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October 2000

September 29

Dawicontrol has released new drivers for all of their SCSI-Cards. Rev. 4.21:


September 28

What's important about OS/2 desktop?

SCOUG member Gary Granat is doing a robust analysis for a multi-part series of articles titled "Seeking Ways to Get Rid of System Bloat." Gary set out several months ago to replace Object Desktop - which he found made his system sluggish - with other programs that met his (sometimes exacting) needs.

First, he systematically determined what features of Object Desktop he didn't want to live without. He organized the things he really likes/wants by basic function and is exploring alternatives, many of which are freeware and shareware.

The current installment is on system information monitoring tools. You'll find it at the Southern California OS/2 User Group web site at:br>


Editor, Southern California OS/2 User Group

September 28

TEAM OS/2 Russia brings you a OS/2 Port of bzip-1.0.1, which is a block-sorting file compressor.

Version 1.0.1. This is latest version at this moment.

You can download it from:

http://teamos2.ru/files/bzip2-1.0.1-emx.zip (~230Kb)

September 28

StockMarket/2 is a PM util which monitors stocks over the Internet.


-Next and Previous button

-Hot keys (Alt-N,-P,-S,-X etc)

-Pulldown stock list

-Experimental colours

-other minor changes

In a future release I'll add an alert system, so you can automatically sell your stock if the price drops.

September 28

Team OS/2 Deutschland e.V. i.G. provides a free platform for non-commercial exhibitors to present their offers at Warpstock Europe 2000. The following developers of free- and shareware, user groups and providers of Internet services have agreed to participate:

o Carsten Mueller - commTalk.de, MusicBase and more Tools

o Carsten Tenbrink - Cinema/2, watching TV on OS/2

o Christopher Wohlgemuth - cdrecord, cdrdao, CD-Creator, CandyBarz

o Cornelis Bockemuehl - PmAs, an astronomy software package for OS/2

o Dimitris Michelinakis (Team OS/2 UK) - ServerConfig, Webmail/2, ConfigEdit

o Guiffy Software - Guiffy, a Java file compare and merge tool

o Juergen Dankoweit - Secure Desktop, secure multiuser configuration for OS/2

o Timo Maier - ADRp address database, Snee newsreader, Voldep stock maintainance tool

o OS2 World.com - a free OS/2 webhosting project

o OS2.org - the OS/2 information source

o OS/2 Netlabs - the platform for OS/2 developers

o Phoenix OS/2 Society - information, members' printed magazine "Extended Attributes"

o Team OS/2 Deutschland e.V. - information and helpdesk

o Team OS/2 Hamburg e.V. - information, demonstration of members' software packages

o Team OS/2 Koeln/Bonn e.V. - information, OS/2 museum

o Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V. - information, software demonstration, e.g. Cinema/2

o Team OS/2 Trier e.V. - Team OS/2 Trier Collection, software demonstration, e.g. The GIMP

Please visit our home page:


for more information!

September 28

The number of sessions at Warpstock Europe has increased again. Mike Kaply from IBM will give an overview of the Warpzilla project:

Warpzilla - What's in it for users and developers?

While far from complete, Warpzilla, the next-generation browser/editor/mailnews client, is already available for intrepid users willing to try preview software, and for OS/2 developers willing to help out.

This presentation will answer questions you have about Warpzilla both as a user and a developer.

There will be an overview of the Mozilla project as well as the Warpzilla browser. We'll also talk about how you can become involved in helping us develop the browser whether by helping us find bugs or helping us fix bugs.

Please visit the Warpstock Europe 2000 home page at:


for more information.

September 28

Russian Team OS/2 are glad to announce Systray/2 1.0 beta 1. In this version new features in TaskBar was added:

* Minimizing already active window when switching via SystrayTaskbar and highliting current active window (like Old/First Systray)

* 'Minimize All' feature added.

Systray is what we deal with when we work with operating systems Windows 95/98/NT. Actually besides task switcher it is a convenient utility called system tray.

Tray is a section of the screen assigned for the programs not seen in the screen at the moment but active and performing an operation which the user can control through the tray.

If you can't get Systray/2 from our site, download it from Hobbes (Beta 1 version was uploaded to Hobbes/incoming today).

We're invite OS/2 developers to support our system tray in their programms!


September 27

FixPak 14 for Warp 4 Brazilian Portuguese version has been available since Sept. 20th at:


September 26

StockMarket/2 is a PM util which monitors stocks over the Internet.


It's using my port of libstocks, which I've converted to a REXX DLL. Anyone interested to use this DLL in their own application is free to do so, but contact me first to receive some documentation how to do so.

September 26

New Forums for All Sundial Products

To make it easy for customers to share information with each other, Sundial Systems has now added product forums to its Internet site.

Mesa 2, DBExpert, Relish, Clearlook, Rover Pack, and Junk Spy each have their own forum which can be accessed directly as a newsgroup and/or messages posted can be received as email. You can access the newsgroups or subscribe to email messages on the Product Forums page of Sundial's web site at:


Sundial's technical support staff will be monitoring the product forums to assist and provide information as appropriate. The forums will also be used by technical support to post information about product feature and usage issues that have come to their attention through other support means. This is additional service helps customers get the most out of Sundial's productivity applications.

Sundial has the answers!

Sundial PR

September 26

TEAM OS/2 Russia brings you a port of pxtools-0.0.11, which is a set of utilites dealing with Paradox files.

One of them, pxinfo, dumps some info about file, and another two, pxsqldump and pxcsvdump, dumping database in corresponding SQL and CSV statements. version 0.0.11

You can download it from:

http://teamos2.ru/files/pxtools-0.0.11-emx.zip (~130Kb)

September 26

SysInfo/2 project is updated again. Now, with the kindly help of all users, who send author a feedback, many errors and misspelling were corrected. SysInfo/2 ver. 06.63 now is tested to work with all OS/2 KERNELs from IBM TESTCASE.

A list of all errors and bugs that were corrected you can find here:


SysInfo/2 ver. 0.63 is available to download from HOBBES (for now from /pub/incoming and then will be moved to /pub/os2/util/system/) or from project home page.


September 25

TCP/IP 4.21 or 4.3 have caused problems (TRAP-E) with the InJoy Dialer and the InJoy PPPoE Client. The problems have been fixed by IBM and the unsupported test fixes (which appear to work great) can be fetched here:

4.3 fix:


4.21 fix:


The fixes are self-extracting and should replace the mptn/protocol files (backup first).

If you experience any problems with downloading or using these fixes, then don't hesitate to e-mail support@fx.dk

September 24

The German company HOB will present their connectivity products, native OS/2 as well as Java based, at Warpstock Europe 2000. For example, the HOBLink X11 X-server can be used to display both remote and local X programs seamlessly on the OS/2 desktop, e.g. you can run The GIMP in an OS/2 PM window. HOBLink JWT basically does the same for remote Win32 programs.

At Warpstock Europe 2000 HOB will also introduce a special version of HOBLink X11 for students and private use at a reduced price.

Please visit:


and the Warpstock Europe 2000 home page at:


for more information about HOB at Warpstock Europe 2000.

September 24

As last year Warpstock Europe 2000 again offers a large variety of sessions and workshops related to all kinds of topics:

o OS/2 in General
o OS/2 Applications
o The Internet and OS/2
o OS/2 in Local Area Networks
o OS/2 Development

Everyone, regardless of being enduser, developer or businessman, will be able to find something interesting.

There are currently 21 sessions and workshops, all of which will be held in ENGLISH language. Further information on each session and workshop, the speakers, and a timetable can be obtained from our home page at:


Have a look at the following small selection from the program:

o IBM's OS/2 Strategy (by Oliver Stein)

IBM has endorsed the strengths and benefits of internet technologies and platform independence for several years, and has encouraged customers worldwide to make the transition to network computing. To facilitate the transition, IBM has enhanced OS/2 to become an excellent platform for the deployment of e-business applications, while at the same time preserving investments in legacy applications. IBM has quietly revamped its OS/2 operating system into a super-powerful tool that runs high speed networks and controls large servers with multi-processor motherboards.

Oliver Stein will speak on how IBM continues to enhance OS/2 so that, in addition to preserving customer investments in legacy OS/2 applications, is the platform for future e-business deployments and for the development of e-business applications. Come find out what's happening in the OS/2 development world in upcoming releases and what enhancements are being made and for how long.

o Creating PDF files on OS/2 (by Christian Langanke)

This session gives you the required background knowledge for creating PDF files under OS/2. Learn about what PDF files are, how to create PDF files in general and especially under OS/2 and what dependencies exist for the programs being used for this.

Beside commercial software like Adbobe Acrobat Distiller free programs like Ghostscript and Poor Mans PDF will be discussed. Moreover, it will be shown how software for creating PDF files that is not available for OS/2 runs as a Windows-version under OS/2 with Odin.

o Visions and reality of wireless communication - also on OS/2 (by Herbert Rueck)

Wireless LANs are gaining more and more popularity. This recital introduces you to the subject of wireless networks. These networks can be applied for voice as well as for data transmission. Visions of mobility are shown, which today have already become reality with certain products. OS/2 users can also enjoy this modern form of application.

o XWorkplace: Extending the Workplace Shell (by Ulrich Moeller)

This beginner's tutorial to WPS programming includes a basic description of the System Object Model (SOM), IDL files, and frequently used WPS methods. In addition, the author gives an introduction to the XWorkplace source code to show how new WPS extensions can be integrated to use the existing XWorkplace frameworks, which saves a lot of time.

o Programming drivers for USB devices on OS/2 (by Markus Montgowski)

This workshop will give a short overview of USB and the USB stack as implemented by IBM for OS/2. It will then demonstrate how to write a device driver that uses this stack.

Stay tuned for more information!


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