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October 2000

September 29

On October 2nd at 8PM EDT (00:00GMT), VOICE welcomes back Sundial Systems for an IRC Speakup session. They will be talking about their new help forums. In addition, if anyone has questions on any of their line of OS/2 productivity products, they will try to provide answers. Sundial Systems (http://www.sundialsystems.com/) is the developer of the Mesa 2 spreadsheet, the Relish time manager, the Clearlook word processor, Junk Spy, DBExpert and Rover Pack.

As always the session is held in #voice on the WEBBnet IRC network. If you are new to IRC or to WEBBnet, please see the VOICE Meeting Information page for details and a list of OS/2 IRC clients.


September 26


The OS/2 SIG of the Philadelphia Area Computer Society invites all interested computer users to attend the September meeting:

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2000 7:00 - 10:00 PM
The Episcopal Academy, 376 N. Latches Lane, Merion, PA


At the September 27th meeting, SIG member gurus David Moskowitz and David Gentzler will present "TCP/IP Networking Demystified"

In last year's networking presentation, David ~David took us on a tour of networking with NETBIOS. But this time around, they are going to give TCP/IP the same in-depth exposure. The September meeting will cover everything you need to know about TCP/IP from installation to setup of a TCP/IP network in your home or office.

They will cover the difference between the TCP/IP stacks and the applications, how to print, share files, etc, assigning names to computers, dial-up versus broadband, and more.

If you access the Internet or want to know how to set up a network without NETBIOS or whatever else, this is definitely a not-to-be-missed session.

Other agenda items include SIG business matters, Warpstock 2000 report, OS/2 news, new software releases, Q&A session ~raffles. An OS/2 system will be on hand for demos of OS/2, Java, Internet, etc. as time permits. Free light refreshments will be available.

Mark the date and time: Wednesday, September 27th, at 7:00pm, to hear about all the new and exciting developments, or if you have questions about OS/2 Warp and Java. OS/2 SIG meetings are open and free for OS/2 users, their guests and all others interested in learning about OS/2 and associated Java technology.

WE SUPPORT THE JAVA LOBBY http://www.javalobby.org

Further information, directions to Episcopal Academy, and other useful information about the OS/2 SIG activities may be found on our web site at http://www.phillyos2.org, or contact SIG Leader Larry Lavins: lavins@worldnet.att.net, or phone (215) 878-9609.

Larry Lavins llavins@worldnet.att.net
Leader, Philadelphia OS/2 SIG

September 23

There's a new OS/2 Help Desk day for Southern California! We've expanded into better facilities and chosen a convenient weekend day so everyone can attend these expert-hosted OS/2 days.

The Southern California OS/2 User Group, in conjunction with the North Orange County Computer Club's OS/2 Special Interest Group, invites _you_ to bring your hardware and your questions to this fully-staffed OS/2 Help Desk on the first Sunday of every month.

OS/2 Help Desk starts at 2 p.m. and lasts for two hours "or until everybody leaves". Individual attention is available to fix your machine, be it laptop, tower or server. Notable on-staff experts include Terry Warren, NOCCC President and OS/2 SIG leader; Steve Schiffman, President of SCOUG; Steven Levine, writer of the "OS/2 Mr. Know-It-All" column; Tony Butka, who pens "OS/2 Ink"; and Webfoot, The Duck.

The next Help Desk is Sunday, October 1 at 2 p.m. The site is Chapman University in the city of Orange (east of Interstate 5 and north of Route 22). That's near Disneyland and it's where Warp Expo West was held in August 1999.

For directions visit http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest/travel.html and http://www.scoug.com/warpexpowest/sitemap.html-- or visit http://www.mapquest.com/ and enter the address 400 N. Center Street, Orange, CA. You can park in any of the University lots for free since it's Sunday, but if you park on the street watch the signs carefully since they do issue parking tickets.

Come to Hashinger Hall Science Building's room 203. It's on the second floor and there's an elevator to bring up your equipment.

This OS/2 Help Desk replaces SCOUG's Monday evening OS/2 Help Desk in Anaheim.

Print this page and print the maps. Put them on your dashboard. Come to the new OS/2 Help Desk!

September 18

JOIN us for a complete review of all the command line tips-n-techniques that you ever wanted to know about OS/2, but were afraid to ask

Let's BACKUP a little and review some of the helpful things we've learned from our years of OS/2 experience. Do you know how many characters you can use in a command line? You'll find out, if you attend. Are there any undocumented DIR parameters that you may FIND helpful? You'll find out, if you attend.

Take PAUSE to learn MORE! This is the PATH to higher learning. This is the SORT of information that can help you RECOVER from a bad TIME. Mark the DATE on your calendar to VERIFY your ability to attend!

See you there. See our web page for directions.

Roger Borrello
Atlanta OS/2 User's Group Secretary
Eddress: rfb@GoldenCode.com

September 15

The next meeting of the Southern California OS/2 User Group (SCOUG) will be this Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 9:00 AM PDT, at Grace Baptist Church in Anaheim.

(The following is updated information from what I put out this past Sunday evening)

Video Production for Digital Distribution

Peter Skye will tell us all about video production for digital distribution. Ought to be interesting for everyone, so you'll want to be there!

After the main meeting presentation, we'll have Q&A, a raffle, and then the Saturday SIG meetings:

General Interest Group: Peter Skye will continue his main meeting presentation on video production for digital distribution. At this time, he will focus more on technical issues such as frames/second and editing.

Programming SIG: Will get started on planning the modifications for SCOUG's Adopt-an-App, Newsharvest.

Help Desk chats now happen on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM PDT. If you've got a problem with hardware or software, join the chat and ask for help. For further info, go to http://www.scoug.com/chat/index.html.

Monday, September 18, 7 PM PDT meetings:

OS/2 Help Desk: Got problems with your system? Volunteers at the OS/2 Help Desk will help you solve them. Bring your system and all related hardware and software, along with a detailed explanation of your problem.

Networking SIG: Will be providing help to members setting up a peer network and connecting their local LAN to the Internet via a cable modem connection, DSL connection, or a dial-up connection via an ISP.

The Sundial SIG is on hiatus, pending the successful search for a new SIG leader.

How to get to Grace Baptist Church:

The Grace Baptist Church in Anaheim is at 2528 W. La Palma Ave. It is on the south side of the street (about 200 ft. E of Magnolia). It's a 2-story office building close to La Palma Ave. with the address of 2528 up near the roof. (It's between 2 large apartment complexes and can be easily missed). Look for the SCOUG banner and/or a sign with the words "New Hope Christian Center". Turn in (south) there. Park in the front lot. For the general meeting, go up the stairs in the middle of the building along the parking-lot side. For the Help Desk ~Networking SIG, go in at the middle on the ground floor and down the hall to your right.

Freeway exits: (subject to change due to freeway construction on I-5 and the 91 freeways):
1) North I-5 (from central/south Orange County): take the Brookhurst/La Palma exit and turn left (going west over I-5). The church will be on your left side.
2) South I-5 (from Los Angeles): take the Beach Blvd. exit and turn right going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; after you pass Magnolia, the church will be on your right side.
3) West 91 freeway (from the Inland Empire, etc): take the Magnolia exit and turn left going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the church will be on your right side.
4) East 91 freeway: take the transition to I-5 south. Stay to your right and take the Magnolia exit. Turn right going south. Turn left on La Palma Ave; the church will be on your right side.

OR: Go to http://www.scoug.com/directions.html; there is a map to the school, plus a more detailed map ~driving directions from Yahoo! Come and join us!

September 14

The Triangle OS/2 User's Group will hold its Regular Meeting at 7:30PM on Tuesday, September 26th 2000 4800 Falls of Neuse Rd. (5 th Floor) Raleigh, NC 27609

Mr. Rich Cottle, who was our President about five years ago, has graciously agreed to take over the major leadership responsibilities of the group, and will conduct the meetings in the future.

Rich brings a broad technical expertise to the organization; so come out and welcome him as he resumes his old job.

Steve Kissell
Triangle OS/2 User's Group.

September 13

Thursday, September 14, the Toronto OS/2 User's Group will hold its General meeting.

On the schedule is a demonstration of ODIN by Brad Barclay, as well as general group maintenance matters that are outstanding.

We hope to see you there.

George Sikou
Toronto OS/2 User's Group

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