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Volume 12, Number 07

Future events calendar
User group meetings and OS/2-related events.


The Editors of VOICE speak out: Hello and Good-bye
by Christian Hennecke
It's been quite a while since the last issue. Christian Hennecke explains what has been going on and announces some changes.
Installing VBox/2, Fedora 8 as Guest OS, and Java 6 in Fedora 8
by Cheng-Yang Tan
Innotek Virtual Box has evolved to a point where it is fit for actual work, and meanwhile it is also available for OS/2 and eComStation. Cheng-Yan Tan demonstrates this with a specific case study.
Exploring Feature Install — Part 2: Advanced Installation Topics
by Alex Taylor
Mention Feature Install, and most OS/2 users immediately think of the annoying web browser front-end that many IBM products (like Java or TCP/IP) inflict on them during installation. But this is really an unfair perception: Feature Install itself has nothing to do with web browsers at all but is an extremely flexible installation toolkit which is integrated into the Workplace Shell itself. In this installment, Alex Taylor explains how to use it in CID mode.
Virtual Memory Problems under OS/2
by Sjoerd Visser
Most OS/2 users probably have suffered from memory-related problems, even if they don't know it. Sjoerd Visser compiles related background knowledge and derives methods to at least reduce the problem. This is the last in a series about OS/2 memory and related problems.
OS/2 and Multilingual Character Sets — Part 3
by Alex Taylor
This article is the third in a series that discusses some of the issues involved in dealing with international text under OS/2. This installment deals with text on the Internet, and takes a look at how certain applications handle it.
Is Usenet advocacy too polluted to be relevant any more?
by Mark Dodel
The OS/2 Usenet groups have quite a history, and it still continues. Read about observations Mark Dodel made regarding developments in Usenet advocacy groups.
netlabs.org Developers Workshop 2008 — Report and Rumors
by Thomas Klein
This year's netlabs.org Developers Workshop took place on May 17 and 18. The topics discussed in presentations were Voyager, the future of netlabs.org, creating installation packages with WarpIN, problems and solutions regarding WPS development as well as access to USB devices and general development issues. In addition to the presentations other topics and rumors were discussed as well, of course. Thomas Klein attended the second day.
OS/2 Tips
Collected useful hints from OS/2 forums
Letters, Addenda, Errata
What our readers have to say. Errata and additional information.

The VOICE Newsletter

An overview of markup that is used throughout the Newsletter.
Guide lines for Article Submissions to the VOICE Newsletter
Information for authors including topic suggestions, detailed information about different article types for novice authors, and formatting.
Disclaimer and Copyright
The inevitable terms and conditions.


What is VOICE?
A short introduction to VOICE and its goals.
The VOICE Board of Directors, site operators, and Newsletter staff.
Information for potential members, including the bylaws.
Persons, companies, and institutions that sponsor VOICE.
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