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OS/2 - eComStation News - October, 2006

From the VOICE News MailList

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SW: EmperoarTV 1.08s released
SW: OS2World Bounty Claim: Lyx 6 and ZGV picture viewer
SW: PDFMergeNX Version 1.9.alpha.9

SW: EmperoarTV 1.08s released

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Ruediger Ihle

EmperoarTV has been updated to version 1.08s.


About EmperoarTV:
EmperoarTV brings support for the Hauppauge PVR150/250/350/500 TV cards to
the OS/2 and eCS platform, including high quality MPEG2 hard disk recording
and playback. For more details visit:

Ruediger "Rudi" Ihle [S&T Systemtechnik GmbH, Germany,]


SW: OS2World Bounty Claim: Lyx 6 and ZGV picture viewer

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Martin Iturbide

There are two bounties that are closed to be claimed by Paul Smedley:

- ZGV picture viewer

- Lyx

We need that the OS/2-eCS community to review these ports and put his
feedback on the respective forums thread. We are going to close these
bounties in 14 days and pay the price to Paul Smedley if there is no major
bugs report. We are planning to pay the prize and close the bounty on the
18 of October aprox.

Download the files at:



Please, leave your comments on the forum at:

Lyx thread:

Zgv thread:

Remember also to sponsor other bounties at:

Please, if you have any doubts contact us.

Björn Söderström

OS2World Bount Administrator

Martin Iturbide

OS2World News Master


From: Martin Iturbide (

Submitted with the form on


SW: PDFMergeNX Version 1.9.alpha.9

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Herwig Bauernfeind

This is the second publicly announced release of PDFMergeNX, the successor
to PDFMerge/2.

PDFMergeNX is an application to manipulate PDF and PS files in various
ways. Its capabilities go far beyond those of PDFMerge/2. PDFMergeNX
provides a graphical user interface and acts as glue between GhostScript,
XPDF 3.01.pl1 and ePDF (these all must be installed as a prerequisite).

PDFMergeNX is a tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents and
PostScript files. Currently it can be used to

* Merge PDF/PS/TIF/FAX/image files
* Split PDF/PS files into single pages
* Print PDF/PS files
* View PDF/PS files (builtin Mini-PDF/PS-Viewer)
* Compare (text) content of 2 PDF/PS files (using Araxis PMDiff)
* Extract PS files from PDF files
* Flip pages upside down
* Add simple bookmarks
* Add and update PDF metadata such as title, subject, author, keywords
* Rearrange pages
* Load/save listfiles to add sets of PDF/PS files at once
* more features to be added.

What is new/changed/in this release?

Summary: If you had problems to get an earlier version of PDFMergeNX to
work at all, you might want to try this one.

Added: Progress bar for "Add Many" dialogue
Added: Another attempt to make PDFMergeNX more intelligent regarding
the setup of the XPDF components.
Added: Options to choose where to read .xpdfrc from (%HOME% or
%PATH_TO_XPDF% or PDFMergeNX directory).
Changed: Rearranged properties dialogue in a more logical way.
Changed: PDFMergeNX adds a line of comment to .xpdfrc in case it has to
recreate it.
Changed: Rewrote font detection routine
Changed: As JPEG2PS did not work as I had expected I switched to
Disadvantage: It is slower (2 conversions instead of 1).
Advantage: Virtually all kinds of image files are supported now
(officially BMP GIF and PNG were added)
Fixed: Some omissions in the german NLS file.
Fixed: Opening the PDF info window of a PDF/PS files without fonts
crashed PDFmergeNX
Fixed: Now XPDF executables are (almost) always called with the -cfg
parameter pointing
to our .xpdfrc
Fixed: Mark/Unmark now enables/disables the "Merge" button correctly
Fixed: The splitbar still could get into an invisible area making the
container unusable.
Fixed: Creation of local PATH_TO_XPDF did not work

PDFMergeNX is still under heavy development, neither feature set,
documentation nor installation process is complete yet and therefore
feedback of all kinds is appreciated.

Get PDFMergeNX from

Herwig Bauernfeind


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