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Membership Information

To become a member of VOICE, you must agree to abide by the bylaws and code of ethics of VOICE, and send in a check or money order to cover the dues for a one year membership. The dues are listed below.

1 Year Membership Dues for VOICE
Kind of membership Dues in USD
Student 10.00
Individual 25.00
Corporate 100.00

All monies must be in United States Currency. Make out your check or money order to:

60 Saint Patrick Street
Apt 628
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2X5

Secure credit card payment for VOICE membership and sponsorship is now available through BMT Micro. http://www.bmtmicro.com/BMTCatalog/os2/voicememberships.html and through Mensys at https://shop.mensys.nl/cgi-bin/db2www/mns_art2.d2w/report?artname=VOICESUB.

Please review the VOICE Bylaws and Code of Ethics and then fill out the membership application form and enclose it with your membership dues.