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Warpstock Czech Republic 2005

OS/2 - eComStation News - October, 2005

From the VOICE News MailList

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    2005: August September

SW: TxWindows 1.00 released, Warpstock presentations available
SW: Alizarin Tetris ported to OS/2
SW: Fixpack for Maul Publisher for OS/2 V3.02
SW: Final release? NewView 2.17.1
SW: GBM.DLL 1.31 and GBMV2 Bitmap Viewer 1.21
SW: WorkPlaceCalendar 0.8
SW: WarpvisionGUI updated 10-03-2005
SW: Enigmail 0.93 for OS/2 and eComstation
SW: ffmpeg & ffplay updated

SW: TxWindows 1.00 released, Warpstock presentations available


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Jan van Wijk"

As promised on several occasions, I have made my text-mode windowing
library used to build DFSee, open source now!

TxWindows version 1.00 was released today.
You can download the source, binaries and documentation from:

Or simply follow the "txwin" graphic link on the homepage :-)

Furthermore, the related presentations for Warpstock 2005 are available
too, so if you want to prepare yourself for the full-day class on
thursday, have a look:

At the Warpstock class, the TxWindows library will be made available as
well, so if you have your laptop with you, feel free to simply
copy/install it right there, including the OS/2 toolkit and the OpenWatcom
compiler (version 1.4)


Regards, JvW
DFSee Home:; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee -


SW: Alizarin Tetris ported to OS/2


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: Paul Smedley

Hi All,
I've just ported Alizarin Tetris v1.07 to OS/2 and it's now available from

Alizarin Tetris is a Tetris-like game with a twist for Unix, Win32 and
BeOS systems. It includes multi-player support, user-extensible color,
shape and sound styles, can use TCP/IP networking and features a few
different AI opponents. It was written using the SDL Library.

More details on Alizarin Tetris can be found at its website at




SW: Fixpack for Maul Publisher for OS/2 V3.02


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Peter Koller"

Maul Publisher is an industrial strength desktop publisher capable of
creating virtually all of the printing seen on everyday household items.
You can use it to easily lay out newspapers, cards, books, labels, stamps,
posters, charts, forms, and even designs like building plans or furniture

A fixpack is now available to solve the following bugs:-

Fixes failure to import jpg images into Maul Publisher V3.02.
Fixes failure to rotate object centres of frames when rotating a grouped
Fixes failure to place rotated text correctly when printing to postscript
Fixes page numbering fault when the initial page is not equal to 1.
This fixpack also contains an updated installer to improve management of
any future fixpacks that may be released.

Maul Publisher for OS/2:

Once again, I must ask you to report any bugs or omissions that you may
find. Only your feedback will drive this application forward!


SW: Final release? NewView 2.17.1


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: Aaron Lawrence (Posted on: comp.os.os2.apps)

Here is a new release of newview. It adds some support for printing
multiple topics. However there are obvious omissions, e.g. you can't
select a range of topics to print.

It has been a long time since the last release. I had decided to stop work
but some useful fixes already done were unreleased, and printing was
halfway through a revamp.

The Future

Statistically, it is unlikely there will be any further newview release by
me. I do want to work on it but due to work commitments and health issues
I can't afford to do it. There has been much decreased interest and
contact from people. I also feel that further time spent on OS/2 at this
stage is an increasingly foolish waste for me. And finally it has become
too much like a job.

It's GPL: Someone Else Build It!!

Therefore, I am willing to work personally with someone to get NewView to
compile on their system. They will need Sibyl, but I am prepared to send
them a copy of my CD. Sorry Speedsoft. If someone is seriously
interested, then I can also change the way NewView is compiled to make it
easier for others to build.

However I am not willing to spend months porting Newview to work with
some other compiler or set of libraries. That's not the deal. The one
thing I can do is help with diffs and history of my changes to the Sibyl
libraries, for help in merging with other sets of libraries.
Unfortunately WDSibyl made some IMO foolish and incompatible changes to
the libraries, otherwise that would be a good target.

Level of Difficulty

To understand the whole of Newview and its libraries would be moderately
challenging. There is no rocket science in it but it's a medium size
application. Beginners would probably find it very hard to get into. It
is Object Pascal, which C++ programmers can learn without too much
trouble (albeit a certain amount of moaning). It makes quite a lot of use
of object orientation, but not to a fault.

- Printing enhancements
- print entire document
- open windows
- Incomplete:
- cannot select a range of topics
- print the "related" topics
- empty windows are still printed
- Fixed cursor behaviour when moving
- Corrected word spacing in certain files (e.g. os2dbcs.inf)
- Window is restored if app help is requested while it's minimized.
- Fixed invisible startup window if a minimised help window already
- Fixed Edit-Copy or Ctrl+Ins from entry fields on the left panel
- Fixed tab order on global search
- Tab navigation of links (incomplete: no way to follow link)
- Use WarpSans Combined (if supported) on DBCS systems

NewView is a free replacement for the original OS/2 or eComStation online
help system.

Major enhancements are:

- New user interface (split window)
- Select and copy direct from window
- Easy to use global (all files) search
- Remembers size & position
- Most recently used files list
- Smooth scrolling display
- Current topic always highlighted in contents
- Can go forward as well as back in history
- Options for fonts, colors and more
- Annotate help files
- Bookmarks
- Fully resizeable
- Automatic web, ftp and email links (uses default WPS browser)
- Drop files to open
- Open additional files
- Automatic language selection
- Automatic index creation
- Enhanced file dialog with help file titles

aaronl at consultant dot com
For every expert, there is an equal and
opposite expert. - Arthur C. Clarke


SW: GBM.DLL 1.31 and GBMV2 Bitmap Viewer 1.21


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++


A new GBM.DLL (version 1.31) together with updated GBM command line tools
is available.

GBM (Generalised Bitmap Module) is a library for handling many different
bitmap file formats. It is used by many OS/2 applications like Mesa,
PM-Raw, PM-Exif. GBMV2 is a PM bitmap viewer and editor that uses GBM.DLL.

The source code is freely available and released as Public Domain. There
are some Open Source libraries used (source code included) that have their
own license (libpng 1.2.8, zlib 1.2.3, libtiff 3.7.3, IJG JPEG 6b). Please
be aware of this when modifying or redistributing the sources.

What's new: (changes to previous release 1.21)

PNG support:
- Fix some issues in reading transparent bitmaps
- Extended support for color depths up to 64 bpp with alpha channel
(alpha channel is available to the application on request)

TIFF support:
- Original TIF support has been replaced by Libtiff 3.7.3 together with
JPEG 6B and ZLib 1.2.3. There are now many compression schemes supported

(JPEG, Deflate (ZIP), CCITT, LZW, LZW with predictor, ...). Reading and
writing them is possible.
- Extended support for color depths up to 64 bpp with alpha channel
(alpha channel is available to the application on request)

PPM support:
- Original PPM support has been replaced to support reading and writing of

newer PPM files with 48 bpp
- Multipage PPMs can now be read

GBM command line tools:
- gbmgamma, gbmhdr, gbmref, gbmsize and gbmsub now can handle bitmaps up
64 bpp with alpha channel
- simple bitmap converter gbmconv added
- detect unsupported color depths to prevent crashes

GBM file dialog (GBMDLG) + documentation:
- updated documentation for PNG, TIF and PPM bitmaps including all
input and output options

The new GBM.DLL is backward compatible to existing applications. So you
can safely upgrade. Though the extended color depths will not be available
within these applications because this is the first release of GBM.DLL
that supports them. Hopefully there will be soon applications that can
make use of them.

Heiko Nitzsche


SW: WorkPlaceCalendar 0.8


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Frank Wochatz"

WorkPlaceCalendar 0.8 has been released.

WorkPlaceCalendar creates objects with calendar informations on your

The new version is able to create a folder with month objects for a whole
year, and link to files from the month objects, where you can store terms,
notices etc.


current month object
year calendar folder

Thanks to GG and eJoJo from Netlabs, WorkPlaceCalendar comes now with NLS
support for dutch, english. french and german.

kind regards
Frank Wochatz


SW: WarpvisionGUI updated 10-03-2005


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++


WarpVision GUI has been released, and is available at:

The latest Windows codecs (Odin required), dated 1/10/2005, are here:

Be sure to read the READ.ME file for wincodecs. DO NOT PLACE THESE FILES

Web site:

"The program is representing GUI for WarpVision created by Alex Strelnikov
It is not "launcher" for WV CLI, but includes latest WV CLI features In
future, these sparated projects will be combined in one

-plays video media formats: mpeg1/2, avi, asf, mov, mp3 audio, wav, real
media, ogg, ogm
-audio codecs support (pcm, mp3, ac3, wma1, wma2, ms adpcm, mp4)
-HWENDIVE/WarpOverlay support (color in YUV422)
-autodetecting color scheme (not always works correctly)
-fullscreen and windowed mode
-aspect ratio on and off in windowed mode
-skin support
-playlist support
-plays last played file (from stop place)
-CDDA support
-VCD support
-basic DVD support (uncrypted)
-DVD subtitles support
-Plain text subtitles support
-OSD support (On Screen Display)
-reading and writing playlists in WinAmp format
-drag'n'drop to playlist and control window (files and directories)
-play loop for files and lists
-basic (due lack of drivers which support > 2 channels except Ruediger
"Rudi" Ihle CMedia drivers) multichannel audio support
-PNG support for skins (thanks to Igor Saveliev aka gorynych)
-pipe interface
-Remote control support (Using Remote control daemon from TVSHOW project)
-Single copy running: when wv already running, second wv just exit if
second wv have file name as parameter, wv pass it to first copy, which
start play it immedeately
-Video snapshots"

Requires new libc06r1.dll get it from:
Also requires skin from an official wvgui drop
(see or

- Moved to GCC335rc1
- Fixed crash when webcamera is not attached
- Fixed crash adding to playlist
- A lot of small fixes
- Reworked demuxers again. Preparing to new demuxing schemes
(demuxer/streams, plugins). This may broke some files, which works
Please, test
- Fixes some networks issues
- Added selection of prefer audio codec for DVDs
- Added experimental code for avoid stop playing due broken frames
- Added recording code (not turned on yet)
- Experimental fixes for sync
- Redesigned TVSHOW lib for hardware scaling support (needed for
- TVIN scaled to 352x288. Reduces cpu load at least twice. No need of
deinterlaicer. Ready for recording
- Fixed MOV with MP4A audio codecs (was jerky sound/sync)
- Fixed handling of large files (>2Gb) (need testing)
- Fixed DVD non playable audio streams (need additional testing)

To participate in the WarpVision discussion forum:

Support Forum:

Mailing lists:
Available lists:
warpvision-dev - To subscribe, e-mail:
warpvision-user - To subscribe, e-mail:


SW: Enigmail 0.93 for OS/2 and eComstation


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: Davide Bresolin (posted on
news:// )

"Enigmail is an extension to the mail client of Mozilla / Netscape and
Mozilla Thunderbird which allows users to access the authentication and
encryption features provided by GnuPG. Enigmail is open source and
dually-licensed under the GNU General Public License and the Mozilla
Public License

Main Features

* Encrypt/sign mail when sending, decrypt/authenticate received mail
* Support for inline-PGP (RFC 2440) and PGP/MIME (RFC 3156)
* Per-Account based encryption and signing defaults
* Per-Recipient rules for automated key selection, and
enabling/disabling encryption and signing
* New: OpenPGP key management interface"

Thunderbird, Mozilla and Seamonkey versions:


-=> DaViDe <=-
-=> davide(AT) <=-


SW: ffmpeg & ffplay updated


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: Paul Smedley

An updated build of ffmpeg; and an initial build of ffplay are now
available from

ffmpeg is a command line tool to convert one video file format to another.

ffplay is a simple media player based on SDL and on the FFmpeg libraries.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! ffplay requires an sdl.dll & fslib.dll dated 20051003 or
later of system freezes _WILL_ occur. These are included in the archive.




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