Biography of Keith Merrington

I am Keith Merrington.

I am 68 and have been in computing since punched cards were used as input, and computers were made from discrete components. I have worked for various computer companies such as ICL, English Electric, Philips Office Computer Systems, and Philips Microprocessors both in the commercial and technical side. I built my first computer soldering the chips in by hand, back in the 80's based on a Signetics 2650 8 bit microprocessor with a massive 1K of memory and with two 8 inch floppy drives.

I still build (assemble) my own PCs today and have been using OS/2 since Warp 3. Although over the years I have programmed in COBOL, machine code, and various assembler dialects, I now use C exclusively. One of my hobbies is writing PM programs for OS/2 and eComstation. I have written SigmaMD5, Searchplus, EasySync and a couple of utilities. I was born in London, Great Britain but moved in 1971 to the Netherlands where I married my wife, raised 2 children and was rewarded with 5 grandchildren.