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Warpstock Czech Republic 2005

OS/2 - eComStation News - November, 2005

From the VOICE News MailList

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Event: Congratulations to the new board of directors of Warpstock, Inc.
Event: K-W OS/2 Users Group November 2005 Meeting
Net: Does VOICE know of the PS/2 hardware sites?
SW: Mozilla Firefox 1.5rc1 Has Been Released
SW: Thinkpad On Screen Display utility, version 2
SW: eComStation Announcements
SW: UpdCD 2.53 fix has been released
SW: TIIF available for OS/2
SW: Genmac Wrapper 1.0.0 released!
SW: TextHelper 0.51

Event: Congratulations to the new board of directors of Warpstock, Inc.


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++


Warpstock, Inc announces its new board of directors to lead it into the
future. The new officers of the board are:

President: John W. Edwards. John has been involved with Warpstock since
the 2001 Toronto event. He has served as board Secretary for the past 4

Vice-president: Andy Willis. Andy joined the board in 2004 after helping
with the 2004 Denver event as both volunteer and network coordinator.

Secretary: Douglas Clark. Doug also joined the board in 2004 after
heading the 2004 Denver event team.

Treasurer: Lewis G Rosenthal. Lewis has been involved with Warpstock as
an advisor for a couple of years and chaired the event team for this
year's very successful Hershey, Pennsylvania event.

Rounding out the board are:

Chuck McKinnis. Chuck was this year's exhibit coordinator for the
Hershey event and has been a presenter and attendee at Warpstock for as
long as I have been going myself.

Robert Kuropkat: Robert became involved with Warpstock as the speaker
coordinator with the 2003 San Francisco event team. He joined the board
in 2004 and has been the Warpstock web master since then.

Samuel Little: Sam was the chair of the 2003 San Francisco event and has
served on the board since being elected in 2004.

Retiring board members, Mark Dodel, Stan Sidlov, Eric Erickson and Oliver
Mark have all agreed to remain as advisors to the current board. Other
board advisors include Luc Van Bogaert, Paul Curtis, Paul Hethmon and
Esther Schindler. We wish the new board great success with future
Warpstock events and ask that the OS/2 and eComStation user and developer
community continue to give their support as they have for us in the past.

Please remember that Warpstock is put on by the OS/2 community for the
OS/2 community. All past 9 events have been organized and run by
volunteers. If you want to see Warpstock continue and better yet come to
your area, then please get involved. You can organize an event team with
as little as three or four people. And even these folks do not all have
to be local to the event site. Warpstock is currently seeking bids for
the tenth edition of Warpstock, the 2006 event. For more on what is
involved in submitting a bid for a Warpstock event please read more about
it at

The new board and the advisors to the board look forward to hearing from
you and helping you to keep OS/2 alive with North America's only
opportunity to learn from and socialize with people who make the most of
OS/2 technologies.



Event: K-W OS/2 Users Group November 2005 Meeting


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Walter F. Metcalf"

K-W OS/2 Users Group

Serving Kitchener-Waterloo and south-western Ontario area
OS/2 and eComstation Users

November 2005 Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, November 8, 2005

TIME: From 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Room DC1316, Davis Centre, University of Waterloo

Meeting facilities provided courtesy of Institute for Computer Research.

Everyone is Welcome to Attend!

Data Protection
A look at InJoy Firewall version 3 from FX Communications.

This is a multifaceted program to provide a secure connection to the
Internet while protecting your computer and data.

Other topics of discussion for this monthly meeting are still under

OS/2 User Forum
(Sharing OS/2 Ideas)(Bring Your Questions)
(What's New with OS/2)(Announcements)

As a courtesy to our presenter, please plan to arrive by 7:00 p.m.

For up-to-date information check our homepage at:

For directions to get to the meeting check:

Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 13, 2005

KW/2 K-W
OS/2 Users Group


Net: Does VOICE know of the PS/2 hardware sites?


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: Louis Ohland

Mark Dodel dropped into the (Usenet news group), looking for help with a Model 50 and real
early versions of OS/2. Naturally, we've got folks that run from 1.0 all
the way to eCommStation.

Would you like more information on the hardware that OS/2 was
synonymous with- microchannel? The PS/2 newsgroup is more than ready to
help folks get their PS/2s (and other systems) running.

We have parts, information, files, hacks, and experience. All sites are
free (some have traffic limits, though). My site is over 375MB in size,
and it's not the only one. Is there anything that your users need help
with, PS/2 wise?

9595 Ardent Tool of Capitalism

Microchannel Enthusiast's Page

Personal System/55

MCA PS/2 Archive

Tavi PS/2 Page


SW: Mozilla Firefox 1.5rc1 Has Been Released


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Sander Nyman"<>

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 1 (official) has been released.
This release includes several bug fixes since 1.5b2, and is intended to
ensure that there are no last-minute problems with the Firefox 1.5 code.

Improvements over Firefox 1.0.x versions include an automated update
system to streamline product upgrades, faster Back and Forward navigation,
a feature for clearing private browsing data, drag-and-drop reordering of
browser tabs, a redesigned Options/Preferences window and better popup
blocking. Web standards support is also improved, with support for
Scalable Vector Graphics, JavaScript 1.6 and more CSS. Accessibility is
also better (including new DHTML accessibility features), security has
also been enhanced. Firefox's Extension System has been redesigned to make
extension upgrades cleaner (nothing left behind from previous versions).
This DOES break some current extensions, so if you use extensions, CHECK
FOR UPDATES. Extension authors are aware of this, and many extensions have
already been updated. By the time of the final 1.5 release, all
extensions should be updated.

You can download it here:

NOTE: This release requires the C runtime DLLs from Innotek. The latest
version is 0.5.1, which includes an installer. Available here:

NOTE: This release requires IPLUGINW.DLL to use the Java and Flash
plugins. The latest version is available here: (latest, backward

Firefox extensions (add-ons) that add new functionality are available

Firefox themes (skins) are available here:

For release notes, and a list of new features, follow this link:

The Mozilla Firefox homepage can be found here:

The official Warpzilla homepage can be found here:

If you have questions, or just want the latest, greatest tips for Mozilla
& Firefox, Steve Wendt's excellent "Tips For Warpzilla" page can be found

For Firefox "Tips & Tricks", see:

And finally, if you still have questions, or just want to participate in a
Mozilla for OS/2 discussion forum, the Warpzilla newsgroup can be found



"Sander Nyman"<>


SW: Thinkpad On Screen Display utility, version 2


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Jan van Wijk"

PMTPOSD version 2 has been released today

It is an On Screen Display utility for Thinkpads to be used on an OS/2 or
eComStation desktop, it shows:

- Speaker volume setting and muting
- LCD screen brightness setting
- Monitor selection VGA/LCD/DUAL

Start it using a program object in the startup folder or through a 'start'
command in your STARTUP.CMD

The dialog pops up when a related BIOS field changes, usually because the
user operates a Thinkpad key ... After 3 seconds without changes, the
popup goes away

It is an OPEN SOURCE program, sources and a makefile for Openwatcom are

The program is partly based on the PMTPOSD.ZIP package by Serge Sterck
released with sources in 2003 and comments from other users over the last
few days :-)

This version fixes a shutdown hang and adds some new functionality like
monitor selection. It also displays all info in a single dialog now.

Direct download links from the DFSee website:

Or from the HOBBES website:


Regards, JvW

DFSee Home:; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee -


SW: eComStation Announcements


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Bob St.John"

It has taken awhile to put all the agreements into place, but I believe we
are prepared to move forward with some significant announcements, today.
A check of will confirm that and provide some
details. I will summarize and I'll say that the announcements attempt to
be fair to all our existing and potential users.

First, there is an announcement. We will offer an support
agreement. Folks who buy the agreement will receive versions of
tested and supported on eComStation and OS/2. The 1.1.5 version will be
immediately available. 2.0 may be available for some testing before the
end of the year, but will ship in 1Q06. It will be a native, OS/2 app.
Users will receive updates over the course of the agreement.

Next, we are announcing the 2.0 beta, open to Software Subscription
Services users. In line with that, we are announcing a promotion. First,
there will be a discount on 1.2 pricing, second, and more interesting, the
Software Subscription Services will be included at no additional cost to
the user.

This means folks can buy today, get 1.2 now, participate in the beta, and
receive 2.0 when it goes GA, all on one purchase. For 1.2 users who have
not purchased SSS, there is a pricing break for those folks, too.

Some other announcements:
- The Application Pack is being withdrawn
- The SSS for the Application Pack is being withdrawn.
Details on these withdrawals are in the Product Announcement
pdf file, available on
- eCSMT will no longer support eComStation 1.0 and 1.1 after
January 31, 2006.
- Smart Suite will remain available as an "optional feature"
- There will be upgrade pricing to 1.2 for Warp 3 users
- There is detail about the Media Refresh, now shipping
- The Italian NLS is shipping

Because some of these announcements and impact on other items, it took
awhile to walk these through the business process.

I do think that these announcements significantly improve the overall
eComStation environment.

Bob St.John
Serenity Systems Interntaional


SW: UpdCD 2.53 fix has been released


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++


UpdCD 2.53 fix has been released. This is a fix release which should be
installed on top of an existing UpdCD 2.5x installation.

Changes since version 2.52:

* Tools addon (un)install scripts were not run from install directory
* Plugin wrapper for Mozilla did not install correctly
* RSJ command was used while burn with CDRecord
* Install script set the burn program to RSJ even if CDRecord was used
* Aligned various addons scripts with os2mt
* OpenSSH addon moved to slot 65_OPSSH
* Security/2 installation has got its own slot (64_SECUR)
* Added support for SAMBA/2 server addon (66_SAMBA)
* Added verify and MD5 checksum creation option to burn process
* Updated Flash addon to support Flash 7ab (unofficial beta)

UpdCD can be used to create an updated OS/2 Warp 3/4, WSeB, CP 1/2 or eCS
1.x installation CD-ROM.


From: Z. Kadar (

Submitted with the form on


SW: TIIF available for OS/2


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Peter Engels"

Hi all,

TIIF is a peplacement for PCIF/PCIFAST of Texas Instruments. It is the
software for the PC-Interface between a TI74/95 poket-calculator and a PC.

TIIF is available as a native OS/2 program and works on most modern PCs. A
DOS-version is included as well. TIIF is Freeware. Unfortunately there is
no documention available. But it behaves in all cases as the original
TI-software, but is has some enhancements.

You may download a copy from:

Peter Engels


SW: Genmac Wrapper 1.0.0 released!


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++


Willibald Meyer finished work on the first release of Genmac Wrapper!

This driver acts as a wrapper for Windows NIC drivers so one can use them
on OS/2 and eCS as well. So far the following cards are supported:

Device : 10b7:9200 "3Com 3C90xC PCI"

Device : 10b7:1700 "3Com/SKNet Gigabit"

Device : 11ab:4320 "3Com/SKNet Gigabit"

Device : 1148:4320 "3Com/SKNet Gigabit"

Device : 1814:0101 "ASUS Wlan RT2400"

Device : 8086:4220 "Intel 2200 Wlan"

Device : 8086:1043 "Intel 2100 Wlan"

Device : 168c:0012 "Atheros Wlan"

Device : 168c:0013 "Atheros Wlan"

Device : 168c:1014 "Atheros Wlan"

Device : 14e4:4320 "Broadcom B/G"

Device : 14e4:4318 "Broadcom B/G"

Device : 14e4:165d "Broadcom Gigabit"

Device : 14e4:4401 "Broadcom 10/100"

Device : 14e4:170c "Broadcom 10/100"

Device : 104c:9066 "Dlink DWL-G520+"

Device : 10de:0066 "nForce 2 10/100"

Device : 10de:00d6 "nForce 3 10/100"

Device : 10de:0057 "nForce 4 10/100/1000"

Device : 10ec:8169 "Rtl 8169 GigaBit"

Device : 10ec:8180 "Rtl 8180 Wlan"

Please note that you are *not* allowed to distribute this version, it must
be downloaded on only because we want to see how popular it

Please make sure you read the helpfile! You will find notes about support
in there as well.


Thanks a lot to Willibald for his work! Do *not* contact him directly if
you run into problems but consult the INF-file!


From: Adrian Gschwend (

Submitted with the form on


SW: TextHelper 0.51


++ From the VOICE OS/2-eComStation News Service ++

From: "Don Hawkinson"

TextHelper 0.51

The program may be downloaded at:

For Dutch speaking OS/2 users:

TextHelper is simple editor based on the MultiLineEditor class from the
IBM Open Class Library. I have added some text manipulation functions and
special support for printing on HP Deskjet and Lazerjet printers. If you
do not have a compatible printer, there is also a generic printer option.
TextHelper is not intended to replace E or EPM or any functional editor.
Its value is mainly the ability to print in Landscape or Portrait mode, in
12 cpi or 16.5 cpi or proportional, in 6 lpi or 8 lpi, with or without
line numbers, with or without a 3 hole punch margin, and in any
combination of those options.

This is an early beta copy of TextHelper and this file is all the
documentation that is available.

Most of the features and functions of the program should be obvious. But
if you really believe that , I have a couple of large bridges for sale.

If the text loaded into TextHelper does not have hard coded line wrapping
or has been de-wrapped, you can format the text for printing by changing
the size of the TextHelper window and the size of the display font. The
font size will not be used by your printer, but the length of the
displayed lines will be used when the text is printed. Sort of wysiwyg
printing. This allows you to use the word wrapping of TextHelper to
format the text for printing.

I have not added the header and pagination formatting to TextHelper
because I was not sure if would be used. Let me know what you think.

I am interested in bug reports, comments on how the TextHelper works or
doesn't work, and suggestions for functions and improvements.

As far as I know, all of the menu functions are operational.

Most of the functions should be obvious, but please ask if you do not
understand how they should work. That will help me to document the

The "Recall File" selection under the "File" menu, only recalls the file
that was open when the program option settings were saved.

When the "Load Files Opened History" is selected, the "" file is
loaded into the editor. The user may then highlite a file name by a
double click of the LMB (left mouse button) and then double click the RMB
(right mouse button) to load the selected file. The "" file may
be edited by the user to delete or add filenames to the list.

One feature that is not evident is file naming. The program will use the
marked text as the file name when there is marked text when you select the
save option. This only works if your drives are formatted as HPFS.

You can select a descriptive phrase and save function will use the marked
text as the file name. Under "Options"/"Filename Settings" there are two
settings that control how spaces in the marked text are handled. If you
select "Replace Spaces with Underscore Characters", spaces in the text
will be replaced with uderscore characters. If you select "Leave Spaces
in Filename", the spaces will not be replaced. If there are any
characters that should not be used in a filename, they will be replaced
with spaces or underscores.

Don Hawkinson , author of CCA, DH-Grep-PM,
PMStripper, Pastry Box, and DH_ClipSave/2


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