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Volume 11, Number 05

Future events calendar
User group meetings and OS/2-related events.


The Editors of VOICE speak out: Incommunicado
by Christian Hennecke
Lately, a mood change can be observed in conversations with OS/2 and eComStation users. A change for the worse, a spread of resignation and indignation. Even a number of users that one would file under “die-hard” are affected. What are the reasons for this development, and how can it be stopped?
Tales from mascot kingdom — An approach in determination of an eCS mascot
by Thomas Klein
eComStation does not have a mascot. Thomas Klein explains why that needs to change and takes a not entirely serious look at potential candidates.
Data Exchange Between Mobile Phones and OS/2 Machines
by Ralph Hanses
Modern mobile phones and PDAs increasingly offer features that make data exchange with a PC seem interesting. First of all, this applies to image files created by the integrated cameras. Ralph Hanses has investigated how these can be transferred to OS/2 machines.
Using Theseus to Study Memory Usage Under OS/2 — Part 2
by Sjoerd Visser
Most OS/2 users probably have suffered from memory-related problems, even if they don't know it. With some knowledge of the mechanisms at work, the comprehensive tool Theseus from IBM can be used to investigate such matters and find possible culprits and solutions. This article is the second in a small series about OS/2 and memory.
GigaBit LAN — or How I supercharged my network
by Keith Merrington
With more and more modern motherboards being equipped with Gigabit LAN NICs and the technology becoming cheaper in general, the question if an upgrade would be worthwhile becomes a more common one. Keith Merrington has gradually upgraded his network and reports about his experiences.
BitTorrent and OS/2 — Part 2
by Alex Taylor
BitTorrent is a popular peer-to-peer file distribution protocol. In this followup to his original article on BitTorrent and OS/2, Alex Taylor address a few outstanding issues and takes a look at some additional BitTorrent solutions.
Driving into the future?
by Christian Hennecke
Late last year, Scitech decided to offer its SNAP graphics technology for sale after a period of much reduced activity. This caused shock and awe among OS/2 users as it meant the end for support of current and future video hardware. Several months have passed. Now, eCo Software announced an agreement regarding development of Panorama VESA, a VESA video driver.
OS/2 Tips
Collected useful hints from OS/2 forums
Letters, Addenda, Errata
What our readers have to say. Errata and additional information.

The VOICE Newsletter

An overview of markup that is used throughout the Newsletter.
Guide lines for Article Submissions to the VOICE Newsletter
Information for authors including topic suggestions, detailed information about different article types for novice authors, and formatting.
Disclaimer and Copyright
The inevitable terms and conditions.


What is VOICE?
A short introduction to VOICE and its goals.
The VOICE Board of Directors, site operators, and Newsletter staff.
Information for potential members, including the bylaws.
Persons, companies, and institutions that sponsor VOICE.
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