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October 2003

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OS/2-Letters, Addenda, Errata

Translation: Michael Bate

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

We have two letters this month from readers replying to Eric Baerwaldt's article: "OS/2 and ISDN - Loving union or forced marriage?".

On 1st August, 2003 Thomas Klein wrote:

Not quite the full story: the German firm NCP has also developed active ISDN cards and external adapters that are available on eBay every now and again.
The ISA cards are called "Arrow Star" and the external adapters "Arrow Box." The external adapters come bundled with a special cable that connects to the parallel port.
Both function faultlessly under OS/2. I worked with a wide range of models for a long time and was more than happy. The cards (only ISA) are happy with Version 2.9 of ISDNPM; the boxes on the other hand need the Version 3 of ISDNPM because of CAPI 2.0
You don't need to write an addendum to the article of course, I just thought that in relation to the completeness of your own list it might be of some interest.
"In a world without fences - who needs Gates?"
(Scott McNealy)

And Michael Molthagen wrote on 4th August, 2003

Hello Eric,
I've just read your article. Very good.
By the way, there is another ISDN terminal adapter that is supported under OS/2: 3Com US Robotics ISDN pro TA. It functions with both the serial port and with USB. Just that it doesn't work with FaxWorks Pro 2.0, but does with the IAK. It also offers a built in Analogue / Digital switch for two analogue connections, so that you can connect an analogue fax modem.
The TA is being sold at my (Ludwigsburg) computer store Saturn for around 50 Euro - a long way below its real value.
All very well but right at the moment the problem is still: how do I fax under ISDN? I haven't yet found how to send my old Faxmodem (originally a freebie with Warp 3 from 1&1) into retirement...  Yes, I have an Elsa PCI card (Microlink) and the TA, but neither can fax except under Win-doh!s.

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