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May 2003

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April 16

OS/2 Kit for Java Release Candidate 1 available!

posted 16 April 2003 14:27

InnoTek has updated its OS/2 Kit for Java product to the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) level. It can be downloaded for free individual use at vaos2.

Among the many improvements of RC1 are the following highlights:

* completed support for the Java Plug-In with IBM Web Browser for OS/2 and Mozilla
* improved sound support for smoother playback
* performance enhancements
* numerous bugfixes

For more information on InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java, please contact InnoTek at

April 16

Hauppauge developer needed

"TVShow is a program that, when used in conjunction with BT878-based cards, brings TV to the OS/2 desktop. I wrote this program because the existing desktop TV solutions slow down other programs on my OS/2 system."

Aleksandr Cherkaev, the author, is looking for developer with a Hauppauge TV card to enhanced the C sourcecode. If you can and want to help, please send a mail to

April 16

April 2003 OS/2 eZine


From The Editor
Robert Basler


eComStation 1.1 - Gold Baby!
Robert Basler takes a test drive.

Deane Yamane looks at a utility that displays useful system information.

John Bijnens reviews a utility for converting bitmaps into vector images.


Guide to Creating PDF's
Isaac Leung tells us how.

Application Servers for eComstation and OS/2
David A. Del Col looks at some of the choices.

OS/2 Tricks
Isaac Leung offers a long list of things you probably didn't know OS/2 could do.

OS/2 is Boring Part 9
Bas Heijermans looks at a solution for keeping time.

The Art Department
Cool desktops for you.

April 15

Project Odin: daily builds are back

As promised some days ago the Odin daily builds are back! When the changelog gets updated the daily builds will be created automatically (once a day :-).

You can get them directly from

Notes for developers:
We've switched from GCC 3.0.3 to GCC 3.2.1 for compiling NTDLL. More Odin dlls (like MSVCRT) will require GCC in the future. CVS contains a detailed description on how to setup the GCC 3.2.1 build environment.

Odin Homepage:

You are welcome to submit screenshots & reports of applications to the application database.


Thanks to Sander Van Leewuen for the GCC changes and to Knut St. Osmundsen for setting up daily builds again!

Adrian Gschwend
Webmaster of

April 15

acrobat 4.05/2

Acrobat 4.05 was ported to os/2 with odin by innotek, grab the "evaluation" version here:

April 14

MR/2 ICE v2.37

MR/2 ICE - Internet Cruiser Edition - An Internet Email/News Client for OS/2


MR/2 ICE version 2.37 has been released.

The link for direct download is:

Changes in this release:

More rework of the settings saving logic - accounts were getting empty "ghost" cfw files under OS/2 when run in native OS/2 mode and accounts were switched.

April 13

SmartPack v1.1 for Mesa/2 available

SmartPack for Mesa/2 is a collection of little tools to use with the spread sheet application Mesa/2 by Sundial Systems.


New in this version:
- new option in all modules: 'always on top', makes an floating window
- new option in CellEdit: soft wrap
- bugfix in CellEdit: file save routine

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