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By-laws of the Voice Foundation International

Adopted in the board meeting held on June 6 2015


In these by-laws is meant by:

The Foundation: The Foundation VOICE International seated in Rotterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam with number 61218081

The statutes, the statutes of the foundation, as registered in a deed passed on August 6 2014 at notary office at notary office Smith Boeser van Grafhorst in Haarlem

The Board: The Board of the Foundation referred to in Article 4 of the Statutes;

Projects: activities in the context of achieving the objectives of the foundation.

Duties and responsibilities of directors and board members

The board and management decisions

The Board:

Manages and represents the foundation;

Takes management decisions (see section 6 "Board Decisions" in the statutes);

Is authorised to create temporary work groups / project groups. Such a group consists of at least one board member and can also include non-board members. These groups are disbanded after financial settlement with the treasurer and discharge of liability at a board meeting;

Two board members may decide in ad hoc situations about spendings up to EUR 200 and report those to the Treasurer within 7 days.,

Acts within the parameters laid down in amongst others, the statutes, the annual budget and the project budgets.;

The Chairman

Has general management of the foundation;

Represents the foundation externally;

Consults with official bodies;

Provides leadership to the Board;

Is the first point of contact for members of the board;

Sets the agenda for each meeting in consultation with the Secretary and makes the agenda available to all board members at least one week before the board meeting;

Leads the board meetings;

Ensures that decisions are made in accordance with the law, the statutes and these bylaws;

Coordinates and directs activities;

Ensures that directors perform their duties properly and addresses them accordingly if this does not seem the case.

May sign contracts on behalf of the board if the board agrees to that contract.

Makes and presents the budget no later than 6 weeks after the end previous financial year..

The Vice Chairman

Takes over the Chairmans duties when the Chairman is not available.

The Secretary

Makes a report on every meeting that will be published no later than 2 weeks after a meeting. The report will state at a minimum:

The date and place of the meeting;

The board members present and absent;

The proxies granted;

The decisions taken.

Manages the website or coordinates the management of it by a volunteer;

Writes the non-financial section of the annual report and presents it no later than 6 weeks after the end of the financial year which runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December to the board;

Archives all relevant documents.

The Treasurer

Conducts the financial administration;

Ensures the continuity of the financial administration, particularly in the case of succession;

Enables financial statements;

Writes the financial section of the annual report and presents it no later than 6 weeks after the end of the financial year which runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December to the board;

Manages funds, bank accounts and any savings accounts and investments;

Budgets revenues (fundraising) and expenditures (projects) and does financial checks both during and after completion of those activities:

Assesses whether expenditure and claims fall within the annual budget, the boundaries of project budgets and/or in board meetings agreed upon limits;

Takes the initiative to provides discharge of liability for temporary working groups/project groups;

Maintains contacts with sponsors and funding bodies.

Generates keys for software especially for Voice sponsors.


The Board:

Takes decisions that can not be delayed with at least two board members, and informs the other board members at the first opportunity of such decisions. Board members are personally responsible until these ad hoc decisions are ratified by the board;

Takes all other decisions based on the rules laid down in the statutes;

Cash Audit

The board will appoint an audit committee which will comprise of two board members, not being the Treasurer.

Each year prior to the annual meeting a cash audit will be performed. The Audit Committee shall, where necessary, propose corrections or improvements of the financial records for the following year and will make a recommendation upon discharging the treasurer of liability;


The board is responsible and decides.


A report shall be made of each meeting, that will be distributed to the board as soon as possible after the meeting;

Draft minutes will be discussed and adopted at the next meeting.

Input during the meeting

Board members are expected to actively participate. Ideas of board members are welcome and will be discussed or passed on to a subsequent meeting;


The Board recognizes the importance of good communication with:


Subsidized goals;

Goals eligible for future funding;

The media;

All communication will be beforehand, and in cases where this is not possible, at the earliest opportunity thereafter, coordinated with the President and at his discretion also with the Secretary and other board members.

Donations and declarations

Large donations, multi donations, and legates may be accepted by the Foundation;

Large and/or multi-year donations will be, when the donor prefers, devoted to a purpose intended by the donor;

Small, one-time or periodic donations will by default be deposited into the bank account of the foundation;

Donors who donate cash amounts to one of the board members will receive a signed receipt from that board member. The donation will be reported to the treasurer and the money will be deposited into the bank account of the foundation within seven days;

Received donations, gifts and grants may be reserved and thus be shifted to the next calendar year. Reservation is no end in itself, indeed: it should be limited to the minimum, enough to guarantee the continuity of the Foundation;

Board members are entitled to claim advanced expenses;

Software especially for VOICE sponsors:

A PMMail/2 licence is free for those who have been at least two consecutive years a VOICE sponsor with one standard sponsor unit per year and for board members. Others can obtain a PMMail/2 licence by donating two standard sponsor units to VOICE.