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PMMail Version 3.20 Released


PMMail for OS/2 version 3.20 has been released. For more information, release notes and a free download of the demonstration version of the program, please visit our website at http://pmmail.os2voice.org/index.php?title=PMMail_for_OS/2

PMMail/2 allows limited usage until it is registered. The limitations are:
* 1 account
* 1 attachment per new message
* Each message printed has a statement that this is a demonstration version of PMMail/2.

A registration code is required to use all features of the program. A PMMail/2 licence is free for those who have been a VOICE sponsor with one standard sponsorship unit at least two consecutive years. Others can obtain a PMMail/2 licence by donating two standard sponsorship units to VOICE.

PMMail is also available from Hobbes


OS/2 VOICE supports open-source projects


In 2012, VOICE donated 8100 Euro to support development of the following projects.

  • OpenJDK 6.0
  • ODIN
  • QPDFView
  • PSI
In 2013, VOICE donated 2700 Euro to support developement of Firefox 17.

  New at Hobbes (updates at 60 minute interval);
2015/11/25 mediadownloader-1.5.2-os2-ico.zip Icon file for mediadownloader-1.5.2-os2.zip6.1 KB
2015/11/23 NewsHarvest-1_7_fix.wpi.delete  1.2 MB
2015/11/23 NewsHarvest-1_7_fix.txt.delete  1.4 KB
2015/11/23 NewsHarvest-1_7_fix2.wpi News Harverst 1.7 (2002-08-05). Binaries and Source code. News Harvest lets you extract binaries from all your favourite news groups while you work, while you sleep, or while you watch. Fire and Forget binary news extractor. Fixed WPI errors.1.2 MB
2015/11/23 quake2_os2_demo_wpi_fix.zip Quake 2 Demo for OS/2. This WarpIn installer contains the Demo version of Quake 2 by ID Software with the executables ported to OS/2 by Mikulas Patocka. Fixed WPI Archive.34.2 MB
2015/11/23 OpenTyrian-SDL-20140725-ico.zip Icon file for OpenTyrian-SDL-20140725.zip4.6 KB
2015/11/23 Amphetamine-SDL-20140725-ico.zip Icon file for Amphetamine-SDL-20140725.zip5.9 KB
2015/11/22 kcheckers081-os2-ico.zip Icon file for kcheckers081-os2.zip2.0 KB
2015/11/22 JR-Misc-Tools-1_0.zip John Ridges Misc Tools 1.051.6 KB
2015/11/22 Eyecon-1_0.zip Eyecon 1.0 (1990-Jun-12=20.0 KB
2015/11/22 Checkout-1_0.zip Checkout 1.0 (1990)247.7 KB