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Volume 10, Number 04

Future events calendar
User group meetings and OS/2-related events.


The Editors of VOICE speak out: Our Future
by Mark Dodel
It appears that the article A new Future for eComStation by Jeroen Besse last month has stirred up the trolls on Usenet. Jeroen discussed Adrian Gschwend's Warpstock Europe presentation on Project Voyager. Mark Dodel takes a look at what is happening and why, and lines out a future.
Software Patents: Here we go again. . . — An urgent Message from the VOICE President
by Roderick Klein
The European Commission is currently undertaking another attempt to establish software patents. VOICE President Roderick Klein lines out why this needs to be stopped, why OS/2 and eComStation are also affected, and how you can help by supporting FFII. This is urgent!
Spell check in EPM with easily changeable dictionary files
by V. Weise
The EPM editor that is part of OS/2 and eComStation offers many options for configuration and extension. V. Weise shows how to integrate dictionary files and implement a facility for easy switching.
DBox2 — Video Streaming on OS/2 and eCS
by Andreas Peters
Digital TV is becoming more widely used. Andreas Peters tells us about his experiences with the Sagem DBox2 and using it for video streaming with suitable software on OS/2.
The ThinkPad On Screen Display Utility
by Robert Henschel
A growing number of eComStation users work on notebook computers. Among them, quite a large group uses IBM ThinkPads. In the past, IBM ThinkPads were known to come with good driver support for OS/2. For the 600 and other series, there was even a native presentation manager configuration program available.But why count on IBM or Lenovo to develop utilities or drivers? Robert Henschel reviews the ThinkPad On Screen Display Utility by Jan van Wijk.
Adventures in AMD 64 Land
by Peter Brown
64 bit processors have become the standard for new machines. This kind of processors and new board first caused trouble for OS/2 users. Even now that eComStation 1.2R supports installation on such machines, one needs to be careful about the hardware. Peter Brown has built a machine that works.
How to create a database using Lotus Smartsuite — Part Three
by Arthur van Egmond
Databases are a good way of organizing large amounts of information for quick access. However, many are quite complicated to use. In this series, Arthur van Egmond shows how easy it can be with Lotus Approach.
OS/2 Tips
Collected useful hints from OS/2 forums
Letters, Addenda, Errata
What our readers have to say. Errata and additional information.

The VOICE Newsletter

An overview of markup that is used throughout the Newsletter.
Guide lines for Article Submissions to the VOICE Newsletter
Information for authors including topic suggestions, detailed information about different article types for novice authors, and formatting.
Disclaimer and Copyright
The inevitable terms and conditions.


What is VOICE?
A short introduction to VOICE and its goals.
The VOICE Board of Directors, site operators, and Newsletter staff.
Information for potential members, including the bylaws.
Persons, companies, and institutions that sponsor VOICE.
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