.00 for RPF Zip Control.

Zip Control(tm) is an OS/2 GUI .zip archive manager serving OS/2 users since 1993.

With Zip Control, you have 32-bit, multi-threaded "point & click" access to .zip archive files, both for viewing and creation. Zip Control supports password encryption, viewing and printing of embedded files, drag & drop, configurable virus scanner support, "checkout" files for evaluation/installation, extraction of selected or all files, and a search of one or more drives for all .zip files (archive management).

To learn more about Zip Control, to download an evaluation copy, or to receive the special Warp Expo West pricing, please visit http://www.rpfsoftware.com/ (secure, online ordering).

September 5 Source: Meilinger (meilinger@wiesbaden.netsurf.de)

Large OS/2 Customer List has been updated. http://rover.wiesbaden.netsurf.de/~meile/los2cl.html

September 5 Source: Walter Metcalf (os2.guide@about.com)

A new issue of Focus on OS/2 is now Online!

The Topic this week is:

Part 2. Are system-wide backups really necessary? Examples of good OS/2 software backup products plus a painfree method for regular, reliable system backups.

The feature can be accessed/read at:


Several interesting News items and Links have been added as well.

The complete material can be found at:


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