Code of Ethics

The objective of the Code of Ethics is to declare and set forth the means to enforce the minimum ethical conduct expected of all members as professionals. They are the absolute minimum level of conduct required of every member.

Be courteous and respectful to every person I [we] come in contact with when representing VOICE.

Perform my professional activities with honesty and in a way that will enhance my [our] reputation and the reputation of VOICE.

Not knowingly misrepresent VOICE nor will I [we] engage in dishonest or illegal practices.

Build confidence and good will with the public by poise, self-restraint and constructive cooperation.

Not misrepresent my [our] membership, nor assert or imply that VOICE membership is evidence of accreditation or endorsement.

Not write, speak, or act in such a way as to lead another to believe that I [we] officially represent VOICE, unless duly authorized to do so by the officers, or Bylaws of VOICE.

Thank you for supporting VOICE