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The July edition of the VOICE Newsletter is now available.


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PMMail Version 3.14 Released


PMMail for OS/2 version 3.14 has been released. For more information, release notes and a free download of the demonstration version of the program, please visit our website at http://pmmail.os2voice.org/index.php?title=PMMail_for_OS/2

PMMail/2 allows limited usage until it is registered. The limitations are:
* 1 account
* 1 attachment per new message
* Each message printed has a statement that this is a demonstration version of PMMail/2.

A registration code is required to use all features of the program. You must be a VOICE member to get a registration code.

PMMail is also available from Hobbes


OS/2 VOICE supports open-source projects


In 2012, VOICE donated 8100 Euro to support development of the following projects.

  • OpenJDK 6.0
  • ODIN
  • QPDFView
  • PSI
In 2013, VOICE donated 2700 Euro to support developement of Firefox 17.

  New at Hobbes (updates at 60 minute interval);
2014/08/25 kfw110.zip K File Wizard v1.1.0419.6 KB
2014/08/25 less-458.zip A paginator similar to more 510.5 KB
2014/08/25 libgcrypt-1.6.2.zip libgcrypt v1.6.25.2 MB
2014/08/23 Tekram-SCSI-Host-adapters-os2-driver.zip Tekram SCSI Host Adapters845.4 KB
2014/08/22 dataseek113.zip PM text and file finder - better PMSeek (ACDataSeeker)137.7 KB
2014/08/19 lightning_1.9b1.zip Calendar add-on for Thunderbird and/or SeaMonkey, 17ESR branch1.4 MB
2014/08/19 pm123-1.41b2.zip PM123 version 1.41 beta 23.5 MB
2014/08/19 SDL-1.2.15-20140819.zip SDL 1.2.15 for OS/21.6 MB
2014/08/17 pwicq_src.zip pwICQ source code (2003/09/22) An ICQ client clone.8.8 MB
2014/08/17 gne024b.zip GNE IrDA stack software for OS/2 0.2.4 beta (2006/07/28)78.0 KB
2014/08/17 ODBwin_src.zip ODB (ObjectDataBase) Database for Windows source code (2000)39.7 MB