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And the Os/2car goes to...

by Mark Dodel, © June 2006

Mark Dodel is the founding editor of the VOICE Newsletter and is the current moderator of the VOICE News mailing list http://www.os2voice.org. Mark is a past president of Warpstock, the annual OS/2-eComStation user conference in North America and continues as an advisor to the board of directors of Warpstock, Inc. He has worked for many years as a computer comsultant for clinical hospital systems development.

OS/2 World has announced the results of their 2006 awards and the VOICE website was voted "Best Site of the Year." VOICE has never been one to trumpet their own accomplishments, but I thought it was appropriate to take this time to point out the work of a few of the folks that have put a lot of their personal time into the project and helped make it one of the few remaining active online resources for the OS/2 and eComStation community.

First off, Ken Kirchner who is the VOICE server admin, web master, and all around great guy. He has taken some suggestions from myself and others and implemented them on the website to make it the useful, always up-to-date site it is today. His talent and knowledge is what has brought about those features which make the site so useful, like the new hobbes file listing, the archived article search feature, and the automatically updated news listings on the main page. He has also been a great help with the Warpstock website (also hosted on the VOICE server) with things like mail and online polls.

I'd like to personally thank all the people who over the many years have submitted announcements to the VOICE mailing list which helps keep OS/2 and eComStation users informed without having to spend a lot of time hunting down this information on their own. If you have a news item related to OS/2 and eComStation, please email it to submit@os2voice.org or use the online submission form.

Next, Christian Hennecke who stepped in as the Editor-in-Chief of the VOICE Newsletter a couple of years ago and has modernized it into a truly attractive and useful information source despite some tough times getting new content and help translating in our ever shrinking community of users and developers. The Newsletter has come a long way since it first appeared 9 years ago as a brief four pages of HTML (and that damn INF version ;-) ) with some news and information about VOICE and OS/2.

Finally to the writers, translators, and editors who continue to work on the Newsletter so folks have something new to read every month or so. Without these people there would be no VOICE Newsletter. If you haven't done so yet, please consider contributing an article for a future edition. There is a very well written guideline for submission of articles that you should definitely look over for hints about what to write and how to present it.

Our thanks also go to the voters. Thank you for the confidence you put on us. We will try to maintain the standard and have a few plans to further improve our services.

For the fifth time, the OS/2 World.com award has turned a spot-light on individuals, organisations, and companies that still support OS/2 and eComStation—many of them rather silently. Let us remember that the dedication shown is not self-evident and that there are people behind the products. Congratulations to all the other award winners and nominees alike!

Formatting: Christian Hennecke
Editing: James Moe