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Volume 11, Number 02

Future events calendar
User group meetings and OS/2-related events.


The Editors of VOICE speak out: Why does it have to be so hard?
by Mark Dodel
Much of what you do when dealing with computers can seems to be like voodoo, even for experienced users. Recently, Mark Dodel came across this simple truth again when strange things happened with his WLAN configuration.
Warpstock Europe 2006 - revisited — Background details on event organisation
by Thomas Klein
The 2006 edition of Warpstock Europe took place more than two months ago. Event chairman Thomas Klein gives an overview of what went on behind the scenes so that others can understand what is involved in the organization of such an event.
OS/2 and Multilingual Character Sets: Part 2
by Alex Taylor
This article is the second in a series that discusses some of the issues involved in dealing with international text under OS/2. This installment focuses on viewing the double-byte text used in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Using Theseus to Study Memory Usage Under OS/2 — Part 1
by Sjoerd Visser
Most OS/2 users probably have suffered from memory-related problems, even if they don't know it. With some knowledge of the mechanisms at work, the comprehensive tool Theseus from IBM can be used to investigate such matters and find possible culprits and solutions. This article is the first in a small series about OS/2 and memory.
Warpstock Europe 2006 — Report from Cologne
by Christian Hennecke
The annual European conference for OS/2 and eComStation users and developers took place in Cologne, Germany this time. Read about the location, sessions, and more.
Using the Intel 2200BG Mini PCI card
by Ed Durrant
As an addition to Mark Dodel's previous article on installing GENMAC and XWLAN, there have been several discussions recently specifically around the installation of one particular card (or several versions of it)—the MINI-PCI, Intel 2200BG based card, mainly being installed into various IBM Thinkpad models. Ed Durrant has documented his experiences on installing a Toshiba branded version of this card into his Thinkpad.
OS/2 Tips
Collected useful hints from OS/2 forums
Letters, Addenda, Errata
What our readers have to say. Errata and additional information.

The VOICE Newsletter

An overview of markup that is used throughout the Newsletter.
Guide lines for Article Submissions to the VOICE Newsletter
Information for authors including topic suggestions, detailed information about different article types for novice authors, and formatting.
Disclaimer and Copyright
The inevitable terms and conditions.


What is VOICE?
A short introduction to VOICE and its goals.
The VOICE Board of Directors, site operators, and Newsletter staff.
Information for potential members, including the bylaws.
Persons, companies, and institutions that sponsor VOICE.
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