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September 1999

September 14 Source: Dan Casey (dcasey@iquest.net)

See PMFax Professional at Warpstock '99

We have all seen Faxworks, many of us use it, many of us have also wondered why we should upgrade to the professional version.

Keller Group Inc. will have PMFax at Warpstock '99 to answer that question. PMFax builds on the solid performance of the lite version that is shipped with the OS/2 bonuspak by adding:

See the full list at http://www.kellergroup.com

Once you see the professional package in action, you will wonder how you ever got by with out this full Fax/Data/Voice call control system.

Visit Warpstock '99 (http://www.warpstock.org) for a very special deal on the best Fax package available.

September 14 Source: David Both (dboth@millennium-technology.com)

As Hurricane Floyd Approaches the Raleigh, NC area it appears that it will still be packing a significant punch this far inland. I do expect significant damage to power lines and many lightning strikes. As a result I will shut down this web site as a precautionary measure sometime Wednesday afternoon or evening. We will be back on line as soon as the storm has passed and power has been restored.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Millennium Technology - http://www.millennium-technology.com
   Home of the DataBook(TM) for OS/2 Warp

September 14 Source: Brad Wardell (bwardell@stardock.com)

On September 16th, IBM executives will be meeting for the monthly IPMT meeting. At this meeting they are supposed to talk about the future of the OS/2 client and the feasibility of a client published by a third party.

We are supposed to hear back later that day or on Friday (the 17th) about what decisions they come to.

This means that we expect to be able to provide users with additional information as to the status of the OS/2 client whether from IBM or from a third party such as Stardock.

So stay tuned. The wait may be almost over. ;)

September 14 Source: Kendall Bennett (KendallB@scitechsoft.com)

Hi All,

SciTech is currently looking to fill a fulltime OS/2 developer position within the company. The responsibilities of the position would include development of SciTech Display Doctor for OS/2, wxWindows for OS/2 (a core component of the SDD 7.0 user interface) and SciTech MGL for OS/2. The position will require relocation to our offices in Chico, California (about 1.5 hours north of Sacramento).

If you are interested in this position, please mail/fax your resume to SciTech at:

Attn: Kendall Bennett
SciTech Software, Inc.
505 Wall Street
Chico, CA 95928
Fax: (530) 894 9069

If you wish to email me (KendallB@scitechsoft.com) resumes, make sure they are either word documents or adobe acrobat files so that I can print them and add them to our files. I won't accept text file resumes.

For more information about SciTech Software and the products we developer, see our web site at:


September 14 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

Live Video Internet Feed From Warp Expo West

Warp Expo West announces something very special - a live video feed over the Internet from the show floor.

You'll be able to watch the video on your Netscape browser.

The continuous broadcasts will begin when Warp Expo West opens it doors on Saturday.

At this time we aren't exactly sure how many channels of video we will deliver. The system itself can supply four different channels and we hope to have all four up and running. There are multiple T1 lines in place to deliver these four video channels to the Internet backbone.

There are some technical issues that still need to be worked out. The audio feed is one we're still working on, and fine tuning the HTML code for your Netscape browser is another.

Still, the video system worked fine in tests on both Saturday and Sunday and we're confident we can deliver live video to you on "show day" this coming Saturday. There will be a special link on the Warp Expo West web pages and you won't need anything but your Netscape browser.

This is not a "webcam". This is full-motion video, just like you see on your television.

Even with the multiple T1 lines there are some bandwidth issues and we may have to reduce the image size, increase the compression level or restrict the number of simultaneous users depending on how many people choose to "tune in". A lot depends on the average bandwidth of viewers like yourself, since cable modems and DSL lines will load our video system more than 56K modems. Consider this a part of OS/2 history, as we take a "first shot" at sending full-motion video to your computer screen.

The idea for the live video feed belongs to Tim Katz of Demand Systems. (Demand Systems is an OS/2 preinstaller and an exhibitor at Warp Expo West.)

Tim Katz did the engineering design work, lined up the equipment and first tested the fully completed system on the Demand Systems network last Saturday. He and Steve Schiffman, the Network and Facilities Director for Warp Expo West, then tested the system at the show site on Sunday.

There was plenty of preparation for the final test. "I had to ensure that our supplier network was capable of supplying the bandwidth required," said Schiffman, "and that meant checking on each segment of the uplink. We'll have cameras in the lecture rooms and in the exhibitor area, and we'll supply a combination of live video feeds and repeat broadcasts of the most popular lectures."

Tim Katz had to work out some last-minute connections and spent part of the testing time working on the HTML. "Netscape supports live video, but Internet Explorer requires a special add-on which we won't support," said Katz. "The Netscape HTML is coded in a certain way and it took a bit of experimentation to get it right."

And Tim McCoy, owner of Demand Systems and present during the tests, was very pleased. "We like to come up with a solution no matter what the problem, and live video on the Internet is in everyone's future for seminars, trade shows, even family events such as weddings and any gathering of people. It's cost effective."

Rollin White, Chairman of Warp Expo West, said that "watching live video over the Internet is a great demonstration of why OS/2 is a leading technology platform."

And Terry Warren, President of The Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG), the show's sponsoring organization, said "This is the technology of the future and we're pleased that SCOUG can bring this new benefit to OS/2 users via Warp Expo West."

- - -

Warp Expo West is free, free, free. The show will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

September 13 Source: Harry Martin (harry@vcnet.com)

Sorry for this late update, but due to service problems, I was rather quickly weened off my last internet service provider.

Needless to say, this broke a good number of links to my OS/2 related cartoons.

I now have a new home at: http://www.vcnet.com/~harry/

The Widget Box cartoon is published about once a month using P>G Pro for OS/2. Now that I have additional web space, I will repost all the orginal OS/2oons and the latest Widget Box.

In addition, I will post the GDO files on request for those OS/2 users who wish to make enlargements of the cartoons without getting all them jaggies.

Harry Martin
Cartooninst for The Widget Box

September 13 Source: Walter F Metcalf (wfmetcalf@golden.net)

A new Edition of Focus on OS/2 is now Online!


An inexpensive method of file transfer that's also surprisingly fast and reliable. http://os2.about.com/library/weekly/aa090899.htm

New Links and News:

"Windows users are looking down the gun barrel at upgrading to Office 2000 and Windows 2000, which may mean replacing the computers....enormous expenses". Bob St. John. Source: PR NewsWire. http://os2.about.com/library/blnews.htm#news

Entire site contains 1034 links, and may be accessed at http://os2.about.com.

September 13 Source: Andreas Linde (andreas.linde@os2.org)

We finally started another survey at OS2.org. VMware emailed all interested OS/2 users some questions, asking how they would like VMware to support OS/2. We now took all these questions and created a short survey at http://en.OS2.org/. Everybody is invited to take part, so we hopefully get OS/2 supported one day!

We also started a new serie of guest editorials at OS2.org. Holger Veit, porter of XFree86/2, started with "OSnux or Li/2?". Each month another very interesting guest writer will be presented.

Enjoy it.

September 13 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

New Improved Map To Warp Expo West

We've just added an extra map with the parking details and walkway directions at the show facilities. We've designed it for easy printing (hint, hint). An extra map never hurts - see it at:


And with just one week to go before show day, we know some of you will rush off and forget to print our Travel page. That's the page with the maps showing you how to get here. See them at:


(Maps courtesy of MapQuest, http://www.mapquest.com/ - if you want to make your own map, use 333 N. Glassell Street, Orange, CA.)

- - -

Warp Expo West is free. The show will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

September 13 Source: Bob St.John (BStJohn@Serenity-Systems.com)

32bits Online (http://www.32bitsonline.com) is running a poll for site visitors. If you are developing a mission critical application, you may indicate which OS is the target. So far, Linux has 65%, NT just over 10% and OS/2 just under 10% with 275 respondents.

This is not an advocacy poll. But, if the shoe fits ... developers should participate so an accurate representation of OS/2 as a mission critical platform can be .. projected.

September 13 Source: Steve Wendt (stevew@hartnell.cc.ca.us)

The Crystal Space project now has OS/2 executables available:


Crystal Space is an open source 3D engine which can be compiled for multiple platforms.

September 13 Source: Thom Davis (Confed2@sssnet.com)

Check out the following URL for news on WarpStock in Europe from CNN Interactive!


September 13 Source: Peter Skye (pskye@peterskye.com)

OS/2 Programming At Warp Expo West

There's plenty about programming at Warp Expo West!

Attend the Java Introduction lecture if you're just starting with this language, and Java In The Real World for a broader view and bigger development lessons for your new projects.

REXX Programming Potpourri covers a number of REXX programming tricks, and Using REXX And C Together, Parts 1 and 2 passes along example after example of the C-to-REXX programming interface in OS/2 Warp.

Two XML lectures will bring you up to speed on new technology for your web pages. Technology Overview: Why XML Is Important and An Introduction To XML Basics show you everything needed to write web pages in this new language of the Internet.

Database programming needs solid design, and Thinking Relationally introduces database design techniques for your next relational database effort.

Warpicity: An Overview And Update is a new idea for software development. The Developer's Assistant, the actual proposal, the Methodology, and the Project are all eye-openers for any programmer.

And if you want to get started in Workplace Shell programming, have a seat in the audience for How To Write A Workplace Shell Class. The Shell is object oriented; you'll learn how to subclass existing desktop objects and some development and debugging techniques.

You'll learn plenty about programming when you attend Warp Expo West!

- - -

Warp Expo West is free, free, free. The show will be held on September 18 near Disneyland in sunny Southern California. All the info is at


Sponsored by The Southern California OS/2 User Group.

September 12 Source: Thomas Bradford (tbrad@bmtmicro.com)

BMT Micro, Inc. is proud to announce that we will be attending Warpstock '99 in Atlanta. Attendance for us was a close call given the changes and expansion we've experienced during the last 6 months.

Working 80-90 hours per week the past month and having Warpstock coincide with my wedding anniversary literally put me in the position of choosing between my wife and Warpstock. Fortunately, Jennifer has volunteered to attend and perhaps an additional team member will accompany her so that you can put names and faces together one of my favorite part of the show ).

There will be additional announcements released over the next few weeks announcing personnel changes and additions, hardware and software upgrades, our plans for the upcoming year (and beyond) And of course we'll want to assure everyone that we are as committed to OS/2 as we were 4 years ago and that this will _not_ change.

We're also in the process of increasing our staff by 50% More to be revealed as it unfolds. ;)

On a personal note I would like to apologize for my lack of presence over the past few months if anyone has been wondering where I've been. It has been both a challenging and busy time for BMT Micro, Inc. All in all it's been quite a heady experience and it couldn't have happened without _you_ for which we are very grateful.

Thomas Bradford
BMT Micro, Inc.

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