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If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to editor@os2voice.org. We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

August 15, 2005

Peter Weilbacher responded to Mark Dodel's article Some questions and answers about the OS/2 community from the August 2005 issue:

Hi guys,

finally had some time to read through the last months of Newsletters you put together. Many thanks for the work!

Mark, I also wanted to say that you managed very well to convey the current status of the OS/2 community in your answers to the journalist. I think even the final (online) article gave the right impression.


Mark answers:

Thank you for the kind words. Glad to see there is still someone that reads what I write. I know Christian has worked hard to get out the Newsletter in what little spare time he has. Of late the number of articles has tailed off so it's getting tougher to get it out on a monthly basis. Hopefully with some renewed support from the community we can continue.

Formatting: Christian Hennecke
Editing: Christian Hennecke