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April 2000

The Doctor Is In.

By: Phil D. Butler info@qpdbcom.force9.co.uk

I am not a computer whiz. So for me WarpDoctor is a life saver. All right, so you visit the site and see the ominous words "This site is under construction". - How many times have we all visited a promising looking site and seen that? Well it might not be finished yet - but, given the scope for expansion - could it ever be? Still, if you visited this site a few months ago and found little there but a promise you really ought to see what's happened since!

OK, so, apart from the ominous words, what else is there? Would you believe more ominous words? First there's a flashing sign saying...

Click on that and you go to a page headed...
Exciting stuff! What is it? The poison bottle? The sterilizer? No, something much more timely. In fact it's a message about Boot Manager and Windows 2000. Check it out! These guys are really on the ball! They know about the problem with Windows 2000's predatory tendencies regarding non microsoft operating systems that for some reason did not appear during beta testing (sound familiar?). What's more they have a workaround and a possible fix ready!

So what else is there?

Well, there are links to IBM, including Software Choice and the IBM Device Driver Pack... Links to the Notebook/2 site and to Sundial and Netlabs and so on but you can expect that... More useful are ftp files for hard drives bigger that 4GB, IRC clients and so on - check all this out and see how much useful information is being accumulated - a pharmacopoeia, in fact! All very useful, but where's the doctor?

Well there are several, in fact. The site lists them all so click on "The Team" on the index page to see them, complete with emails and IRC nics but in brief they are; Dan Casey(Abraxas on IRC), Abel McClendon(WarpHoss), Lynn Maxson(lmaxson) and Andrew Welty(Sector). Do they know their stuff? You bet! I've seen them in action on the WarpDoctor IRC meetings in the #voice channel on WEBBnet and they make the guys on ER look like amateurs! - OK, so ER is only a TV show and maybe none of them is as good looking as George Clooney - but then who is? ;) What I mean is that these guys are the heart and soul of WarpDoctor and they are on call on Wednesday's on IRC as it says on the site. So if you want to see them in action, follow the directions on the "Feedback" page.

Another way of getting in touch is posting to the site. Your request will be dealt with courteously and absolutely effectively. These people know how to sort out your problem. You can be confident of that.

Always remember, though, that this site is under construction. be patient (no pun intended!) but also, consider this... These people give of their time voluntarily. Like all of us, their time is limited and they can always use a little help. So if you've a mind to volunteer, don't hesitate, visit the site click on http://www.warpdoctor.org/volunteer.html and you could know the joy of helping someone else to get the best out of our favourite operating system!

Since the above article was written, IBM have released Fix Pack 13 for Warp 4 and The Warpdoctor now has a list of known problems with FP13. And, where appropriate, a fix or workaround to the problems has been added to the Warnings Page.

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