Sponsorship for OS/2 VOICE

If you want to sponsor OS/2 VOICE please read the proper section of this page:

Become an OS/2 VOICE sponsor

You have the following options to pay:

  1. Via PayPal:
    Donation for OS/2 VOICE foundation via Paypal
  2. Online Payment Form (Courtesy of BMT Micro) - this includes payment via a Personal Cheque as well as various electronic payment options.
  3. By bank tranfer.
    If you wish to send donation to our bank account. Our bank account number is: NL75INGB0006559168
    If you send money this way, please read the last paragraph of this page.

    If your bank asks for the address of the Dutch VOICE foundation:

    Stichting VOICE International
    Zijdevlinder 56
    3863 HT Nijkerk
    The Netherlands

    The BIC/SWIFT address of the ING bank is: INGBNL2A

    If your bank asks for the physical address of the ING bank:

    ING Bank N.V.
    Foreign Operations
    PO Box 1800
    1000 BV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Note: Do not send cheques or cash money; in the Netherlands it is very expensive to process a cheque!

    When you send a bank transfer, please include in the description what the donation
    is for. For example Bitwise works or VOICE sponsorship donation. Also please send an email to
    president at os2voice.org so we have your email address! VOICE needs your email address so we can
    send you a PMMAIL license.

Sponsor the QT/new browser development done by BWW work.

If you want to make a donation to support the development of a new QT version/new browser.
You can use the button Paypal button below to make donation. Your full donation will be send to BWW work.
For more information why this project was started and status please visit our website: https://articles.os2voice.org/.

Donation for BWW QT/browser campaign

Warpstock video stream sponsorship.

The OS/2 VOICE foundation organizes a yearly OS/2/ArcaOS conference called Warpstock Europe. While visiting the event is great way to meet other OS/2/ArcaOS developers and users. We understand its not possible for some people to make to Warpstock Europe due to the travel cost for example. For people watching remotely we would however greatly appreciate if you could make a small donation. This money will be used to cover the cost of renting the conference room. Any money left will be donated to open source software development, this will benefit all users. The people providing the video stream do not get any financial compensation for the work they do. Its all done by volenteers.