About the VOICE Newsletter

The VOICE Newsletter was a monthly magazine for sponsors of the OS/2 user group VOICE that contained news and articles all around OS/2 and eComStation. It was also freely available to OS/2 and eComStation users and accepted contributions by authors who were not sponsors of VOICE. Until 2008 there were two versions, in English and German.

For archived English issues please visit the Newsletters page.

For archived German back issues please visit the German home page.

Articles cover reviews of software and hardware products, guides on how to install, use or optimize complex or hard to use products, essays/comments dealing with things that happen in the world of OS/2 computing, presentations of OS/2-related projects and, of course, tips for your every day life with OS/2 and eComStation.

If you are interested in helping us, don't hesitate! In case you'd like to write an article yourself, please have a look at the Guidelines for Article Submission. If you are interested in creating another national issue in your own language, please contact us at editor@os2voice.org. The basic requirement for any translation activity is good knowledge of the English language of course. Most of the time, deep knowledge of OS/2 internals is not required as the VOICE Newsletter is aimed at the interested end user in the first place.

Should further questions arise, please read the list of frequently asked questions before sending an email. It contains answers to many questions, especially regarding the actual work on the Newsletter.