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October 1998

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October 3, 1998

TarGzipPm has been updated, and now includes support for Tar comressed files (*.Z). Cleanup has also been improved to delete temp directories, and newly created files now list their content...

Available from:

Go to the projects page.

October 3, 1998

Sydney, Australia. (2 Oct, 1998). Fortify for Netscape now supports the first non-beta version of Netscape Communicator on OS/2, which was released by IBM yesterday, as version 4.04 (980928).

This functionality is available immediately, as part of the distribution. You can download this from the new and improved Fortify web site, at, or from the Fortify mirror FTP sites (after propogation is complete).

October 3, 1998

On Sept. 23, IBM released new AntiVirus updates for IBM AntiVirus.

AV30CD.ZIP for IBM AntiVirus 2.5.2 or higher
OLD30CD.ZIP for 2.5.1 or older

October 3, 1998

IBM has updated the ScrollPoint Mouse driver again (9/30/98):

October 2, 1998 Source: Vadim Rumyantsev (

The official website of SEC SPB ETU company,, reopened after reconstruction. Our company is an IBM business partner, and we provide information on our IBM-based products and services, including OS/2-based ones (sorry, Russian version only is available now). Russian Unofficial OS/2 Hardware Compatibility List is also available. Welcome!

October 2, 1998 Source: Armin Schwarz (

HOUSE/2 is the OS/2 program for home automation using X10 devices. With HOUSE/2 and X10 modules you can inexpensively automate your home, from turning on your lights and appliances automatically, to controlling drapes and thermostats, to monitor events from motion sensors and input modules. X10 modules simply plug into your existing house wiring and all transmissions between modules and the computer occurs through the house wiring itself - no rewiring is necessary. This could be the easiest and most fun home improvement project you will ever undertake.

Come see HOUSE/2 in action at Warpstock '98, Oct 17-18.

For information on HOUSE/2 see:

For information about Warpstock see:

October 2, 1998 Source: Tadashi Ohmura (


This free download of VisualAge for Java 2.0 is available now at VisualAge Developer Domain. Get your copy of the Entry Edition and experience the VisualAge for Java difference -- less coding, more fun!

October 2, 1998

Moneydance 2.0 beta 2 can be found at:

Moneydance is a personal finance manager written completely in Java. It includes transaction auto-completion, graphical reporting, reconciliation tool, running cleared vs uncleared balances, transaction sorting, double-entry, multiple currencies, support for multiple accounts and more.

October 2, 1998 Source: Max (

Let's vote the Team OS/2 Italia web site!:

CONTEST ENDS 10/24/1998 HURRY UP!!!!

On the contest promoted by Il Sole 24 Ore, the most import and economic daily newspaper, the italian OS2 users community has made a good work voting the Team OS2 Italia web site, but after reaching a impressive 6th in the "Information Technology" section, now the site has gone down to 15th position.

But there's still hope: everyone in the Net can vote any site - the contest isn't restricted only to Italian people, although foreign can't win any prize - and every vote, both from Italy and outside Italy, are counted for the final chart.

In a race between the major companies of the Italian Economy will be great to see the Team OS2 Italia among, or even at the top, of the web sites done only by business issues.

This will be possible if all the international OS2 community will vote the Team OS2 Italia on the contest site.

We already suspect of some busting mehods done by several companies, opening mail accounts only for voting then shutting it down. As example, what it means for a daily newspaper as "La Repubblica" (sort of italian New York Times) into the category of "Information Technology"? Or a site about Video Games?

What we want is only the votes of the whole OS2 community. You can use all the mailboxes you have available.

With 7000 votes we can reach the top of the chart in just some days, and even if after that we will not receive any more votes, we will be on the first three position, and without cheating.

You can vote the Team OS2 Italia web site at this url:

Remember: you MUST vote it into the "Information and communication technology" category!!!

Please state your vote filling out all the dialog-boxes.

With almost 150 votes, we will be into the first 5 positions, and in the final chart.

Thanks to everyone. Let's vote the Team OS2 Italia web site!

October 2, 1998

BladeEnc, an MP3 encoder, was updated to 0.72:

October 2, 1998

Jasmine and Gismo have both been updated.

Jasmine is a GUI interface ftp program which is able to store logins, passwords, and web site address' for transfers, among other things.

Gismo is a web authoring tool to convert colors to hex code and the other way around.

Both programs can be found at for evaluation.

October 2, 1998

NetLookout v2.09 has been released. NetLookout for OS/2 is a internet notifier. It will watch Web, FTP and Gopher sites, and tell you if they have changed. You can download a copy from:

October 2, 1998

IBM has released FixPak 38 for Warp 3.0. You can download it from If you prefer, you can install it over the web, by going to the Software Updates page (

October 2, 1998

IBM has released the Plugin SDK (Software Developers Kit) for Communicator 4.04. Those interested can download it from:

October 2, 1998

As of September 29, beta 0.80 of XFolder is available at:

XFolder is a WPS enhancer with many features including enhanced folder class, enhanced sorting, extended shutdown, folder status bars, etc.

Main new features since V0.71:

XFolder is available in both Deutsch and English.

"With XFolder V0.80, the licence agreement has changed. XFolder is still freeware, but it is now placed under the GNU General Public Licence, which means that its source code is released and free for use under certain terms and conditions. Note that there is still no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk."

(Oct. 2): Judging from the first feedback, you only have a 50% chance that this version will install on your system. I (the author) strongly recommend to make a WPS backup before you install, at least backup the INI files. Alt-F1 does not always work. ;-) I suppose this is related to old SOM runtimes, because XFolder now uses SOM multiple inheritance for its classes. I am further investigating this.

October 1, 1998

CUSeeMe has been updated to version 1.9b. The following is a list of changes:

This beta expires Jan 1 1999. You can download a copy from:

October 1, 1998

The EDM/2 OS/2 Developer's CD

BMT Micro is proud to announce the immediate shipment of our new EDM/2 CD. EDM/2 stands for "Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2" which is one of the oldest (if not the oldest), most comprehensive, publication devoted to OS/2 development issues. (for more info on EDM/2, visit

The EDM/2 CD was compiled by Carsten Whimster and Dr. Dirk Terrell, and features:

  1. All EDM/2 issues in html format from March 1993 until September 1998. Over 5 years of OS/2 development info!
  2. All but 6 of the issues from the above dates in INF format.
  3. The *complete* Hobbes /dev archive, including subdirectories.
  4. Warp 4 Fixpak 8 (including our GUI installer)
  5. Java 1.1.6
  6. Netscape Navigator 2.02
  7. Communicator Beta (sort of moot now <g>)
  8. The Xitami webserver


October 1, 1998

As of today the 1st of October, InetPowerServer v0.75 is released.

It has gone multiplatform and supports now OS/2 Warp and Windows NT (Windows 95/98 is not supported).

This new release includes a lot of bug fixes and some major changes as well as new features.

IPS is a server application for Internet based protocols like ftp, pop and smtp. It lets you setup a ftp and/or mail server.

The new version is uploaded to hobbes ( with the name as well as on the home IPS site:

October 1, 1998

A new version of VFAT-OS2 (0.04) is available with the following features:

October 1, 1998

Minta 2.00 out now! ... The new release of Minta, the MP3 tagging, listing and information PM utility for OS/2 is out now. New features include national language support (well, german and english by now, if anyone could do other translations that would be fine), enhanced WPS support, genres now loading from a user-editable file, lots of new configuration options, and many other functions! More info at:

October 1, 1998 Source: Marcus Sterling (

There is a tremor in the OS/2 community. A new page is up at WarpX that is posing a question and a commitment: Can we and will WE turn OS/2 around? The webpage can be found at:

I invite all to come to the site, read it, and post comments to the instructed BBS. We want and need your input as to what we will do. This discussion is not the regular overnight rant. This discussion will extend into Warpstock and Beyond! (I apologize for that 'Toy Story' paraphrase.)

So come join the party!!!... Okay, so the party will be at Warpstock... so come join the pre-pillow fight. ;-)

This is a grassroots effort to spread like wildfire. It can happen on all fronts from all countries. I am certain, together we can make OS/2 the finest.

October 1, 1998

Sundial Mesa 2 v2.2 bug notice!

Important Update: After we released Version 2.2 to manufacturing, we found that if you enter a nonexistant function into a formula, it could cause the program to hang. In the interest of product quality and customer satisfaction, we stopped manufacturing to correct the problem. As we refreshed the manuafacturing master, we also took the opportunity to correct a few other minor things as well (in both the program and the documentation). However, this means that if you downloaded the product prior to the appearance of this annoucement (September 30th), you should download ( it again so that you have the same product as is being shipped on diskettes.

We've updated the Product Information display so you can tell the difference. "Version 2.2" (as contained in has the problem. "Version 2.20" (as contained in has the corrections and is the same as all copies shipped on diskettes.

We apologize for any inconvience.

If you already own an earlier version of Mesa 2, we've got a great upgrade offer ( and you can place your order now!

September 30, 1998


Contact: Marianne Roderus, 914-835-3838 or

J Street Mailer Stockholm Initiative Announced

Stockholm, Sweden, September 28, 1998 - - InnoVal Systems Solutions announced today a new initiative to partner with Java developers throughout the world to develop and market international versions and special-market versions of the J Street Mailer Java-based Internet email program. Significantly, the initiative includes plans to enhance the product as well. Dan Porter, president of InnoVal, had discussed this proposal with members of the OS/2 users group in Stockholm, Sweden, last week.

InnoVal is seeking individuals or companies in many countries throughout the world to work as partners. Any individual or company may apply.

Partners creating national versions will be asked to translate the HTML-based help files into their country's language, translate menus and dialogs using standard Java internationalization procedures, and modify code if they deem it appropriate for their country. Partners creating special-market versions, will be asked to modify the code appropriate for a particular marketplace such as an academic, ISP, or hardware specific market. Partners will also be encouraged to make general improvements. To enable this, InnoVal will provide the source code to its partners.

Partners will be able to sell their country's version of the J Street Mailer as shareware or as electronically distributable commercial software. Partners must agree to make their version of J Street Mailer available to premier market channels who are committed to Java. Examples include Indelible Blue, BMT Micro, and Mensys. InnoVal will request a commission from the partners for each copy sold. Though the commission amount has not been determined, it is expected to be in the range of $3.00 to $4.00 USD. There is no requirement for any advance payments to InnoVal.

Technical support will not be provided by InnoVal for any national or special-market edition of the J Street Mailer. Each partner must determine how support will be provided, if at all.

Partners must agree to share any code improvements they make with InnoVal and all other country and special-market partners.

"I am totally committed to advancing the J Street Mailer technology," said Porter, "Partnering is one way to do that. This will allow us to continue to evolve the product in ways that our customers are saying we must."

Porter continued, "Joshua Quittner, writing in today's issue of Time magazine, said that Microsoft Outlook 98 is the best email package available. That is just not acceptable to me and many people. Though many believe it, it just isn't true. By creating a culture of developers and enthusiastic users around a Java solution, I hope that we can change perceptions and indeed continue to evolve J Street Mailer into the world class cross- platform Java solution."

J Street Mailer, currently available in a standard U.S. English edition, is a full function Internet email client written completely in Java. It is getting excellent reviews for its rich function and its compatibility across all Java enabled platforms including Windows 95/98/NT, JavaOS, OS/2, Linux, Solaris, and AIX.

For more information, see InnoVal's home page at or write to InnoVal at

September 30, 1998

PSI utilities - OS/2 support for the Series 5

Erik Huelsmann from HCS Software has announced that the latest version of PSI utilities is now compatible with the Series 5.

September 30, 1998

International Software Solutions is pleased to announce that R.S.M. Java Manager Beta 3 is now available.

Install it, test it and tell us what you think of it. Thanks for your trust. International Software Solutions.

Please use the following links to download this beta version:

The following file contains Technical information:

What's new in Beta3

The following features have been added to this version:

The following problem have been corrected:

The Manager randomly crash when connecting to a Client in Full-Screen mode.


R.S.M. JAVA Manager is the JAVA component of Remote Services Management, the remote control and remote distribution solution. It will enhance R.S.M. capabilities to manage heterogeneous environments. R.S.M. JAVA Manager is designed to allow fast and easy remote control operations from any JAVA compatible platform. R.S.M. JAVA Manager provides similar features with the R.S.M. standard Manager, and will allow you to control any PC running a R.S.M. Client (version 3.0 or higher).

Key Features

Contact us

For any comments/requests or technical assistance please contact

Web site :

International Software Solutions
BP 12
ZA de Pre Milliet
38330 Montbonnot

September 30, 1998 Source: Mike Ruskai (

I've written a playlist editor that writes MPL files read by WarpAMP, primarily as an exercise for me in learning C++ and OS/2 programming.

Being useful, however, I offer it for public consumption, free of charge.

Being a beta release, there are quite possibly some bugs <gasp> in the program, but none that I know of.

The latest version is available at Hobbes:

When archived, it will be at:

The program is written in C++, using IBM's OpenClass library, compiled (naturally) with IBM's VisualAge C++ for OS/2 compiler, version 3.08.

The executable in the archive is packed to run under only Warp 3.0 or later, but can be repacked by LxLite 1.21 (using the ver2x option) to run under OS/2 2.x if desired, since no Warp-specific system calls are used (at least not that I know of).

Included in the archive is another archive containing the resource files necessary to alter or recreate the dialog interface(s) to the program. People who know what they are doing can change the layout to match their desires. You'll need a dialog editor and resource compiler for this.

September 30, 1998

My name is Jennifer Allen and our company, TEKsystems, has a job opportunity for some one who can support an OS/2 environment. The job is in Jacksonville. Do you know any one who might be interested? I can be reached at 888-768-3951 or 904-730-7818. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Jennifer Allen

September 29, 1998 Source: Adrian Gschwend (

The OS/2 Netlabs is looking for OS/2 programmers! We have some new projects in the air, but we need you support!


WarpIN is the name of a project for creating a free, open-source crossplatform installation utility. The first goal is to create a functional release with only the basic functions implemented. After that, we will slowly add all the features to the project.

We need PM and TCP/IP programmers to finish our work!

If your are intersted, check

CAMERA Linux to OS/2 Port

If got a mail from Duncan Munro, the director of the Canadian Amateur Research Observatory (CARO), located near Vancouver B.C. They are planning to do an automated Supernova Search and they would like to use OS/2/Xfree86 (currently installed on a 3 machine LAN) to run the Observatory.

We need people which are able to port CAMERA to XFree86/2. If we can get the observatory running with OS/2 it would be, to my knowledge, a first for OS/2.

To find out more about CARO see:

To find out more about CAMERA see:

I can tell you more about this project, if you are interested please let me know!

September 29, 1998 Source: Loren Bandiera (

In reponse to StarDock's decision not to release another (v3) release of GalCiv for OS/2 or Java (they're doing Win32 version), there's a project of producing GalCiv clone for Java Virtual Machine (1.1.6 and up, with Swing classes, or v1.2.0 when it's released on OS/2 and Linux).

More info on:

If you can help (with graphics, AI design or something), contact them!

September 29, 1998 Source: Duane Chamblee (

I've updated my LatestWarp4 ( page to include Peer fixpak IP08407. I haven't extensively tested IP08407, but everything is working fine on my machine (YMMV!)

The ZIP install is available. The RSU install is not yet available at this time.

September 29, 1998 Source: Peter Garner (

Dear CandyBarz Beta User,

A number of people have reported problems with the beta of CandyBarz (V120b) that was placed on the Netlabs server 29.Sept.1998. It seems that there are 2 problems involving either Object Desktop or an S3 Video Card, respectively.

We believe the OD problem relates to a fix we added to assist people running Peter Nielsen's PMView Graphics Viewer. To this end we have created a new Version 1201b that allows the user to disable this PMView fix. On the first page of the new CBSetup you will see a check box with the text "Enable PMView Fix". By default this fix is now DISABLED so that OD users will hopefully experience no problems. This version should be available at netlabs:

by the 1st of October.

The S3 VGA Card problem is proving to be a little more difficult. We would like S3 card users to get the S3 graddbb drivers from IBM at:

the file name is

They will need loaddskf.exe (found on the warp install cdrom) to unpack the files to a floppy. It is very important to revert the system to VGA first! There are complete instructions in the readme that accompanies the package.

Please let us know the results.

Thank you very much for supporting CandyBarz and OS/2!

Peter Garner

September 29, 1998

Netcape Communicator 4.04 for OS/2 is now official! It can be downloaded for free from:

There is also an updated PlugIn Pak available from the same site.

The following e-mail by Mike Kaply of IBM discusses some issues of interest.

X-Newsgroups: comp.os.os2.apps
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:03:39 -0400
From: Michael Kaply

Hi there.

Now that I have your attention, welcome to the unofficial Netscape Communicator for OS/2 Warp informational post.

By the time you read this, or soon after, the GA version of COMM/2 should be up there.

I have promised everyone some undocumented features, and this post lists them.

It also lists some workarounds that are NOT in the README.


Please read this post!

1. Lines in images

Some machines might still experience white lines in images, even after following the FixPak 6 instructions in the README. If you do, use the following REXX CMD to add another entry to your INI File:

/* */
call RxFuncAdd 'SysLoadFuncs', 'RexxUtil', 'SysLoadFuncs'
call SysLoadFuncs

call SysIni 'USER', 'FixPak', 'Shift','2'

If you still have the problem, try changing the '2' to '1'

2. Viewing source in an editor, using AIM, Host On-Demand, or Netcaster

OK, the following CMD file is a catch all for all of the above. First the CMD file:

/* IniName points to the location of your NSCP.INI */
/* Change NSDir to the directory where NS40 is installed */
/* Change InstallDrive to the drive where NS40 is installed */
/* Change en to be the two character identifier for your browser */
IniName = 'C:\OS2\NSCP.INI'
InstallDrive = 'C:'
NSDir = InstallDrive||'\NS40BETA'
InstallDir = NSDir'\Program'
NSVersion = '4.04 (en)'
call RxFuncAdd 'SysLoadFuncs', 'RexxUtil', 'SysLoadFuncs'
call SysLoadFuncs

/* Add ini entries for Netcaster */
call SysIni IniName, 'Netcaster', 'CurrentVersion', NSVersion
call SysIni IniName, 'Netcaster-'||NSVersion, 'Install Directory',
/* Add ini entries for Host On-Demand */
call SysIni IniName, '3270', 'CurrentVersion', NSVersion
call SysIni IniName, '3270-'||NSVersion, 'Install Directory',
/* Add ini entries for AOL Instant Messenger */
call SysIni IniName, 'AIM', 'CurrentVersion', NSVersion
call SysIni IniName, 'AIM-'||NSVersion, 'Install Directory', NSDir'\AIM'

/* Add Registry entries for View Source */
call SysIni IniName, 'Registry',
'\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\viewsource','URL:View Source'
call SysIni IniName, 'Registry', '\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\viewsource\shell',0
call SysIni IniName, 'Registry',
call SysIni IniName, 'Registry',

Now how to use it:

Install Netscape on windows, copy the contents of NETCAST, 3270, and AIM directories to the appropriately named directories under where you installed NETSCAPE:


Note that these three products are NOT supported, but feel free to try. Note that the AOL pulldown will just launch AIM.EXE in the AIM directory, so you can put anything there.

Once you have added the View Source entry, you can modify the settings for it in the Preferences->Applications.

3. Misc undocumented OS/2 features

All these are entries you can add to your PREFS.JS file to do various things. Have fun experimenting:

If we see a web page with Arial, Helvetica, we pick Helvetica if this preference is true
user_pref("os2.arial_pref", false|true);

Specify a wave file for new mail sound. REMEMBER double backslashes!
user_pref("os2.mail.sound", "C:\\MMOS2\\SOUNDS\\GOTMAIL.WAV");

Prevents ALL filename mangling when downloading (dots and extension) if set to false
user_pref("os2.replace_dots", true|false );

Turns off URL bar completion if set to false
user_pref("os2.url_completion", true|false );

Causes User Defined Encoding to use default codepage of OS/2 if set to true.
On Russian systems, this allows you to see 866 web pages.
On default OS/2 systems, you can see 850 pages.
user_pref("os2.use_oem_charset", true|false );

4. Other notables

Viewing any language web page in Communicator

If you use Times Roman MT 30 as your font for ALL encodings, you will be able to see stuff in any language.

Chinese and Korean only work on FP 5 or later (I think)

Causing helpers to be launched by the WPS:

If you check the application radio button when EDITING (not creating) a helper, but leave the application entry field blank, the item simply gets passed to the Workplace Shell. This can be used to launch Windows helpers with proper settings, as well as just letting the WPS handle all misc types.

5. Apologies

Sorry all the drag drop still isn't there. It is our number one priority for the next version.

As far as the click on load goes, Netscape deliberately broke that because of other bugs. We tried to fix it, but couldn't get it in in time. Next time.

As far as the Collabra problems go, we couldn't get them to reproduce in the latest drivers. We hope they are fixed.

Hope y'all enjoy the product!

Mike Kaply
IBM Corporation
Technical Lead
Netscape Communicator for OS/2

September 28, 1998

Today the CandyBarZ team at OS/2 Netlabs released a new version of the well known titlebar enhancer.

New features:

You can get a copy at

Warning: This product is a beta test, but there was no mention of the fact on the web page. Peter Garner, lead developer, has acknowledged a problem with the installion on systems using S3 graphics chips (mine is an S3 Trio64V+/765 and, after installation, I could not access the pages to customize CandyBarz--it runs, but only with the default settings). The developers are working to correct this problem.

September 28, 1998

PowerQuest ( has issued the following response on Partition Magic 4.0 not having an OS/2 executable:

OS/2 Group,

I see you're still as feisty and kickin' as ever! From the number of emails and phone calls we've received in the last few days, after the release of PartitionMagic 4.0, I'd say you have a real time chat line that operates 24/7.

Unfortunately, the messages we've received have taken the information that PartitionMagic no longer has a native OS/2 executable, escalated it, and turned it into the false notion that PowerQuest no longer supports OS/2 in any of its products. So, let's get back to reality here and look at the situation.

PartitionMagic 4.0 does support OS/2 * the product has full support for HPFS, including extended attributes, even in the FAT file system. The only thing it does not have is the native text version executable.

A yellow paper titled Important Notice, included in the box, outlines what you must do to run PartitionMagic 4.0 with OS/2. It will direct you to go to command mode, and select a DOS window, change drives to the CD-ROM, change directories to the OS/2INST subdirectory, run MAKEDISK.BAT, and insert a 3.5" 1.44MB diskette. You will need two floppies for this operation. The floppies will then contain the DOS graphical user interface version of PartitionMagic 4.0. You do not need DOS to do this, as the ability to get a DOS window or full screen is included in OS/2, version 2.01+.

So, out of all the pluses of the new PartitionMagic version * being able to visually see what you want to accomplish before you partition, being able to batch commands * the only negative is that you do have to reboot to run PartitionMagic 4.0.

One gentleman called our product manager and suggested that we put the native executable as a separate item on the CD. If we did that, OS/2ers wouldn't be able to use the new features in 4.0; they would have the equivalent of 3.0.

When we were developing the product, there was a long list of features that employees and customers wanted. As development time went on, that had to be whittled down. That doesn't mean the least important features were cut; not at all. Other factors, such as time, where we were in the process of each feature, etc., helped make that determination.

However, I want you to know that your input has been taken quite seriously by everyone involved * by Scott Flinders, PowerQuest's product manager for PartitionMagic, by the development team, and by top management. They are currently looking at the situation, and we will report back to you in two weeks about any decisions made. If PowerQuest does include a native OS/2 executable, it will come out as a free downloadable patch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Candice Steelman
Vice President - Corporate Communications

September 28, 1998

The Russian OS/2 Support web site has moved to this new address:

September 28, 1998

John Fairhurst and the Warpzilla team have released the latest (and last) version of Warpzilla using the current layout technology. This release (0.007 "Bond") builds on Warpzilla 0.006 and adds many features such as:

This release is the first that can be used as an everyday browser, even though there are still some pages and situations where Warpzilla crashes (i.e. exits but not hangs your system like the NS 2.02!). For more information, select About->Warpzilla on the menu bar.

You can download a copy from Please do not send bug reports about this version to the developers as we have begun to completely rewrite Warpzilla using the upcoming NGLayout technology of Navigator 6.0!

We are still looking for talented people willing to contribute to the Warpzilla project, notably web site designers and PM programmers. If you are interested in being part of the group that works on the most sophisticated port of the browser for the next millenium, please contact us on the Warpzilla newsgroup, which you can find at

September 28, 1998 Source: Maurilio Long (

Today I releaed mmap v1.00, it contains a memory mapped files emulation layer for OS/2. It's being used on build 4 of mSQL/2 and now is available as a freeware stand-alone service.

With this .dll you can have memory mapped files under OS/2 so if you are a programmer porting software from unix (or even developing new native software for OS/2) this is a tool which can help you a lot (memory mapped files are available on nearly every kind of unix).

You can download a copy from:

September 27, 1998

BubblePad V1.02 has been released.

Bubblepad is a replacement class for the launchpad of Warp 3/4. It offers flyover help and an option to greatly reduce the size of the pad by reordering of the buttons. It fits seamlessly into the WPS and is highly customizable. Full online help is provided. The package is released under the GPL and comes with full source. It replaces BubblePad V1.01.

New in this version:

Fixed bugs:

Get it from the BubblePad homepage:

Incoming directory, will presumably be moved to /pub/os2/util/wps/

Incoming directory will presumably be moved to /pub/comp/os/os2/leo/wpstools/

September 27, 1998 Source: Maurilio Longo (

I've just uploaded to hobbes, it contains a memory mapped files emulation layer for OS/2.

September 27, 1998

There is a new version of MAME for OS/2 available, you can get the new version at:

This version is much faster than the older release and it is also at the same level as the DOS Version (.34.3). You will now be able to run up to 800 games!

M.A.M.E. stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and currently runs 800+ classic (and even some not so classic) arcade games!

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