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September 1999

September 13 Source: Gary Wong (wonggd@ibm.net)

Even though SCOUG's (Southern California OS/2 User Group) main event in September is Warp Expo West (http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest/), they have some other events going on this month.

Monday, September 20, 7 PM PDT meetings at Heritage Christian High School in Anaheim:

SCOUG holds a Help Desk chat every Monday of the month except one --- and that's when the in-person Help Desk happens. Bring your computers and questions to Heritage Christian High School on Sept. 20th for hands-on help with your system. (More on the Help Desk chat later)

This month's Networking SIG will be a Help Desk-type session as a follow-up to Warp Expo West. If you have any network-related issues that need resolving, this is the meeting for you. Bring your computer(s) and/or specifics on your problems and needs and we will get you up and working before the night is out.

If you live in the Southern California area and can help out, by all means come; we anticipate a larger than normal turnout since this month's in-person Help Desk and Networking SIG is 2 days after Warp Expo West.

Thursday, September 23, 7 PM PDT meeting at Heritage Christian High School:

Join the Sundial SIG at Heritage Christian HS for a look this month at the Clearlook word processor. For more information about the Sundial SIG, contact SIG leader Sheridan George at sheridan@scoug.com.

IRC Chats: SCOUG hosts the Help Desk chat every Monday (except when we have the in-person Help Desk) at 7 PM (Pacific Time), the Internet SIG via IRC Wednesdays at 7 PM (Pacific Time), and the Warp Systems Chat Saturdays at 8 AM (Pacific Time). Go to http://www.scoug.com/chat for further details on how to get chatty.

How to get to Heritage Christian High School:

The Heritage Christian High School in Anaheim is at 2530 W. La Palma Ave. It is on the south side of La Palma Ave. (about 200 ft. E of Magnolia) on the Grace Baptist Church property. There is a 2-story office building close to La Palma Ave. with the address of 2528 up near the roof. Turn in (south) there. Drive all the way to the back and park along the chain-link fence. NOTE: There is a lot of freeway construction north of the school on I-5 and the 91 freeways; some on/off ramps may be closed and/or have detours. Check the SCOUG web site (http://www.scoug.com) for updates and leave yourself plenty of time to reach the high school.

September 10 Source: WarpHoss (secretary@os2voice.org)

VOICE hosts Warp Expo West IRC Speakup Monday September 13 8pmEDT 5pmPDT (0:00GMT)

Lots of things are happening fast and VOICE once again brings you an excellent opportunity to Speak-up! VOICE is proud to host a Speakup with guests from the Warp Expo West team discussing the how the Expo is being put together and what it will include. This Speakup will be held in #VOICE on the webbnet Monday September 13 at 8pm EDT(0:00GMT) 5pmPDT.

This FANtastic VOICE sponsored Speakup is undoubtedly something no-one should miss. VOICE invites EVERYONE to attend. Exciting news, excellent ideas, and superb talent will be live and in-person for you to interact. Where you, at your leisure, can Speak-up and be heard, watch, and learn with the OS/2 community!

This speakup is designed to inroduce the ideas and concepts behind setting up a communications presence at a premier event to foster cooperation and communication to those are challenged by distance. VOICE encourages INPUT from one and all.

So remember the date Monday September 13 beginning at 8pm EDT(0:00GMT) 5pmPDT.

VOICE is working to provide International Consumer Education. We (Warp Expo West and VOICE) are planning to have a full slate of internet communications activities, both to involve interested people who can't actually be there, and to promote VOICE activities to a lot of new people who haven't tried us out yet. We need your advice to make it work!

So come on into #VOICE, with the Warp Expo West Team, on the webbnet and take your shoes off, and chat awhile. Speakup and your VOICE will be heard!

psssssst- hey ... that's Monday September 13, 1999 8pm EDT (0:00GMT) 5pmPDT.

To learn more about VOICE visit http://www.os2voice.org

To learn more about Warp Expo West visit http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest/

September 9 Source: Steve Kissell (skissell@ntwrks.com)

The September Meeting of the Triangle OS/2 User's Group will re-convine after a 2 month summer break at the normal time and location:

Date: Tuesday September 28, 1999
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: IBM Sales Office (5th Floor)
4800 Falls of the Neuse Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27615

Subject: Recent Events Affecting OS/2
Also Discussion & Preparation to Attend the Warpstock Show in nearby Atlanta.

Check out our home page at:


Also check out:


Which is offering FREE copies of both theInnoval POST Road Mailer 3.0 and the J-Street Mailer.

I've had both these programs for several years now, and they are great! I recommend them highly.

September 7 Source: John Davey (webmaster@phillyos2.org)

The Philadelphia OS/2 SIG web site at http://www.phillyos2.org has just been updated.

Stop in for these new features:


Information on the September 22 meeting of the SIG featuring Workplace Shell tips and tricks.


SIG Leader Larry Lavins' October article for the PACS monthly publication Data Bus is now online. This month's article includes notes from the Q&A sessions and meeting and reports and links from the July and August meetings.


Updated listings of upcoming computer shows in the Philadelphia area.

September 6 Source: (frank@ectrading.com)

Tuesday, September 7, at 19:30 CET, we are holding our monthly gathering.

Meeting place (new):
"Hotel Krone Unterstrass", Schaffhauserstr. 1, 8006 Zurich (Switzerland)

Theme: Hands on TCP/IP under OS/2

Presented by Mr. Hodel (in german) it will cover the following subjects:

Anybody interested in OS/2 and our user group is welcome to join us tonight.

Frank J. Dekker
OS/2 User Association Switzerland

September 4 Source: WarpHoss (abelmcc5@rbdc.rbdc.com)

*****VOICE Speak-up*****

VOICE, http://www.os2voice.org/, in the continuing effort to educate and promote invites one and all to a VOICE Speak-up to be held Saturday, September 4th at 1:00pm EDT (17:00 GMT) in channel #VOICE on the webbnet http://www.webbnet.org/server.html. The topic for this Speak-up session is " OS2.org what can it do for OS/2 and its users?

Should you need more information on using the webbnet and IRC assistance is available at http://www.os2voice.org/meetinginfo.html 24hrs a day.

A web interface can be found at http://www.webbnet.org/server.html ... It's as easy as clicking on either on of two "Live Chat" circles below the WarpStock banner.

VOICE invites everyone to this Speak-up [Saturday, September 4th at 1:00pm EDT (17:00 GMT)]. This is another in a series of offerings from VOICE so take advantage of the opportunity-- Show up prepared to Speak-up!

If you want more information about VOICE visit our website http://www.os2voice.org/.

September 2 Source: Henry Ferlauto (ferlauto@mindspring.com)

September 1999 NYC OS/2 SIG Meeting

Topic: Apache Web Server for OS/2

Date: Wednesday, September 8, 1999
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: IBM Building - 590 Madison Avenue, New York, NY - S.W. corner of 57th Street & Madison Avenue

Directions (via Subway): 4, 5, 6 to 59th Street; walk two blocks south and two blocks west.

After the long weekend, please join us for an in depth look at the most popular (and very free) web server on the planet Apache. Running on the most stable platform for the e-business generation, OS/2 Warp.

We will among many other things demonstrate installation, configuration and maintenance of "Apache/2," as we unofficially call it.

So mark you calendar and learn a little on winning the web.

August 29 Source: John Urbaniak (jurban@ibm.net)

These are the officers of the Pittsburgh OS/2 user group.


   Jim Stein (jstein@worldnet.att.net)


   Ratan Shah (rshah@worldnet.att.net)

August 28 Source: Abel McClendon (secretary@os2voice.org)

VOICE, http://www.os2voice.org/ , in the continuing effort to educate and promote invites one and all to a VOICE Speak-up to be held Saturday, August 28 at 1:00pm EDT (17:00 GMT) in channel #VOICE on the webbnet http://www.webbnet.org/server.html. The topic for this Speak-up session is outlined by the guest speaker, Lynn H. Maxson, in an article "Know the Enemy" found here http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL0899H/vnewsf2.htm.

Should you need more information on using the webbnet and IRC assistance is available at http://www.os2voice.org/meetinginfo.html 24hrs a day.

A web interface can be found at http://www.webbnet.org/server.html. It's as easy as clicking on either on of two "Live Chat" circles below the WarpStock banner.

VOICE invites everyone to this Speak-up [Saturday, August 28 at 1:00pm EDT (17:00 GMT)]. Read the article "Know The Enemy" in the August edition of our newlsetter http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL0899H/vnewsf2.htm and show up prepared to Speak-up!

If you want more information about VOICE visit our website http://www.os2voice.org/ .

August 25 Source: Larry Lavins (llavins@worldnet.att.net)


The OS/2 SIG of the Philadelphia Area Computer Society invites all interested computer users to attend the August meeting:

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1999 7:00 - 10:00 PM
The Episcopal Academy, 376 N. Latches Lane, Merion, PA

-- Members OS/2 Tips and Tricks Night --

Main theme for the August meeting will be presentations and live demos (if possible) by several SIG members, of interesting and helpful applications, tips and tricks which these members regularly employ to enhance the usefulness, productivity and enjoyment of their OS/2 systems.

We don't usually do this, so the August meeting is an especially good opportunity for all our folks to come on out to see and learn more about what some of the other OS/2 users are doing and to share experiences and knowhow. Member presentations include:

SETI for OS/2 ... by Ben Bowers
URL Objects to Organize Websites ... by John Davey
Various WPS Tricks ... by David Moskowitz
House/2 & X-10 Controller ... by Murray Weismer

Other agenda items include SIG business matters, OS/2 news, new software releases, Q&A session, software raffle, etc. An OS/2 system will be on hand for demos of OS/2, Java, Internet, etc., as time permits. Free light refreshments will also be available.

Mark the date and time: Wednesday, August 25, at 7:00pm, to hear about all the new and exciting developments, or if you have questions about OS/2 Warp and Java. OS/2 SIG meetings are open and free for OS/2 users, their guests and all others interested in learning about OS/2 and associated Java technology.

WE SUPPORT THE JAVA LOBBY: http://www.javalobby.org

Further information, directions to Episcopal Academy, and other useful information about the OS/2 SIG activities may be found on our web site at http://www.phillyos2.org, or contact SIG Leader Larry Lavins: llavins@worldnet.att.net, or phone (215) 878-9609.

Larry Lavins llavins@worldnet.att.net
OS/2 SIG Leader, Philadelphia Area Computer Society

August 18 Source: Dave Watson (dave@scoug.com)

We are having increasingly great sessions on the #SCOUG channel of webbnet.org. The Monday night SCOUG Help Desk is becoming an epicurean delight of OS/2 knowledge. Supported by a some of the finest minds in Warp-dom, they are making quick work of many fascinating problems brought to the table by lesser mortals. The insights you get into the intricate details of OS/2, well, it just makes my neck hairs stand up. It's almost eerie sometimes.

We have lots more seats at this table. We need your skills, and we'd love to tackle your problems. You can join us online -- see http://www.scoug.com/chat for details on how to get started, and information about this and many other great online chat opportunities. We meet again on Wednesday nights, 7PM PDT (0200GMT) for the Internet SIG Chat, and on Saturday mornings for the Warp Systems chat. NOTE THAT THIS SATURDAY WE'LL MEET TWO HOURS EARLY DUE TO THE LIVE SCOUG MEETING -- 0600-0800PDT (1300GMT).

Someday, you'll be able to say you were there for some of the most inspirational moments in the history of OS/2.

August 16 Source: Murray Zipp (mzipp@icon.co.za)

Meeting - Tuesday 17 August 1999

This is a notice that the next Gauteng OS/2 usergroup meeting will be held on Tuesday 17 August 1999.

Time: From 18h00 onwards.

Venue: Auditorium, Building D, IBM Park, Rivonia Rd, Sandton

Our program will be the following:

A demonstration of DB2/2 UDB, Lotus Approach and some utilities by Al du Pisani.

A demonstration of In Charge, Dragtext and some Java applications by Peter French.

IBM will be providing refreshments afterwards.

Next Meeting:

The next normal meeting is planned for early in October. We do not have a presentation for this meeting yet, and any volunteers will be welcomed.

I welcome any volunteers who wish to do a presentation at future meetings.

If you know of anybody who would like to receive these meeting notices in future, please e-mail me andriesp@absa.co.za with the subject <Add to OS/2 User Group meetings list>, and I will add the name and e-mail address to this list.

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