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What is VOICE?

VOICE is a nonprofit, virtual user group, devoted to the education and marketing of the OS/2 operating system. VOICE was formed by a small group of OS/2 users who felt they could do something to advance knowledge of the OS/2 operating system, and is comprised of other OS/2 users who feel that something needed to be done with getting OS/2 more widely recognized.

VOICE is not affiliated with IBM.

Mission Statement

Representing OS/2 to I.B.M. and the industry, as well as marketing OS/2 to users and professionals worldwide.

VOICE Objectives

  1. Serve as a virtual, on-line user group for OS/2 users, without a local user group, and to any other OS/2 users interested in VOICE.
  2. Promote OS/2 to the SOHO consumer and to general computer users.
  3. Provide an effective communication channel between members, user groups, ISV's [independent software vendors], and IBM.
  4. To help OS/2 User Groups organize and promote their activities.

Virtual Meetings

Weekly IRC meetings are held on WEBBnet in the channel #VOICE. Meetings are now held on the first and third Saturday of each month at 3:00PM EST (20:00 GMT).

For a list of current WEBBnet IRC servers please refer to http://www.webbnet.info.

If you're unfamiliar with IRC, visit IRC Clients (http://www.moon-scape.com/warp/irc_clients.html). There is a list of available IRC clients, with descriptions, and a link to a chart that compares features of each. If you need further assistance e-mail Jeremy Workman (rs@fyrelizard.com).