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OS/2 - eComStation News - July, 2008

From the VOICE News MailList

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Admin: Status of the list 07/01/2008
SW: Enhanced Mozilla applications [SeaMonkey and PmW-Fx] updated
SW: eComStation RC5 available
Net: eComStation business
Event: Warpstock 2008 registration winding up
SW: eComStation 2.0 RC5 available
Net: A CUPS and eCS (OS/2) How To
SW: WarpSans extended font sizes
Net: eComStation PC: Week of 3G mobile phones
SW: usbdock-20080706 on eCS BetaZone
SW: InstPDR 1.04 on BetaZone

Admin: Status of the list 07/01/2008

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Mark Dodel

Currently there are 588 subscribers to the VOICE News list. That is just
7 fewer then we started the year with. In addition there are also 143
people subscribed to the which
mirrors the list. Also if you need to change your email address, please
unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the list with your new address. If in fact
you no longer have an interest in OS/2-eCS announcements please
unsubscribe from this list at

Just a reminder if you are posting to the VOICE News list, please either
use the web form on or directly via
email to (remove the DESPAM). Sending a
post directly to one of the moderators may result in it being delayed or
lost. Any email sent to the feedback address only goes to the moderators,
so if you have a question about a post please make sure you send a copy to
the original poster.

As always if you are submitting an announcement try to make it as brief as
possible, but with basic information like a description of the item and a
URL where more information can be found as well as a URL where it can be
downloaded if it is software. And please include your name in the text so
I know who is sending it. Also if its an update please list what has been
changed if you know it. Please also give complete identity of the sender
as well as a contact address. We will do our best to obscure that, but
readers may need to contact you.

If you are a developer don't just upload your work to hobbes or your own
web site and forget it. Write a short announcement and send it to VOICE so
the OS/2-eComStation community can know what you have done and what the
software is capable of doing. If so please send out an announcement so
people know what you have worked on. I can only hunt down so much
information on my own and it would be a really big help if people would
send in announcements. It would be great if more folks would send in
announcements for new and updated OS/2-eCS related developments. Otherwise
I have to hunt things down myself, and unfortunately I miss a lot and I
have learned its a bad idea for me to send out announcements on things I
don't use and don't understand. So please help by sending posts about new
and updated OS/2-eCS software, web sites and events.

To anyone on the list that will be attending Warpstock in Santa Cruz in
August, I will be there and look forward to seeing old and new friends.

Finally as always a big thanks to Paul Smedley who besides porting a ton of
applications to OS/2-eCS, fills in as list moderator on my occasional



SW: Enhanced Mozilla applications [SeaMonkey and PmW-Fx] updated

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Peter Weilbacher

New versions of my enhanced Mozilla based apps are available from
- SeaMonkey 1.1.10 (PmW)
- PmW-Fx

They are all based on Gecko on the date of 2008-06-21 and built
from the exact same sources. They correspond directly to the respective
official releases of SeaMonkey, Firefox. [The corresponding Thunderbird
release has been cancelled (they are going to do soon), so I will
not make my PmW-Tb build for this version available, either.]

These releases pick up all the changes done by Mozilla since my Gecko release, i.e. between 2008-03-11 and 2008-06-12. This includes
fixes for a 13 security issues, 6 of them rated critical.

The only new OS/2 change in these enhanced packages is a change that makes
bookmark tooltips appear always in front of the respective menu.

Best wishes,


SW: eComStation RC5 available

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Mark Dodel

Just saw on the Mensys BetaZone that eComStation 2.0 RC5 is now available
to anyone who has an ACTIVE Software Subscriptions Services subscription.
I have not tried it yet, as I am still downloading it, but a little birdy
has told me that this is a very solid release. Even so please use common
sense and treat it as a beta product. Backup anything important and don't
use it on a production system. Please read the extensive README.TXT before
doing anything.

File: 568648 KB 07/03/08 17:19:00

There is also a differential update to the RC4 CD that is about 40MB.

There are a number of fixes and new features. all are outlined in the
WHATSNEW.TXT file. Just the new features are:

New Features:

* Disk resizer has progress bar for improved usability, improved
performance, no longer XUL based
* Added utility to set the time over the Internet
* Added utility to add (postscript) printer drivers using PPD definition
* XWLAN widget will be auto-installed when applicable
* Increased max number of supported (and detected) USB host controllers
from 4 to 8.
* Amouse is now the default mouse driver, also when booted from CD, when
USB support is detected (can be changed in pre-boot menu or installer)
* Updated genmac.cmd to support installation of not-present hardware
* Updated CD detection logic of minstpm and network, so a physical CD
is no longer required for (re)install
* \var\log\ will contain more relevant logfiles
* Added Feedback Wizard that will upload to gain more user
* New bootlogo and desktopbackground, reflecting "RC5" status
* Desktop scheme can now be either 'blue' or 'orange', defaults to blue

Hopefully a full announcement will be released by Mensys and Serenity
Systems in a day or two with more information.


Net: eComStation business

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Eugene Gorbunoff

eComStation is used in various areas of industry and business because it's
better than other OSes --

We got new information that
* eComStation is used in Holland, in the plants which manufacture
building materials
* It is used by Railroad in nothern Italy
* eComStation is used in Korea in ATM --
(use Google to translate the page)

Please send us more stories of success, inform us if you sell solutions
based on eComStation.


Event: Warpstock 2008 registration winding up

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Andy Willis

Warpstock 2008 registration is open until July 15. It's important for
members of the OS/2 community to meet face to face. It's also transforming
to spend some time with a group of computer users who have chosen OS/2 and
eComStation for their computer work.

This year's conference will be held on the campus of the University of
California at Santa Cruz from August 15 - 17, 2008. Complete information
about the conference is available on the Warpstock web site: .

UC Santa Cruz is often cited as one of the most beautiful college campuses
in the world. The physical setting combines award winning architecture with
the natural surroundings of redwood forests and the Pacific Ocean.

Warpstock cannot accept on-site registrations for the 2008 event.
All registrations must be made in advance.

If you cannot attend Warpstock, but agree with the need for community
meetings, please go to the website, and post in the forum with your
location and any thoughts about how you'd like to meet other OS/2 users.

Warpstock Corporation is a Virginia corporation. The Warpstock annual
conference is a gathering of eCS/OS/2 users, developers, and vendors from
around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. More
information is available at the Warpstock web site:


SW: eComStation 2.0 RC5 available

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Joachim Benjamins

Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV are pleased to announce the
immediate availability of eComStation 2.0 Release Candidate 5.

This release is available to customers with an active Software
Subscriptions Services subcription. It adds a few new features and contains
a lot of updated drivers and fixes.

More details can be found at


The most notable changes since RC4 are listed below.

** Preboot harddisk integrity check **

There are several situations which may cause installation problems with
LVM in the install process. In this release, it is possible to disable
the integrity check at page 2 (miscellaneous) of the eComStation
installer preboot menu. The checks have been further enhanced and should
detect more potential problems.

** Harddisk volume resizing **

This release candidate has a custom DFSee engine that enables reliable
RESIZING of FAT32 and NTFS filesystems to allow shrinking an existing
Windows installation to make room for eComStation on the same system.
The DFSee engine included is at level 9.04.

The GUI to control the resizing has been rewritten for improved
performance and reliability. To invoke it, please select 'Paritition
Resizing Tool' from the Installation Volume Manager which can be called
during installation (choose 'New Volume' to start the Installation
Volume Manager).

** Experimental HDA Audio support **

The support for for HDA audio on new mainboards is highly experimental
and can be selected manually in the installer, but may cause your system
to hang during boot.
Before reporting a bug that your system hangs, please make certain that
you do not have this UNIAUD build installed.

** Genmac 2.20a GA **

This package provides generic driver support for several network
interface cards under OS/2 and eComStation. Moreover, Genmac is enabled
to support WPA encryption with the Wireless LAN Monitor 3.x or better.

Genmac and the Wireless LAN monitor will be installed when the
appropriate hardware is detected by the installer. If it is not
detected, you can manually select the driver in the network installation
dialog. The XWLAN eCenter widget will be automatically added when eWPS
is selected to be installed.

It is now possible to select a GenMac driver regardless of the hardware
being present in the system.

** ACPI 3.09 & APM 1.24 **

Support for ACPI is available in this release. The current version is 3.09.
ACPI will be automatically enabled if appropriate hardware is detected.
You can manually enable or disable ACPI support at page 4 (USB & ACPI)
of the eComStation installer preboot menu.

The ACPI configuration tool "ACPI Wizard" has been rewritten to behave
more like a true wizard. It will not allow selection of options that
seem not to be supported on your system. You can manually call the
Wizard with many commandline parameters to configure the system to your
wishes, please see FAQ.TXT for an explanation on the parameters.

** multicore CPU support **

This release supports the installation of eComStation on a MultiCore CPU
computer. This includes Intel Core Duo , Core2 Duo and AMD 64 X2.
To enable it, you can do so in the ACPI Wizard that is launched from the
Post Installation tasks at the end of the installation. Alternatively
you can start the ACPI Wizard at any time from the install/remove folder
in the Local System folder on the desktop.

** Improved hardware support **

An effort was made to improve the amount of detected devices. This
should mainly help for the detection of network cards. The number of
supported and detected USB controllers has been increased from 4 to 8,
enabling more systems to properly boot from the boot CD.
This release includes a new version of the Dani IDE drivers, supporting
many more SATA controllers and mixed controller environments.

** eComStation Virtual File System (Samba client support) **

Samba is a SMB/CIFS protocols file and print sharing server/client set
originally made for UNIX world to cooperate with corresponding Windows
and OS/2 servers or clients. eComStation has a native implementation of
SMB/CIFS server/client set - IBM LAN Manager and IBM Peer. These
products have not been recently updated and may have some compatibility
issues with modern Windows SMB/CIFS implementations.

** EVFS GUI **

There now is a GUI that will make it easier to configure network access
using the Samba protocol. There is one big limitation though, the tool
cannot determine if a network connection was properly created - so it
will not provide sensible feedback on that, instead it will always
create a mountpoint which may be empty if the actual connection fails.
The object for this tool is placed in the "Local Network" folder and is
called "Virtual Filesystem for SMB" - the GUI has been updated quite
heavily since eComStation 2.0 RC4, refer to 'WHATSNEW.TXT' for details.


eComStation 2.0 RC5 introduces the Feedback Wizard, which will run if
you have activated ACPI support. Please use this a as a first method to
provide feedback to the eComStation development team. We will use this
info to quantify the successrate of ACPI support in eComStation.

To tell us your findings, please create a report at:

To report problems related to UniAud, please refer to

When you create a new ticket, please do always attach logs.
You can create all the logs we need, by downloading this package:
Please attach the it creates to your ticket.

To report problems related to ACPI, please refer to

Before entering a ticket, please read
Collect all the data that applies to your issue and include it with the

You are also welcome to join the TestTeam if you want to discuss this
beta and future developments. See
for more details.


Please note that although some subscriptions have expired by now, you
are not required to purchase a renewal to obtain the GA version of
eComStation 2.0. If you want to try this RC5 release however, you are
encouraged to renew your Software Subscription Services contract.

More details can be found at


After this release candidate, one more test release is planned, called
RC6, which will effectively be similar to the GA and should have removed
all currently known remaining serious bugs. RC6 is currently scheduled
for release at the end of August 2008.
Shortly after RC6, the General Availability (GA) version should be released.
We will make an effort to publish a more detailed roadmap so those
interested can follow the progress.

== ENJOY ==

We hope you will enjoy this new and improved version of eComStation 2.0
and ask you to provide feedback via the Feedback Wizard or the
Bugtracking system.

Best regards,

Serenity Systems International


Net: A CUPS and eCS (OS/2) How To

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Peter Brown

The "A CUPS and eCS (OS/2) How To" is available on the eCUPS wiki to help
with setting up CUPS on eCS and OS/2 systems.

The "How To" covers installing and configuring CUPS, creating an eCS (OS/2)
postscript printer using the CUPS supplied PPD file for the printer and
linking the eCS (OS/2) postscript printer to CUPS to print.

Hope people find it useful/helpful



SW: WarpSans extended font sizes

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Alex Taylor

I've released an unofficial extension to the "WarpSans" bitmap font, which
provides larger point sizes under 120dpi resolutions:

10.WarpSans Bold
11.WarpSans Bold

(For now, it does not provide any new point sizes for 96dpi resolutions.)

The font file (WARPSANS.FON) can be installed like any other font under
OS/2 (e.g. using the Font Palette).

Available at (or
on Hobbes).


Net: eComStation PC: Week of 3G mobile phones

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Eugene Gorbunoff

Help us collect information about supported 3G mobile phones (modems).

Here is the list of tested models:
* 13 models --
* 19 models --
Add new reports or comment reports posted by other users.

How to setup device? Which dialer to use?


SW: usbdock-20080706 on eCS BetaZone

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From:Mark Dodel

Eugene Gorbunoff has updated the USB Dock utility on the eCS BetaZone.

"USB Dock shows the list of USB devices plugged into your PC."

* Shows the list of USB devices plugin into the PC
* Shows pictures of connected USB devices
* Automatic detection of device connect/disconnect
* Allows view detailed report about USB device"

usbdock-20080706.wpi 195 kb 06/07/2008 10:03 pm
View USB devices plugged into this PC. Send bug-reports and devices
information to
Requires: eCo Software runtime (base)
-- (ecolange.dll, ecomedia.dll)


SW: InstPDR 1.04 on BetaZone

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Mark Dodel

Alex Taylor has released an update to his InstPDR utility on the
eComStation BetaZone. It is available to anyone with an
logon. InstPDR is a utility to upgrade your existing printer drivers or to
update the Postscript driver with details for a new printer using an
existing windows, or Linux PPD file. 57 kb 06/07/2008 08:03 am
InstPDR is a GUI tool for installing new printer drivers. Includes
a graphical frontend for importing PPD files. 1.04 (2008-06-24)
provides some tweaks for the eCUPS project.


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