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March 2002

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Letters, Addenda, Errata

If you have any comments regarding articles or tips in this or any previous issue of the VOICE Newsletter, please send them to We are always interested in what our readers have to say.

January 14, 2002 - Here is a comment from Dennis Riepon on IRC in regard to the December 2001 article by Mark Dodel Cisco 340 PCMCIA Wireless network card. Dennis states there is a wireless access point by Netgear that can be configured using a web browser:
Netgear model MR314 - Australian site (Suggested price is in Australian dollars): System Requirements: Cable or DSL modem and Internet service Network card for each PC Network software (e.g., Windows) Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher Netscape 4.0 or higher.

February 9, 2002 - Curt Danner sent the following in regard to Don Eitner's article on 24X CD Recording At an Affordable Price in February's VOICE Newsletter:
Hi Don, thanks for the nice article on CDR/CDRW you wrote for this months issue of the Voice Newsletter.

I have a question to ask about the subject, and that is do all brands work on OS/2 using Daniela's drivers, or do just the ones that provide OS/2 drivers or provide support for OS/2 work.

Thanks, Curt Danner

Don's response:
To my knowledge none of the 16X, 20X, or 24X CD-RW drives "provide OS/2 support". That is, the hardware makers have made no claims to support OS/2 with any of their products. However as they are all standard IDE devices and (supposedly) conform to the MMC-3 specification, Daniela's drivers should work with any of them. To use any of them as just a CD-ROM, only IBM's standard IDE driver support is needed (IBM1S506.ADD and IBMIDECD.FLT). Supposedly IBM's newer versions of those drivers also support the CD-R and CD-RW features just as Daniela's drivers do, but I have had no reason to try it.

The only words of caution I got from Daniela were to avoid the Sony CD-RW drives. Any others (Yamaha, Acer, Teac, TDK, etc) should be alright.

February 11, 2002 - Finally we have a letter from Joachim F. Selinger in regard to Richard Clark's article on Arco DupliDisk IDE RAID 1 Controller and OS/2 in January 2000 VOICE Newsletter. If anyone has any advice for Joachim, or better yet can write an article on a newer IDE or SCSI RAID solution under OS/2, please let us know :
Dear OS2Voice Editors,

Just now I saw the old article about RAID and OS/2 and I was wondering whether there are any new products available in the meantime. Do you know anything?

I'm looking for a solution for OS/2 and Linux at the same time.

Thanks for any pointers!

Our response:

There are newer versions of the Arco DupliDisk that say they are OS independent. I haven't tried them, but I believe they work the same as the original, where they use your existing IDE controller which sends data to the Arco controller which then writes identical data to both attached drives. The specs on this state it is ATA66/33.

There is a thread going on in right now Subject: "Promise IDE RAID & OS/2?". There people are saying that the new Promise RAID controllers, especially the built-in ones, don't have OS/2 support for RAID, but will work with Daniela's latest IDE replacement driver, including support for the additional IDE connections. There is a software RAID driver for OS/2 - VRAID, that one can then use to mirror the drives. I have no experience with either the newer Promise controllers or the VRAID software driver. I have an original Promise Fasttrak IDE RAID controller which has an OS/2 driver. And that worked well when I used it, but it is limited to ATA33.

Also someone stated there is another IDE RAID solution that is supposed to work with any operating system - ARAID99-500 IDE RAID Again I don't know anything about it.

I am not currently familiar with what is available for OS/2 in regard to SCSI RAID. I know that the AMI RAID controllers used to work well under OS/2, as well as IBM ServeRAID cards. I looked into Adaptec SCSI RAID adapters a while back, but these had no OS/2 support. You have to be careful about some SCSI cards like Mylex, which promote themselves as RAID, but are in fact software RAID only, and only work in certain versions of windows.


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