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October 2000

September 23

RxStartx is a collection of REXX scripts that will allow you to start XFree86/2 up to 2 times faster and will allow you to do lots of tweaking during both startup and shutdown. As it really speeds up X loading it is a must-have thing for X/2 users. The man to praise for this useful tool is Alex Samorukov, samm@os2.ru.

Main features of RxStartx:
- more quickly launches XFree86 than startx does (makes no pause after xserver start)
- before xserver launching it checks availability of the X11 port
- includes internal support for FONT server
- is simple in configuring and written on REXX which allows adopting it for your special needs.

Page to get it:


September 23

I recently began to run my 19" monitor at 2048x1536 using the SciTech Display Doctor(SDD) driver. Everything works great, the higher dpi hides OS/2's lack of anti-aliased font support.

However playing Entrepreneur became a hassle. Entrepreneur opens with a 640x480 image that is too small to be able to play. Entrepreneur will correctly scale the game if the window is maximized, but the game runs too slowly when pushing that many pixels. Entrepreneur's window resizing is disabled, so I was stuck with a game that was either to small to see or too slow to play.

With a tip from Brad Barclay, I wrote a program that finds the Entrepreneur window, and then resizes that window. The final version of Resizer allows you to specify window and size multiplier. Now it works great with other programs such as Hopkins FBI.

Program and source code available at:


September 22

IBM has released a refresh of Netscape 4.61 Spanish version:


September 22

TEAM OS/2 Russia brings you a port of microsoft winWord 6/95/97/2000 to HTML conversion tool. Version 0.5.44. Use it for free. Let's break the Hegemony!

You can download it from:

http://teamos2.ru/files/wv-0.5.44-emx.zip (~830Kb)

September 22

IBM has refereshed the Device Driver Pak 2:


FixPak XR_D002 was "Refreshed" because MultiMedia (MM) files were not getting updated during the FixPak installation.

Note: There is no difference between this release and the previous release. The change made was to instruct the FixTool to update MM files.

September 21

A new Jasmine language file (Portuguese) is released. New package file (jsm300ar.zip) is available at Pretty Pop home page.


* Binary file is not changed.

September 21

So this is what You all has been waiting for! The final voting has now started for the OS2 World.Com Award! The winners in each category will be announced Saturday the 14th of October at Warpstock Europe 2000.

To participate in the voting, please surf in on:


The OS2 World.Com award is a cooperation event between OS2 World.Com, Warpstock Europe and companies who are sponsoring this event. Current sponsors are: IBM Svenska AB, SciTech Software, Inc., Keller Group, SnowStorm Software, Stardock Corporation, Inc., The GhostBoat BBS, Cristie Data Products and PillarSoft.

September 21

>From a post by IBM's Irv Spalten on comp.os.os2.bugs:

We've uncovered a packaging problem with these FixPak's. It seems we built them to NEVER service the \MMOS2 directory or subdirectories underneath it.

Both FixPaks contained a limited number (11) of files that is should have serviced in those directories. These are :


We'll be updating XR_D002 shortly, but you can accomplish the same thing without getting the new FP.

First, see if you have any of these files? These are generally the Sound Blaster, JAZZ, and ESS sound card drivers. If you don't have any, you need to do nothing. If you do have some, you can extract the individual file (same file name, but the extension would be SY_ or DL_ for SYS or DLL files), run UNPACK and then copy the file over the one that you have. For the DLL's, you'll need to boot to an alternate source before you can copy it over.

In some case, you also might just have the latest file on your system as we did include those drivers in FP's prior to FP XR_M010.

The choice is your own to make. If you feel you're working OK, you can bypass all this. If you think you want the fixes, either do it manually if you feel comfortable, or await the re-release and then install as you have before. The FixTool will just update the missed files for you if they require updating.

To help you determine if you might have up to date files, here is the dates of the files in the specific FP's :

XR_D001 XR_D002
BUSAUDIO.SYS 7-12-99 4:33p 6-16-00 11:15a
ES688DD.SYS 4-27-99 6:18p SAME
MVPRODD.SYS 4-27-99 6:21p 6-16-00 11:16a
RMAUDIO.SYS 7-12-99 4:34p 6-16-00 11:15a
SB16D2.SYS 4-27-99 6:32p SAME
SBAWED2.SYS 4-27-99 6:16p SAME
JAZZDD.SYS 7-12-99 4:34p 6-16-00 11:15a
SBD2.SYS 7-12-99 4:35p 6-16-00 11:16a
SBP2D2.SYS 7-12-99 4:36p 6-16-00 11:17a
SBPD2.SYS 7-12-99 4:35p 6-16-00 11:17a
SGAUDVDD.SYS 4-27-99 6:16p SAME
VIDRMS.SYS 7-12-99 4:34p 6-16-00 11:15a
VIDVBC.SYS 7-12-99 4:39p 6-16-00 11:20a
DLL\ESSVSD88.DLL 4-27-99 6:28p SAME


September 20

I am happy that I can announce a start of the new web site about OS/2 operating system! On OS/2.cz you can find a lot of information about OS/2. Although a lot of info are in Czech language, there is a section e-cards, e-books and download which are multilingual!

On OS/2.cz you can find:

* fresh news from the "blue world" (czech only)
* articles about OS/2 and its programs (czech only)
* discussion forum

* e-books - electronic books and documents in PDF format about OS/2 and its programs...
* e-cards - you can send an electronic postcard with OS/2 to your friends!!!
* download - some files for download (for example Skins Collection 2!)

For this big thing, there is also a new version of Skins Collection for PM123! You can download Skins Collection 2 at www.os2.cz in section download...

Visit OS/2.cz at:


September 20

Look on http://www.gwinn.com/ and download the new beta! This in the history.txt:

09-16-00 - Beta 009b

Well boys and girls this is really not a new beta, it is a re-release of the 009/009a code to see if anything got broken during my two year burn out sabbatical.

However, what I need to know is what problems are occurring. PLEASE SEND REPORTS TO sio2k@gwinn.com.

There are some big changes coming in the next (real) beta release. I have finally figured out how to automatically determine (at boot time) if com.sys is loaded and what ports it is servicing. This is not as simple as one might think.

Anyhow, having this knowledge (about com.sys) at boot time will allow sio2k to configure more automatically. The only thing that I will now need in a config file is legacy ISA stuff. So, a completely changed, and greatly simplified, config file is coming in a near future release.

I have also contacted manufactures of PCI serial cards for information, so support for more serial cards is coming. If you want to help see PCI.TXT.

I am going to drop the Hayes ESP support. There is too much work to do for a board that is 5 years out of manufacturing. If you like the ESP, many of the newer PCI cards are just as good.

I am going to do away with the key file. I decided that no matter how hard I try, someone is going the figure it out and release a hack to get around it.

Vmodem.sys will be changed so that the number of virtual modems to be supported will be specified in its command line, and not in a config file (as it now is done).

So, if my burn out is truly over, as I think it is, sio2k may finally get to release. I need the money too. :-)

September 20

Serenity Systems announced today that it has reached a new agreement with IBM regarding software rights associated with eComStation (eCS).

Specifically, the new agreement calls for the Journaling File System (JFS), once available only in the eCS Professional product, or as a fee based optional feature, will now become part of the eCS base product with no change in product pricing.

"We were able to convince IBM to let us include JFS with no increase in price and we are passing the new functions to the user, along with significant cost savings." said Bob St.John, Director of Business Development for Serenity Systems.

Executive Director Kim Cheung added, "Today, the size of disks used in all PCs warrants a JFS implementation. But there's more. JFS has stronger caching capabilities than HPFS. eCS has to support the Java environment, including IBM's Java 1.3 implementation which is also part of the eCS GA product, and the direction to servlets launched by products like Websphere.

"To have a responsive system" continued Cheung "directed at e-commerce and Internet style computing, JFS is pivotal. IBM agreed that JFS makes the products more consistent with the direction of the industry."

"To have a responsive system" continued Cheung "directed at e-commerce and Internet style computing, JFS is pivotal. IBM agreed that JFS makes the products more consistent with the direction of the industry."

St.John continued, "We're delighted with the way IBM has been supporting us. eCS continues to increase its value to the industry and we are able to hold the line on costs."

For those customers who have ordered the eCS Professional, or the JFS feature, an adjustment will be made. JFS is planned to ship in the Preview product, which is expected to begin distribution the week of September 25.

While JFS will make it into the Preview version of the product, the GA version will also include Java 1.3, and refreshes of TCP/IP 4.3.1 and Netscape 4.61. These features may be downloadable to registered users of the Upgrade Protection Program.


Bob St.John
Dir, New Business Development
Serenity Systems International
a Managed Systems company

214 222-3414, ext 101 (outside USA)
888 299-6483, ext 101 (USA only)

September 20

According to their Internet site (http://www.stardock.com/) Stardock, the manufacturer of world famous OS/2 tools like Object Desktop and Process Commander, will stop OS/2 support from january 31st 2001 on. Strange enough there will be a sort of support, for $$$ per minute it seems.

>From their web site:

Note: Free OS/2 software Personal Technical support will end on January 31, 2001. Support for SDS OS/2 software will be $65 per incident for the first 15 minutes and $35 for each additional 15 minutes. Contact your IBM or Stardock representative to subscribe to the Stardock OS/2 support network.

They also state that Process Commander doesn't work anymore from Warp 4 FixPak 12 and on.

September 20

This is an OS/2 Port of icqsend-0.06pre, which is a tool for sending icq messages using a command line interface to one or more receivers.

you can download it from:

http://teamos2.ru/files/icqsend-0.06pre-emx.zip (56249 bytes)

September 19

Russian Team OS/2 has released Systray/2 1.0 alpha 5 (by Dmitry Zakharov):
- all sources included! - "future plans" included; - Toolbar now support Drag-and-drop with file objects. (SOM/WPS objects aren't support yet ); - monochrome icons bug caused systray/2 trap; - small bugs with graphics.

Systray is what we deal with when we work with operating systems Windows '95/98/NT. Actually besides task switcher it is a convenient utility called system tray.

Tray is a section of the screen assigned for the programs not seen in the screen at the moment but active and performing an operation which the user can control through the tray.


September 19

Daniel Valot has added a tool to his home page PMDISK.EXE; this is a disk editor, partition editor, binary file editor...

Go to software page->tools
The ZIP file includes 16 bit and 32 bit versions


September 19

I've created a simple web page that talks about all the known OS/2-related IRC channels. IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat", and it's a medium where several people can chat in real-time on a variety of subjects. It's a lot like ICQ or AOL Instance Messenger, but it's more established and not proprietary. IRC is a great way to get instant, free help on OS/2 issues.

The URL is http://tabi.org/timur/irc.html

I know I don't have all the OS/2-related channels, so if you're an IRC user and you know of a channel that isn't on the web page, PLEASE email at me timur@tabi.org with the info.

The purpose of this page is to increase interest in IRC among OS/2 users.

September 19

Roman Stangl has released PC/2 2.19e Beta.

If you are familiar with the LaunchPad for OS/2 Warp, then imagine PC/2 as a similar program for OS/2 Presentation Manager (but not requiring the WPS to be running), with much more powerful features.


September 18

I am very glad to see that my program is so popular in OS/2 community - in fact, more that 1500 copies of SysInfo/2 ver 0.57 were downloaded only from Hobbes.

So I ask you to refresh your SysInfo/2 - now you can download a new, improved version of SysInfo/2 - ver. 0.60. You can get it from Hobbes:


or from my project home page:


I am interested in testing my program on new CPUs (Intel P-III,P-4, Amd Athlon ~Duron) and on various video chips: #9, Trident, AvanceLogic, Intel81X and so on. Please, send me some info in you are using these video chips with *NATIVE* drivers (not SDD or GRADD) and SysInfo/2 shows something wrong.

Also, if SysInfo/2 shows wrong info in some other pages (1st page - "System", Last - "DeviceTree", MMOS2 page and so on) - please, send me a problem description and a screenshot, if it is possible. My contacts are asmirnov@mid.ru or elf@krovatka.ru

SysInfo/2 ver. 0.57 was downloaded more then 2000 times - why did you not send me bug reports? Maybe all is working fine... ;-))

Now I am working on Network Information - IBM MPTN detection algorithm will be rewrited. Please, try to look for new information on project home page:


a new build of SysInfo/2 will be published there until the end of September.

September 18

Russian Team OS/2 are glad to announce Connect/2 version 7.6.6 (OS/2 version by Alex Trunov).

In this version:
- implemented word hyphenation (for Russian and English languages).
- user archiver "IBM DSK Image" from Dmitry A. Kuminov.
- added HA archiver description.

Connect/2 is a Borland-style integrated environment application:
- Multi-window mutlifunctional text editor capable of processing files;
- Multi-window HEX editor;
- Text viewer and HEX viewer;
- File Manager which looks much like the Norton Commander but is at least twice as powerful;
- External mutlifunctional application executor;
- Keyboard macro editor and player;
- Clipboard window;
- Miscellaneous tools (programmer's calculator, alarm clock, ASCII table, calendar);
- Context-sensitive help system.


September 18

So far OS2 World.Com only had page hosting to offer to the OS2 Community. But, since the need for both POP accounts and Page ReDirections has been on the request list, we are now happy to announce that we are able to handle both!

So if You are in need for either hosting, pop or redirection service, surf in on:


September 18

A review of the recent Warpstock 2000 OS/2 convention has been posted at OS/2 Headquarters:


September 17

A new (open) beta release of Dialog Enhancer for OS/2 Warp (4.00 +) has been released at:


The release has the following changes:

 New MouseSmart application that allows improved configuration of mouse speeds and accelerations
 Vastly improved OS/2 networking support
 Performance improvements to the installer application
 Many bug fixes for 3rd party applications
 Support for the current release of XWorkPlace
 IBM Thinkpad docking enhancements
 Installer option for a more uniform file open/save dialog

Comments are very welcome through the new Dialog Enhancer web site feedback form:


September 18

Partition Magic 5 and OS/2 - A Review by Tony Butka

Bottom line is that if you *only* run OS/2, then you don't need to read this review. If you also run other operating system(s), then you'll want to find out about the latest release of Partition Magic from PowerQuest. Author Tony Butka tells you what's new and important from an OS/2 user's point of view.

You'll find this review of Partition Magic 5 on the SCOUG web site:


September 17

Tequila 1.0 is available

PM - Tool for Mesa2 from sundial systems Features:
- autofilter for rows and columns - precise sizing of rows and columns
- advanced zoomfunction

Requires OS/2 wih running Mesa v2.3, Rexx.

The program is EMailware.

Download at:


September 17

Like last year, Warpstock Europe 2000 again offers a large variety of sessions and workshops related to all kinds of topics:
o OS/2 in General o OS/2 Applications o The Internet and OS/2 o OS/2 in Local Area Networks o OS/2 Development

Everyone, regardless of being enduser, developer or businessman, will be able to find something interesting.

There are currently 21 sessions and workshops, all of which will be held in the ENGLISH language. Further information on each session and workshop, the speakers, and a timetable can be obtained from our homepage at;


Have a look at the following small selection from the program:

o 32-bit Windows goes OS/2 - Project Odin (by Achim Hasenmueller)

OS/2 was "the integration platform" before IBM decided it wouldn't support Windows 95 applications. The Odin project, which was started in 1997, aims to fill this gap. Odin has advanced to a point, where it is becoming very useful. This presentation gives an overview of the Odin project, its architecture, its strategy for now and the future -- and an amazing demonstration of what the technology can already do now for home users and enterprises.

o How to write a product review (by Esther Schindler)

This session will describe how the computer press chooses a product for review, how one goes about examining it, and what the review contains.

o Workspace on Demand V3.0 (by Oliver Mark)

Workspace On-Demand Version 3 is logically a follow-on to Version2, but technically a revolution in Thin-Client. Beside the discussion whether it was necessary or not, this Version runs transparently either on Warp Server, NT Server or Linux and boots a variety of Clients - including of course OS/2. Many new features to find, even in the new OS/2 Server and Client. Be excited about a full Server-managed Environment to maintain a low TCO (Total Cost of Onwership) and have full control of your clients.

o Building dynamic web pages using PHP (by Andreas Linde)

Providing dynamic content for webpages is a key technology on the web. In this session you will learn how to build dynamic webpages using PHP, the Apache Webserver, the MySQL database and OS/2. You will also see what the main differences to other technologies like CGIs, Servlets etc. are.

Providing dynamic content for webpages is a key technology on the web. In this session you will learn how to build dynamic webpages using PHP, the Apache Webserver, the MySQL database and OS/2. You will also see what the main differences to other technologies like CGIs, Servlets etc. are.

Stay tuned for more information!


September 17

Update CD 0.7 with support for Netware Requester 2.12 and WSeb Fixpak 1 has been released. Aligned with Warp 4 FixPak 14 and Device Driver FixPak 2. Fixed bug with incorporating TCP/IP Fixpak UN_0980.

With UpdCD you can integrate public IBM fixes and updates into your OS/2 Warp 4 and WSeB CD-ROM.


September 17

I just wanted to let you know - if you haven't heard already - that Virtual Pascal v2.1 for OS/2 and Windows is now Freeware.

The home page is at:


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