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October 1997

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Oct 27, 1997 - Congratulations on a successful WarpStock. There is already talk of next year. Where will it be and when? Stay tuned to VOICE newsletter and the WarpStock web site for details -

Oct 26, 1997 - Again from Mark Abramowitz:
I'm dog tired - but I can say that the second day went great, too. Vendors were getting kind of frustrated becaused the hordes wanted more software, and they had run out! With problems like these....

Indelible Blue brought way too many catalogs - or so they thought. They were out by the time they walked in this morning.

I've been too busy to go to the web site, but I hope pictures of the Warp museuum were posted. Simply amazing - put together by SCOUG volunteers.

(-: Above photo from the Warpstock photo page shows some happy Warpstockers. :-)

Oct 25, 1997 - First report from Warpstock - from Mark Abramowitz:
They came from near and far - over three hundred OS/2 users gathered today in Diamond Bar, California for Warpstock. The event surpassed everyone expectations. With people still arriving at 4 p.m. the first day, it's possibly the event will have drawn close to 400 OS/2 *users*.

Pictures can be found at the Warpstock home site -, and at host group SCOUG's site, Katie from Indelible Blue was snapping digital pictures, which possibly might be at Indelible Blue's web >site -

Vendors and presentators were ecstatic about the event, which had standing room-only sessions and software flying off the tables. Some exhibitors ran out of some stock within hours.

The evening social was excellent, and highlighted by a blues band (sorry guys, my brain is too mushy to get the name right), two tasty birthday cakes from IBM, and a huge raffle. Some lucky person won a set of MobileDrive items with Backmaster Ultra, valued at over $800, in the early bird raffle.

Among the names and faces spotted: Benny Ormson (Gammatech Utilities), Michael Steinberg (Lotus), Jim Koerner (IBM PSP) .... see the web sites for lots of pictures.

I'm exhausted, so that'll have to it for now.

Oct 25, 1997 - From Timur Tabi:

This is the URL for the Win32-OS/2 Project, a collection of tools and DLL's that allow an end-user to convert a Win32 (i.e. Win95/WinNT) program into a native OS/2 program, and then run that program under OS/2 without needing Windows or Win-OS/2 support installed.

NOTE: All of the information that is publicly available is on that web page.
DO NOT email me asking for more info - I WILL ignore your email.

Oct 19, 1997 - For a list of planned presentations at Warpstock, go to

For those unfamiliar with WarpStock - this is planned to be "a community event for the OS/2 users, developers and other support folks out there." It's an opportunity to get together with other folks who use and enjoy OS/2 and learn more about how OS/2 works and what applications are available now and in the future. The dates are October 25-26, 1997 and the place AQMD Headquarters, 21865 E. Copley Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765. For more information on WarpStock surf over to

Oct 18, 1997 - DARTMOUTH, NS -- Haligonian Media, an innovative company specializing in end-user content and real-time news, is celebrating the second year anniversary of its flagship publication, OS/2 e-Zine! ( Providing high quality content of interest to OS/2 end-users free of charge, OS/2 e-Zine!, which started in late 1995, is still going strong and looking forward to 1998.

Since its founding, OS/2 e-Zine! has chronicled the OS/2 industry with innovative software reviews, interviews with OS/2 personalities, commentary on the marketplace, humour and more. Early in 1997, OS/2 e-Zine! began a new regular feature, The OS/2 e-Zine! Reader Survey, where readers are able to give their opinion each month on issues of interest to OS/2 end-users. More recently, OS/2 e-Zine! began another highly popular feature, The OS/2 e-Zine! Debate, where topics important to OS/2 users are hashed out on-line.

Oct 17, 1997 - From Gary McLellan. The following OS/2 oriented mailing lists are available for subscription: OS/2 Database discussions OS/2 Word Processing discussions PMINews discussion An alternative PMMail discussion forum InCharge discussion

Details on all of these mailing lists is available at

We are also always open to adding other OS/2 specific discussion groups. (Always free).

Oct 17, 1997 - From Steve Wendt ( ), via Warpcast. Jouko Jylanki ( sends news of an update to the game Cosmic Defender. It is still in early development, but looks promising. Version 0.2b (10/16/97) fixes the problem with 0.2 requiring 256 colors (yuck!). You can download it from the Cosmic Defender web site (

Oct 16, 1997 - From John Ratti on the Warpstock List - The Las Vegas OS/2 User's Group has been the host for Team OS/2 activities at Fall COMDEX for several years. Unfortunately, the LVOS2UG has recently disbanded (See: In an effort to continue OS/2-related activities at Fall COMDEX, a listserver for the discussion of such activities has been set up through the kind assistance of Paul Hethmon. In addition, a Fall COMDEX "Birds-of-a-Feather" session has been added to the Warpstock schedule (See

The listserver is open to anyone who is interested in OS/2-related activities at Fall COMDEX. Before you can post messages to the list however, you must subscribe. You can subscribe yourself by sending an email to "". In the body of the message put one line with the command "subscribe" (no quotes). If your email program automatically appends a signature file, put the command "end" (no quotes) on a new line following "subscribe" and the listserver will ignore the rest of your message.

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a copy of all messages sent to the listserver. To post a message yourself, send it to "".

Oct 15, 1997 - VOICE General meeting held on WEBBnet. There was an update on Warpstock given by Judy McDermott. Then a lively debate on how to remarket OS/2 to the SOHO/Home user. Tom Nadeau plans on presenting his ideas on this at a Warpstock session. VOICE is still in need of a replacement secretary. Anyone interested in this position, please send your name and qualifications to Gerry Ellington, <>

For information on WEBBnet and IRC please checkout our meetings page -

Oct 15, 1997 - BT&T has released the planning version of TaxDollars 1997. This is a shareware U.S. tax program for OS/2. Their web site is The files can be downloaded from:

Oct 12, 1997 - From Garey Smiley SoftLink Services. Apache for OS/2 Version 1.2.4 is now avaiable at Apache is 'a free industrial strength HTTP server with a growing feature set available to OS/2.'

Oct 9, 1997 - IBM has a new version of Java 1.1 for OS/2. The files can be found at or

Also the NJ Bridge patch which allows Netscape Navigator for OS/2 to use Java 1.1.1 is available on HOBBES at

Oct 8, 1997 - From J3 Computer Technologies:

In celebration of the 1st Annual Warpstock event J3 Computer Technologies is conducting a raffle of an Epson ES1000c flat bed 30-bit Photo Quality Scanner. The package contains Applause (OS/2 scanning software), Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Xerox TextBridge OCR, ScanTastic PIM and DA, SCSI cable and FREE shipping. This is over a $400.00 value and an offer no one wants to miss. The drawing will be held Oct. 31, 1997 and tickets are only $10.00 each so get as many as you can. For more information on the raffle -

Oct 2, 1997 - Just a reminder that secure credit card payment for VOICE membership and sponsorship is now available through BMT Micro.

Oct 1, 1997 - from Judy McDermott. Consumer organizations for computers users.

Sign petition (must register) to keep. Java crossplatform

Sign the petition to DOJ regarding Microsoft and Internet browsers.

Developers rally to Java Lobby, petition Gates

Java Lobby

Consumer Group Blasts Microsoft IE Giveaway

Excerpt -------
CPOT, which was involved in blocking the Staples-Office Depot merger, not only wants the government to stop Microsoft from giving away the browser or integrating it into Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0, but it also wants Microsoft to put up a wall between its operating systems and applications divisions -- a proposal talked about for several years, but never implemented.

Consumer Project on Technology (CPOT)

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