OS/2-eComStation User Group Listing

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  TeamOS/2 Hamburg e.V. http://www.teamos2hamburg.de/
  General Locale/City: Hamburg

North Rhine-Westphalia

 TeamOS/2 Ruhr e.V. http://www.teamruhr.de/
  General Locale/City: Duisburg




  ecs-mx  http://mx.groups.yahoo.com/group/ecs-mx/  General Locale/City: Leon
 Brief description of the group:

OS/2 and eCS User Group Mexico and OS/2 Team Mexico.

 Contact info:
   Chair/President: J. Francisco Garcia Mtz.
   Membership contact person: J. Rogelio Diaz Contreras
   Contact email address: correo@NOSPAM.jfgarcia.net
   Contact Phone: +52(477)7173175

Meeting Info:
  Meeting Schedule : Variable
  Meeting location: Variable

The Netherlands

New Zealand

  The Wellington OS/2 User Group http://www.os2.org.nz/
 General Locale/City: Wellington

 Meeting Info: See website.




OS/2 User assotiation Schweiz http://www.os2.ch
 General Locale/City:  Rapperswil
 Brief description of the group: 

We meet every month to discuss problems, news and solutions around OS/2

 Contact info: fritz schori  riedmatt 10 6300 zug
  Chair/President: Fritz Schori
  Membership contact person: Fritz Schori
  Contact email address: fritz@os2force.ch
  Contact Phone: 041 740 10 29
  Contact mailing address: fritz@os2force.ch

 Meeting Info: http://www.os2.ch, or by our mailing list: send a mail to fritz@os2force.ch
  Meeting Schedule : every first Tuesday per month
  Meeting location:  Restaurant Quellenhof in Rapperswil

United States


 BayWarp http://www.baywarp.org
 General Locale/City: Campbell
 Brief description of the group:

Advocacy of OS/2 and eComStation

 Contact info:
  Chair/President: Neil Waldhauer
  Membership contact person: Paul Lazaga
  Contact email address: neil@blondeguy.com
  Contact mailing address:

130 Serra Ct.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

 MeetingInfo: Meet at HelpDesk Computers
  Meeting Schedule : 4th Tuesday of every month
  Meeting location:

Panera Bread
501 E Hamilton Ave
Campbell, CA 95008


  The Southern California OS/2 User Group http://scoug.com/
  Brief description of the group:

The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be: to support users of the OS/2 computer operating system, its derivatives and successors. Such activities include education, experimentation, and services for SCOUG members and the community at large. SCOUG encourages professionalism and technical competence.

  Contact mailing address:

The Southern California OS/2 User Group
 P.O. Box 26904
Santa Ana, CA 92799-6904, USA

 Meeting Info:
  Meeting Schedule:

See website for meeting schedule.  Special Interest Group meetings http://www.scoug.com/sigs.html

  Meeting location: 

For the Main Saturday Meetings:
Room 326 of the Eastside Christian School
at the Grace Ministries Complex
1645 W Valencia Dr. in Fullerton
For the Help Desk and Other Meetings at Chapman University:
Chapman University
Hashinger Science Center, Room 203
400 N. Center St., Orange, CA
Help Desk chats  are on IRC Wednesday evenings at 7 PM (Pacific time). If you've got a problem with hardware or software, join the chat and ask for help.

Last updated: August 24, 2018

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