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October 1998

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Hooray for our OS/2 Strategy

An editorial view from Mark Dodel, editor of the VOICE Newsletter

Well I had hoped to be upbeat this month, what with Communicator for OS/2 going GA and a host of updates to other OS/2 applications and best of all Warpstock is coming this month. Why does IBM have to spoil things as usual? An internal IBM document outlining IBM's strategy toward OS/2 briefly appeared on Loren Bandiera's OS/2 News and Rumours site - This NCSD web page document shows that IBM has basically given up completely on OS/2, even as a corporate platform and plans to only spend a minimum of what they can get away with so that their "target customer's don't feel abandoned" while it convinces them to move to other platforms. Which in fact is what IBM planned to do. They have now stepped back a bit from this and sent Loren a sanitized version of their OS/2 non-strategy. We small time users of OS/2 are not their target customers so they honestly don't give a damn how we feel, thus IBM has no sponsorship stake in Warpstock at all. Are the folks that run IBM complete morons or what? Microsoft can't buy the grassroots support and loyalty IBM has for OS/2, but they continue to squander it.

Well screw IBM. I'm not ready to be migrated to their vision of the moment. Are you? So let's talk about our OS/2 strategy. VOICE continues to support the OS/2 SOHO user with information and a forum of communication with other OS/2 users via IRC and mail lists. Please consider adding your support by joining VOICE if you have not already done so. Every member counts toward helping us prod IBM into doing the right thing since IBM is so hung up on numbers. To start with this month, we have 7 pages of news solely concerning OS/2. Pretty good for an operating system that IBM wants to phase out. A special thanks to our News Editor, Don Eitner for all the hard work he puts into every issue.

This month's feature section includes a guest editorial by Martin Alfredsson, author of the WarpX site and developer of the Web Navigator web browser for OS/2 as well as the Boot Set utility for OS/2. Read about his latest crusade to convince IBM that they should bring forth a new OS/2 client version - The campaign is called 21Warp and it involves pre-ordering Warp 5 to show IBM that they are dead wrong in believing there is no interest in a new OS/2 client. At best we get a new, refreshed version of the operating system we love with maybe some of the whiz-bang features of Warp Server 5, at worse we make IBM look like the numb-nuts they are. If you have any interest at all in seeing a Warp 5 client, then please read this article and go to Martin's site and fill out a pre-order (honestly of course).

Continuing with our strategy for OS/2, we have a blow-by-blow report on the events that occurred at The OS/2 Love Fest known as Warpstock by VOICE members who attended. There is also a review of M.A.M.E. for OS/2 by Thom Davis; A review of SpellGuard v1.2.2 by myself; Tom Nadeau's article on "Marketing OS/2.... the Back-Door Way"; and Don Eitner writes about Better Communication, in his VIEW from the End(User) column. Finally another editorial piece on Thoughts on the First Spam Freedom Day by Mick Brown, the moderator of the USENET comp.os.os2.announce news group. We also have two new interviews with OS/2 users this month, who also are not in the mood to be shoved onto another computing platform.

Of course I continue to end my ranting by encouraging everyone to write to express your opinion on IBM's strange lack of any commitment to their own computer operating system in favor of their competitor's sorry products. If you want to VOICE your opinion write to:

Joel I. Klein
Assistant Attorney General
Antitrust Division
U.S. Department of Justice
601 D Street, NW
Washington, DC 20530

The email address is

If you would like to personally let IBM know that you want them to support OS/2 and ask them to release a new version of OS/2 send an email to:
John Stenson
Network Computing Software

Finally if you want to let Lou Gerstner's office know how you feel you can do so by pointing your favorite web browser to You'll probably then get a response from someone in John's office anyway, so I'm not sure what difference it makes.

Mark Dodel
Editor, VOICE Newsletter

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