OS/2 - eCS - ArcaOS Links

Arca Noae - Arca Noae brings OS/2 into the 21st Century

Warpstock - OS/2 user conference in the spirt of Woodstock

Warpstock Europe - Three Days of Love, Peace, and OS/2

Hobbes - A large collection of OS/2 software

BayWarp User Group - The Home of the Northern California OS/2 User Group

EDM/2 - The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2

Follow the porting of QT5 to OS/2 - Page also contains links to other Twitter pages of OS/2 Interest

Warpevents - WarpStock related info

OS/2 Warp News and Rumours - Steve Wendt's site with interesting news and rumours about OS/2 Warp

OS/2 World - A newsletter put out by OS/2 users for OS/2 users. Information about OS/2 from all over the world

DFSee - Jan van Wijk's Multiplatform Swiss Army Knife tool for Disk work

Blonde Guy - Expert Consulting for OS/2 Warp and ArcaOS

OS/2 Ports - Paul Smedley's OS/2 ports pages

Peter Moylan's Page - Peter Moylan's Webserve, FTPServe, Weasel, MajorMajor

BMTMicro - BMTMicro's OS/2 Software

Bitwiseworks - Injoy, Apache OpenOffice

Netlabs - Netlabs

OpenWatcom - OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler for OS/2

Alex Taylor - Alex Taylor's Fonts, Firewall and Utilities

Mensys OS/2 page - OS/2 Software

Iron Spring Software - OS/2 PL/I compiler

Wisdomtree - Wisdomtree

eCo Software - Various Applications

OS/2 Lab Notes - Software Engineering Magazine

SCOUG - The Home of the Southern California OS/2 User Group

www.os2.org - A forum from all OS/2 users to all OS/2 users. (German)

OS2.org - Software - SoftWhere!? - The OS/2 Alternative's new home

The WarpDoctor Clinic - A project meant to eventually become a major OS/2 support resource

OS/2 Site Australia - Ian Manners Australian OS/2 site

Sergey Ayukov's Site - Free NFTP Program

DeskMan Desktop Manager - Desktop Manager

JBCSolutions - Java Development Environment for OS/2

Github - FireFox Builds

Old repository for Bitwiseworks - for products like 4OS2 etc, bug reporting, etc

THE The Hessling Editor for OS/2 - The Hessling Editor

PPWizard - by Dennis Bareis

PMView - and PMView Pro for OS/2

GSView - and Ghostscript for OS/2

Maul Publisher - an Industrial Strength Desktop Publishing Program for OS/2

DragText - a Distinctly Different Desktop Enhancement - Handle text as an object

Ecsoft2 - The Complete OS/2 Software Encyclopedia

The OS/2 Museum - Blog devoted to the history of OS/2 and random aspects of PC software and hardware

88watts - David Azarawicz's site containing dozens of OS/2 related links

bootAble - Hayo Baan's bootAble program

Subsys - (German) Forwards to www.os2.org Contains a link to archive.os2.org/en.os2.org/index.html

Jim Read's Page - Home of Unimaint, FileStar/2 and FlexEdit

Checkini - GUI Front end for Checkini ini file cleaner

Cleanini - Cleanini ini file cleaner


NewView - Replacement for IBM original Help viewer, ProjectX, JDiskReport

Jim Lewis's site - OS/2 Utilities. - Various command line utilities

DreamlandBBs - GFD and OAP Sections in particular, but other sections, may have just what you're looking for

Brian Havard's Home Page - Home of File Commander, Btrieve Commander, some other utilities

OS/2 Warp Clone Home Page - The Dream of an Open Source Warp Clone

Java Solutions by Joop Nijenhuis - Numerous Java programs for OS/2 in English and Dutch

Hardware - Database of OS/2 compatible hardware

Hardware database - A Database of OS/2 compatible hardware. (Both English and Russian)

Martin Vieregg's Site - Freeware and Shareware. English and German.

Wim Brul's site - Wim's drivers for USB, mouse, audio, camera, webcam, others.

Bob Eager's site - Software, Hints and Tips, Documentation, Discontinued Software, others.

Patrick TJ McPhee's site - Some Rexx libraries e.g. Rexx Regular Expression Library.

Rexx Info - A lot of general Rexx data, some dead links.

Open Source OS/2 Warp Clone - Martin Iturbide's Warp Clone Site.

OS/2 Stuff - Page of unknown Origin or Authorship with a few OS/2 programs.