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November 2002

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We would like to thank the following companies for their support:

NameHome pageDescription
BMT Micro BMT Micro is a leading OS/2 software reseller serving the entire OS/2 community with a wide range of OS/2 software for every need.
GammaTech, Inc. GammaTech IRC and the GammaTech Utilities.
Millennium Technology The home of the Databook for OS/2 Warp
PillarSoft Developers of DTB, WarpZip, ShowTime/2 and the Enhanced E Editors
Subsys Useful things for OS/2 and eComStation. Home of Contact/2, WaveCut, SmartLaunch and many other freeware and shareware applications.
Sundial Systems Clearlook Wordprocessor, DBExpert relational database, Junk Spy, Mesa 2 spreadsheet, Relish time management and Rover Pack Desktop Navigation

For more information on VOICE sponsorship please refer to our sponsorship information page on the VOICE website -
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